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The Crown and Government Lands Are Saved! Bullshit! 1 Reply

The 2009 Legislature passed legislation that the state, OHA, etc., are saying - that the lands are saved. The legislation provides that a 2/3 vote of the legislature is necessary to sell. However,…Continue

Started by ku ching. Last reply by john Dec 23, 2009.

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Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on May 14, 2011 at 10:13pm
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on May 6, 2011 at 1:27pm
Aloha no e Hawaii au,

This morning April 30 edition of the "Star-Aggravator" continues its
"in-direct" assault on Hawaiian Nationals just as Lorrin Thurston did
in the late 1800's. This time they validate their obsession with
Legislators of none other than Hawaiian blood. Since January 19th, I
have sat and testified in Legislative Hearing concerning the "welfare"
of Hawaiians. No truer word, welfare, describes this ordeal that goes
back to the year 2000 when U. S. Congress came to Honolulu Hawaii. On
page A-6, B. J. Reyes reports on the current 2011 actions of the
Legislature. Specifically, Senate Bill 1520 that would have the Office
of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) fund and administer the program and work
toward the continuing development of a native Hawaiian governing
entity with a five-member commission and a "registered roll of
Qualified Hawaiians". I use the term "in-direct" because it is
designed so that you do not realize you are the target. In some
campaigns it is also labeled a "victim of friendly fire".

"This gives the native Hawaiian people the standing---in terms of
recognition---by the state of Hawaii", said Sen. Malama Solomon (D.
Hilo-Honokaa), one of the key backers of the legislation. "It mandates
a roll call so that the native Hawaiian nation is actually

This no different than the old adage of what came first, "the 'Chicken
or the Egg"? Well, no legislations of the The Fake State of Hawaii had
anything to do in creating then and now the Hawaiian Nation. Nor did
its parents, the Territory of Hawaii, or its grandparents the Republic
of Hawaii. Certainly, is there anyone who believes the Hawaiian Nation
was created by the manifest destiny of the Committee of Safety? The
Hawaiian Nation of civilization and culture is at least 1000 recorded
years before all of these "claim-jumpers" came ashore to these
Islands. In fact, there are Hawaiian records that date a Hawaiians
existed an additional 1,000 before those "claim-jumpers" could speak
and communicate.
Hawaiian Nationals have never left the Hawaiian Nation. There are
Hawaiians who like all docile natives have traded their Nationality
for thirty pieces of silver to become anything but a Hawaiian
National, just as those who have traded their Hawaiian Archipelago Ko
Hawaii Pae Aina for a homestead. Recognition is bilateral. It is not a
"their-way" street.

Hawaiian Nationals do not need legislation or resolution to be
recognition, for we have never left or traded our makana of
Nationalism. Only "Legislative Hawaiians" have terminated. Take a
close look at the 1900 Organic of Hawaii Section 4, and the 1959
Admissions Act of Hawaii, Section 19. You are not Hawaiian Nationals
because you have assented or acquiesced to their unilateral
legislations. A'ole, before you think these sections were included to
protect you as a Hawaiian National, you are in a dilemma. It was
included up front to protect the 'Invader" of fraud and confuse you,
just as Senate Bill 1520 and the Akaka Pill is designed to do.

