The Hawaiian Independence Alliance is a consortium of ten different organizations who support Hawaiian independence and oppose federal recognition and the akaka bill. The group coalesced around the issue of the Supreme Court’s hearing re the State’s ability to sell or transfer what are called “ceded lands” That "WE KNOW ARE STOLEN".

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Hawaiian Independence Alliance is comprised of Pro-Kanaka Maoli Independence Working Group, Ka Pakaukau, Komike Tribunal, Hui o Na Ike, Ka Lei Maile Alii Hawaiian Civic Club, Koani Foundation, Spiritual Nation of Ku - Hui Ea Council of Sovereigns, Ohana Koa, Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific – Hawaii, Living Nation.

Recognition of Hawaiian Independence Faced with the quintessential problem of foreign encroachment of Hawaiian territory, His Hawaiian Majesty King Kamehameha III deemed it prudent and necessary to dispatch a Hawaiian delegation to the United States and then to Europe with the power to settle alleged difficulties with nations, negotiate treaties and to ultimately secure the recognition of Hawaiian Independence by the major powers of the world. In accordance with this view, Timoteo Ha'alilio, William Richards and Sir George Simpson were commissioned as joint Ministers Plenipotentiary on April 8, 1842. Sir George Simpson, shortly thereafter, left for England, via Alaska and Siberia, while Mr. Ha'alilio and Mr. Richards departed for the United States, via Mexico, on July 8, 1842. The Hawaiian delegation, while in the United States of America, secured the assurance of U.S. President Tyler on December 19, 1842 of its recognition of Hawaiian independence, and then proceeded to meet Sir George Simpson in Europe and secure formal recognition by Great Britain and France. On March 17, 1843, King Louis-Phillipe of France recognizes Hawaiian independence at the urging of King Leopold of Belgium, and on April 1, 1843, Lord Aberdeen on behalf of Her Britannic Majesty Queen Victoria, assured the Hawaiian delegation that "Her Majesty's Government was willing and had determined to recognize the independence of the Sandwich Islands under their present sovereign." On November 28, 1843, at the Court of London, the British and French Governments entered into a formal agreement of the recognition of Hawaiian independence. FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Anglo-Franco Proclamation"

"Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and His Majesty the King of the French, taking into consideration the existence in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands) of a government capable of providing for the regularity of its relations with foreign nations, have thought it right to engage, reciprocally, to consider the Sandwich Islands as an Independent State, and never to take possession, neither directly or under the title of Protectorate, or under any other form, of any part of the territory of which they are composed.
The undersigned, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassador Extraordinary of His Majesty the King of the French, at the Court of London, being furnished with the necessary powers, hereby declare, in consequence, that their said Majesties take reciprocally that engagement.
In witness whereof the undersigned have signed the present declaration, and have affixed thereto the seal of their arms.
Done in duplicate at London, the 28th day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1843.
[L.S.] Aberdeen
[L.S.] St. Aulaire"

As a result of the recognition of Hawaiian independence since 1842 the Hawaiian Kingdom entered into treaties with the major nations of the world and had established over ninety legations and consulates in multiple seaports and cities.
Austria-Hungary in 1875
Belgium in 1862
Denmark in 1846
France 1846 and 1857
Germany in 1879
Great Britain in 1836, 1846 and 1851
Italy in 1863
Japan in 1871 and 1886
Netherlands in 1862
Portugal in 1882
Russia in 1869
Samoa in 1887
Spain in 1863
Swiss Confederation in 1864
Sweden and Norway in 1852
United States in 1849, 1870, 1875, 1883, 1884

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Hi Pono,

What is going on? I am on Hawai'i for a couple more days. Will be back on Wednesday.
Good to hear from you. Donna wrote to me saying things are getting interesting on the Hui Pu list.
I'm no longer a member of that list but am a member on Maoliworld...from there I will communicate with everyone.
This is why I signed up for your group and others I feel a kinship towards. See you guys soon.

Take care,


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