Food sovereignty, sustainability, get off the grid, reduce, reuse, recycle.
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  • Remeber, be PONO and LOVE cause I have alot of dislikes in my heart but our queen never taught us to hate and also our AKUA didn't teach us to hate.  Just love our enemies and show the same love to all cause love is a powerful tool to use to get back with what we out right own.  Be PONO in our hearts so that AKUA can see that our intents is pure and like our kupuna's always say no matter if they 100% wrong, LOVE them anyway.  No think like a ha'ole, think like a Kanaka Maoli and LOVE cause I promise, LOVE is the key to victory.  ALWAYS put AKUA frist and that will be the biggest help of them all.  Then victory will we have over the evil of men.
  • looking foreward to sharing mana'o
  • Upcoming event in Hilo February 2009... Bob Marley Agricultural Fair... music, grow more food info and speakers. I will post more as it grows.
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To much bills, no more money!

Well, my kanakz, Whut the fuck we going do? I tell you something, I am a single mother and I frickin hussle to get my shit paid for or at least pay rent and buy food. I dont live comfortable. I no more nice shit and all brand new shit. I get plenty ducktape too cuz. I know how it is to be standing there living in a communo living place and waiting your turn for dinner, I know how it is to be without the nice luxuries of life. IT WAS THE BOMB! I had plenty friends there and we would just…

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Solar cooking

Aloha kakou, I'm starting to experiment again with solar cooking, here in the S.F. Bay Area. Anyone else here who is doing this, or who is interested in to doing it? There's lots of good info on the internet about how to build cookers, or get low cost ones. I'm using a folded shiny screen from Solar Cookers International, a great nonprofit group and it works pretty well with one pot. These are also good for water purification, too. Good for disaster prep. I'd love to try some kinds of…

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Great Idea!

I totally want to get off the grid... would love to have the house all hooked up to solar for everything and living in Makaha, its kind of mental not to! The technology is there but still somewhat out of $$ range. Id like to see the State do more to promote sustainability besides trying to grow hmo corn for ethanol. how about we use all that land to grow real food that we can actually EAT?

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