I KU MAU MAU !!< usa supremacy"KKK" court ruling? ‏ACTION NEEDED> !! PLEASE KOKUA BRING FLAGS & SIGNS !!!


E kala mai...5:30 pm, if you want to join us in holding signs in front of the fake state capitol today. if you've got a flag, bring it. we'll see what we can do, depending on who shows up. meet by the Queen's statue.

E kala mai...5:00pm Nanakuli beach park, makai side of farrington and nanakuli ave. Mahalo to all who are available to join.
Mana Kaleilani Caceres(808)232-9118

I ku mau mau!! Onipa`a for our Queen, for our kingdom nation to be restored.

Abigail Kawananakoa Remarks about OHA, Ceded Lands, 1994 Ka`ai theft
By Andrew Walden ::
From speech Thursday 3-26-09 at Prince Kuhio commemoration Royal Mausoleum, Nu`uanu.
I have dedicated a large part of my life to this research with one purpose in mind. And the information we have collected reached the undeniable fact that these so-called ‘ceded’ lands have never been ceded and the other so-called government lands were the Hawaiian government lands not the United States government lands. (applause)
My belief and conviction that the only recourse we Hawaiians have, that will hold up in both Hawaiian and United States law, is proof of ownership. If we can prove that there is an unbroken genealogical line of the royal family we can certainly argue that we should be able to govern monies and not be fettered with State administrations and the United States Constitution. (applause)
This certainly does not say we are bad Americans it merely says we are, in our hearts, Hawaiians first. (applause)
Our Hawaiian Homes Commission, now called Hawaiian Homelands, has continued to become more and more a bureaucratic organization. This executive-controlle d group today has no semblance of what Prince Kuhio had in mind.
As for OHA, this government-controll ed organization with no transparency restrictions (or) accountable( ity) to anyone is a disgrace and should be investigated and restructured. Millions have been spent on fees for NAGPRA, funding to support the Akaka Bill as well as en-masse attendance to native Indian conferences. Have they helped one needy family? I think you know the answer.
I make these disconcerting statements now because if we continue to nanakule (ignore) any longer our lands will certainly continue to slip out of our hands.
What I ask you today is to think about this. I have proved that this Hawaiian Kingdom has never legally ceded over to the United States. I plan to present this argument to the United States Supreme Court. To review the entire factual history of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Constitutional Kingdom and once and for all give us the status of inalienable rights and repeal the Rice-Cayetano ruling.
We must stand together onipa`a (steadfast) and give your ali`i the support we must have to convince the US Supreme Court that argument has merit and warrants their compliance. Just make a decision once and for all.
We are going there represented by the most powerful that represents the people. I say this in all humility because as I’ve said before that the mo`i (king) did not own the land. The Hawaiian people always owned the land. It was at the discretion of the mo`i to govern the land. But the land was always inalienable. They could not sell it. (applause
Liliuokalani spent the best part of her remaining years in Washington, DC trying to reclaim her country. I too, am tired and discouraged for I feel when I go there will be no one left to replace me. I ask for your help now only for moral support for duty demands that I go forward and take this step. (applause)
You know we lost the ka`ai many years ago and before I die I hope it will be returned and given to my family which is our family the ali`i family. It is somewhere in Waipio.
It gives my heart, it makes my… allow me to say “na`au”…to feel so touched and moved by your present your rapt attention and again Mahalo Nui Loa. (applause)


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You may want to remove some of the calls to action as it isn't clear what day they are for...and people may get confused. Just a suggestion...as it confused a friend of mine...she thought it was for today.
No Maunakea thing...couldn't find anyone.
Aloha Kakou,

Have comfort in your resolve for we share a righteous path! Do not waist your energy on opposition but expand upon the idea of supporting our rightful claim to self determination. Be a proponent of Hawaiian sovereignty not an anti-occupation demonstrator. May we invoke the spirits of Dr. King, Mahatma Gandhi, our beloved Lili'uokalani and remember our brothers and sisters who, possessive of the truth, facing insurmountable opposition, walked the path of peace and succeeded. Onipa'a!


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