The ice epidemic is tearing Hawaiian families and communities apart. We need to put our mana'o and our resources together and come up with solutions to help our broken-hearted people heal.
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  • I was one raised in a home with a user/heavy dealer in the city of Kalihi.
    It was a very rough and sad to say depressing childhood. I still have hope one day my father finally realizes what he's doing. He's been a user since I first discovered a batu pipe in our home. It's been over 20+ years and he still, till this very day raises hell.

    It's never too late. I will never forget the hurt, but my heart will definitely forgive the source of hurt.

    My prayers are out to those who have family members or even close friends involved with Crystal Methamphetamine. I swear to my Akua this drug is SATAN!!! He will tear your entire family apart. Not only will it provoke a user to continually needed to be high, but also will torture and physically/mentally/spiritually abuse YOUR `OHANA!!!

    It's just so sad, I can't even bare to think of what are future will become of...
  • Kia Ora,

    In Aotearoa ice is called "p". The crime rate has increased so rapidly that at one time i boasted about our safe streets but no longer can i do this.
    My people are oblivious to the ravages of this drug. I write to friends and family and tell them to beware. The saddest part is the keiki who suffer when their parents become users and abusers. I acknowledge and bow to those of you who have killed the hunger...and quenched your thirst in something more productive- your family. It is not an easy path but you have walked it and succeeded. Kia Kaha (be strong) for the chain that tied you too it before is always looking to snag you again. @Leinaala thank you for describing it as it is- the devils drug..
  • I my self have been down that road.Addicted to the devils drug for 10years.And you know what got me to stop!! My keikis....The thought of losing my Keikis[my puuwai] just got me to wake up.I went to substance abuse classes almost failed a couple a times,but held strong and over came it.Been clean and sober for 6-7 years and proud.I don't put down any body addicted to this drug because I've been there.The first thing they gotta realize is that they have a problem then they can take it from there.I'm a recovering addict and always will be.
  • Aloha,
    My brother Bobby was doing ice, I did not even know what that was. I heard about marijuana, LSD, etc. But not ice. Notice that my jewlry, Dvd's, CD's and more of my things were disappearing. I work so hard ofr what I get and things just was'nt around. Have a lot of family member's and not even they knew. My brother hung out with the wrong people. That was over 10 years ago. I know more about it now then I did then. My brother enter into the rehab and attended all of the classes. He was release with many of his other friends too. I love my brother and still give him so many chances. But sometimes I wonder if he really did change. It's very hard to say. I hope and pray that he did for his sake. I pray for all of those just like my brother Bobby. Please don't do it. You end up hurting the people who love you so much.
  • it is good toknow alt of you are getting off the drugs come to my church word of life or call me for prayers when you need too 8086969151
  • I'm so proud of you, because that's not a good drug...I've known alot of people who use to doing that, and now they have changed their lives drastically. Just remember the people who LOVES you....
  • Mahalo for sharing Kahoku. It takes strength that I can't even comprehend to shake that addiction. Keep up your good works, and maybe someone out there in maoli world will read your comment and turn to you for advice or guidance...
  • I am a recovering ICE addict. I have found a way to overcome my addiction thru a loving God, other recovered addicts, practicing PONO in my life, understanding the misery and pain that I have created. I'm am at a point in my life that I need to help others that are suffering from this madness. I work this recovery for me, my ohana, and other kanakas who wants to stop...
  • I know - Waimanalo did have a sign waving thing - and it was useful in sharing with the community that YES - we know we have a problem. But the point must be - what can we do now that we know and that it's out in the open. Our kupuna are being terrorized by their own kids and grandkids for money for drugs. What can we do to help our kupuna? How can we help the ones who are addicted? I wonder if we could get a group together - in each of the communities - and agree on solutions? Maybe we can say TO THOSE OF YOU SELLING ICE - WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE - WE ARE AGAINST ICE AND IF YOU NEED HELP STOPPING - WE WILL GET YOU HELP - IF YOU DON'T WANT HELP - WE WILL DO WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE DONE TO STOP YOU! I agree there is corruption - we need to do something - on a personal level. Because, YES, we do take it personally!
  • The sad part is that the corruption of the police, legal , and political systems will prevent the solution at that level unless the people stand up and demand change. not to say that all policemen, politicians, or others are "corrupt", but the bottom line is that thereʻs enough corruption to keep this shit on the streets and in the pipes of hawaiians. spread the word about this group to all your maoli world friends, and when we get a big enough group, letʻs mobilize. waimanalo had a huge sign-waving day a while back, and although it didnʻt change much per say, it definetly got people thinking.
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Tragedy in the news

A member of my boyfriend's family was in the news recently, and I wonder, after all that I've heard, if this is not a tragedy tied to the ice epidemic. Steven Wilcox was stabbed trying to save a woman from being beat up by her husband outside Komo Mai's in Kane'ohe. He lost his life, and now that same woman that he tried to help is saying that her husband was not hitting her. She also said, in one article, that she left her husband at one point in time because of drugs. I wonder now, if he had…

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This is a call to all Hawaiians to help each other shake this addiction that is killing us. Whether we provide help by providing a place to vent, or offer solutions and make connections across the islands, here is a place where we can come together and begin to heal the 'eha handed down from generation to generation.

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