Hawaiian Nationals know "what they are". Who you are has nothing to do
with your Nationality. By the makana of King Kamehameha III,
Kaui'keaouli and the Grace of God Almighty, we have our identity,
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 17, 2011 at 11:22pm
      Like I said, they can do something devistating and look what they doing to our Kupuna iwi.  Ambercrombie the zombie going snake his way on taking our islands away from the Kanaka's and our Nationals.  Uncle, use this as a vehicle so we can move as one.  I think Henry can lead us Kanaka's to the promise land IF again we let him.  So I not going to loose my focus on this matter cause our true problem is our people and there beliefs.  I believe in this process and believe that we the people can make a difference.  Uncle, we can disolve this Defactos Government if we come together as one period.  I need you as much as you need me, I need Kukuna O Ka La as much as he needs me.  We all need each other because we are as one.  No matter what color of our skins, we are all the same.  The difference between us and the defactos is that we are free and they want to break our freedom for there control.  That won't happen because our God E'O and Ke Akua are the same God we all pray to.  Our God is a sovereign God and gave us the same thing he have and that is the right to be free.  The people should have the authority not the Government.  They forced there way to become our government and that is full on bullshit.  I love my Queen Lili'okalani, she is our hero because she left that door open for us to decide and make a decision to come together to run the Kingdom again.  Because of what you think and what I think make this movement more complicated because the complication is the union of you and me.  We can never come together if we think different and believe in what we think.  That alone will bring seperation to our people.  I'm not blaming you nor my self,  it's all because of the triage america created for our people.  They did it to the Native Americans  and to our people the Kanaka Moli.  How can we call home HOME if we can't even get along with each other and idea's. We  always trying to pull each other down.  Uncle if I was forced to vote for you just because I wanted to see our people to move forward then I would vote for you.  The whole point of the matter is to see that we as the Kanaka Maoli's move forward.  If the Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, Tahitians, and other polynesians ethnicity can make decision and have the same beliefs, then why can't we?  Uncle Pomai, I respect your wisdom and heart, I believe in you cause your heart is rightous and your thinking is ALL PONO.  I learned that sometimes you have to bite your tongue just so you can get things to go your way.  The thing with that also is patience with the people, they won't see your point becuase there stuck on there's.  Why fight the current by going against it when you can flow with it without using up your energy.  I'm a kanaka that is trying hard to see our people get ahead with the struggle's and fight.  So Uncle, if I said something wrong in here, E kala mai, e kala mai ia'u, please for give me if I did so offended you in any way.    
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 8, 2011 at 8:16pm

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> Aloha kakou,
> Om March I, I wrote of my mana'o of the Corporate
> OHA response of the
> sinking U. S, S. Akaka and their "damage control" drill to
> save the
> good ship Akaka. I spoke of the jubilation of OHA for now
> they had the
> contract to rejuvenate the Akaka Pill. I also mentioned
> that the
> Legislature was in their expedite mode to create the First
> Nations
> Government, aka Akaka Bill. I underestimated the arrogance
> of OHA, the
> Fake State Legislature and the Office of the Fake State
> Governor.
> Today's good news is the Captain of the U.S. S. Akaka is
> abandoning
> ship.
> Abercrombie returned to Hawaii a year before the 2010
> Elections to
> campaign, and he campaigned well. While Akaka and Inouye
> faltered in
> the passing of the Akaka Bill, OHA was spending
> millions of inherent native Hawaiian money to divide and
> conquer their
> very own people. Judging from the fast-tracking of Akaka
> clones SB1,
> SB 1520 and HB1627, Abercrombie and Inouye's Plan B is
> working, and
> the First Nation Government will become law of the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii in a few weeks. While it may not be directly funded
> via the
> taxpayers of Hawaii it will be funded by OHA or as a
>  joint venture
> similar to the Rail.
> The Akaka Pill will become just another obstacle in our
> quest for
> FreeHawaii. Their chosen followers will be glorified but
> only for a
> short time for the prejudice and discriminating factors of
> this First
> Nation Government legislation will fall faster than the
> fraudulent
> international recognition of the treasonous Provisional
> Interim
> Government of 1893. But we can not just stand-by idle
> waiting for
> justice in their Court System to be in our favor, for we of
> the
> opposition are not in their control, while their corporate
> entities of
> the Fake State of Hawaii, OHA and the contaminated Hawaiian
> Homestead
> beneficiaries feed at the "federal trough" of the United
> States of
> America.
> The question still before us is still the burden for us?
> While we
> stand together to be pono with our ancestors,we remain
> unyoked with
> each other in the direction we must take. We are running
> out of
> options, time, money and youth. We have made great
> progress. While we
> have hit the target consistently we fall short of the
> Bull's-Eye. We
> score in the 6, 7, 8 and even 9 rings but never the
> Bull's-Eye, 10
> ring. We have endorsed Constitutions, Court Motions, Cease
> and Desist
> Orders and for some even prison time. All positive actions
> of protest
> but no "Bull's-Eye"
> What is this elusive Bull's-eye? LOKAHI! The main element
> that eludes
> us yet, is in our very grasp and power. Almost every aspect
> of our
> lives are being controlled by the forces that we contest
> almost on a
> daily basis. The only thing the Invader does not need to do
> against
> us, is to stop us from coming together, lokahi as one, for
> we do it to
> ourselves through pride and ignorance. Attending a march or
> parade or
> rally is not lokahi for as soon as the rhetoric or
> entertainment is
> over, lokahi is over. Lokahi is the everlasting will of the
> people to
> be pono. That everlasting will is within the election of a
> Representative Body, for they exist in our behalf for the
> duration of
> their duty to the people.
> OHA will be using their disguised Kau Inoa Registry as
> their
> "Qualified Native Hawaiian constituent", their citizens of
> the First
> Nation Government. According to reports, this registry
> boost 110,000
> signatures which is also of Fraud. We must counter OHA's
> claim. But
> how? The only resource we have is truth. OHA and the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii don't need truth and bank upon money and deceit. Our
> only
> recourse is to register and vote in the Lawful Hawaiian
> Government
> Election of 2011 on November 05, 2011. Register and run for
> a office.
> Run against the incumbents, like Henry Noa for Prime
> Minister. The
> only thing the Invader and their allies fear is the lokahi
> of Kanaka
> Maoli and Hawaiian Nationals coming together in an bona
> fide election.
> This is our only checkmate against OHA and the Fake State
> of Hawaii. A
> valid election is based upon bona fide electors not by who
> gave away
> the most T-Shirts, and that is Lokahi.
> If anyone knows of any other options please share it.
> For updates and further information go to "Lawful Hawaiian
> Government"
> site to register, or email me at
> or call me at
> 358-6428.
> malama ke kino,
> pilipo
> Hawaiian National (1936)

Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on February 22, 2011 at 7:20pm
Uncle, all do repsect, The Government is restored but the people has to recognize it first.  This can be the Government we all been waiting for IF, we choose it to be.  I know that some of the people on here other Kanaka's don't like them at all,  Thats okay if they don't.  You can vote someone else to fill in his position.  I not saying that this Government have but we need to move on this cause tomorrow they the DEFACTOS can do something devistating to our Kanaka's.  I ain't perfect and I think that no is perfect, but I know for a fact that if people just for once be on the same page can PUKA and IMUA to the future.  Atleast our keiki's can enjoy their freedom when I leave this earth and join my father before me.  I pray and believe that this can be the answer if we all was to unite and move with this Government.
Comment by Ululani on March 10, 2010 at 3:04pm
The topic fascinates me and I like the discussion.
Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 10, 2010 at 1:12pm
Aloha e Lana,

I would like to apologize to you because your site is on this topic. When I tried to sign up to your site, nothing happened so I took the next best path. The Blog. Hope this doesn't offend you, that is not my intention. My intention is to share, educate and help people get on these lands with the knowledge I have been able to garner over the last 40 years.

Your site is beautiful. Keep writing in them and share your knowledge or what I have written with your members and friends on Maoliworld.

FYI. I will continue to send messages out by the Blog until Ikaika gets back to me or fixes the problems I have encountered since last year...almost one year now.

Question, are you the same Lana who wrote to me on another blog that was running in the Advertiser? If you are, aloha...if not, aloha anyway. Look forward to reading more from you.

Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 10, 2010 at 1:08pm
Aloha Luella Leonardi aka Kaohi

I have these questions needing to be answered by you. Can you answer them?

I would like to know what is your understanding of the Crown and Government Lands?
Also, what did you mean in your last message about my mention of Jon J. Chinen's book? Did you know him?
What did you mean by, "she's (me) using the parking lot...?" Please share you mana'oi'o because as you know I have will forever, until our government is restored to stand with my ancestors as na kanaka maoli and reject the American garbage they teach...He Hawai'i Au. I've been involved since I was 20 years old and learned alot on my journeys and want to share them with the younger and older generations, as we get older I realize that this is my kuleana and should be for all who are in this movement towards restoration of our government.

The things I learned that really bothers me is that alot of our people with the koko have to get over their prejudices that have been learned by the white man who came to Hawai'i, have polluted many of our people and it sounds like you have been affected by the white man's disease when I read your responses to my blogs. Do you see that? I do and that sort of bothers me, but that can be overcome with a large dose of "facing the truth" and to oki all the "bad" thoughts, learned ways and prejudices that have been instilled in our people by the foreigners who bring their pollution to our islands.

As I said in my previous writings, "when our people are ready they will unite and take seriously their roles in the restoration of our government" until then, we will lose many of them along the way. I don't want to lose you in this transition of mind, body and soul. Granted I don't have a "degree" but what I learned I am willing to share and lot of what I learned comes to me by the spirits of my ancestors and people in the living as well as those who have passed on in the last 40 years.

Overall, life is good as long as we are willing to share them and do it with truth and aloha.

Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 10, 2010 at 6:01am
Regarding Crown and Government Lands.

(I couldn't sleep because our cat gave birth a week ago and her babies were making alot of noise so I woke up and and found Surfkick's response to the blog on Crown and Government lands, so I'm trying to answer it now.)

E kala mai. I have a hard time trying to relate to someone who uses a "pen name" and not a real name as I have here because I have nothing to hide and can hold my own. I apologize if I'm coming off rude, I feel you were rude to criticize Chinen and speaking derrogatively because he is American when he wrote on, The Great Mahele. Two words, so what? The point is, does he have his facts together? I say he does, from studying other books on the same subject but Chinen's research was clean and clear, many cases, historical maps, documents, 1839 Declaration, 1850 Treaty, Hawaiian Homes Commission Act 1920 and 1864 Constitution...not to mention oral history from my kupuna.

Not to mention you alluded to in trying to say that I don't know my own genealogy especially as it relates to Konia and her other half brothers from her biological mother, Luahine Kahailiopua Kailipakalua-I-Kanaka Hao, who married her uncle, Awili Hao after Kaoleioku died and had her three sons (there may be more) whose names were; Kaholi, Kananananale and Kuakini...matters to me. You cannot say that I don't know what I am talking about I have done, with my cousins, the genealogy of Konia... it's flawless.

You should have said, that from Kaoleioku's first marriage he had other children and name them, that's all good. I believe that Paki and Konia took care of them if I'm not mistaken and they inherited something from their father at least. My father's great grandfather and his brothers did not receive a penny, although according to Hawaiian law they should have gotten something, not that they wanted anything. They were prosperous in their knowledge and their ability to pass on the oral history about the truth and that is priceless and the fact that our family are well off because we still have each other we are rich in that sense. In a nutshell, I can say that the only class living is the native tenants and that's where we are at today and in our hands lay over 4 million acres of lands, not the State, not OHA, not the federal government, BUT that is the purpose of the Akaka bill, to pull another, "Joint Resolution" to reclaim something that is not theirs so they can take our lands to the bank and get money for it, like monopoly. It's not going to happen without cheating and that's what these Americans do to give the other true Americans a bad name.

The purpose of why I pointed to Jon J. Chinen's book is for the INFORMATION, which I feel is one person who at least wrote something, whether he got his clerk's to do the research he needed to finish this book, granted it's a thin book and very easy to read. I suggest everyone read it. I beleive that Chinen passed on already, I had not had the pleasure of meeting, talking or hearing him speak. That's doesn't mean anything. I'm not praising him in a personal way. I'm saying, if there is anyone out there in maoliworld who wants to know, I merely pointed out where they could go and read about it in his book, as well as to go to the archives for more information on the particular lands mentioned in Chinen's book, on the division of the lands to whom, how much and it's uses. It's all there.

So what, if he was American...OHA paid Linda Delaney hundreds of thousands of dollars to do an audit and the research on the Crown and Government Lands and came up with nothing...while Chinen's book was already done. She was a Hawaiian, bless her soul, she didn't finish her research to audit and identify where all of these Crown and Government lands were, what happened to them after the illegal overthrow of our Queen in 1893.

I was present at the University when Jon Van Dyke busted out his book in a slideshow presentation and personally, I have heard him speak, spoke to him and sat and listened to his one hour presentation which I felt that what he presented was very much incomplete, and written in such a way that he wished the people of Hawai'i would gravitate to, but they didn't and probably won't once they know the truth and do their own research. Politically, his facts are missing very important dates, laws and people who do matter. I did raise my hand during the Q & A portion and pointed out my disappointment in those things and clearly, he is a true American who is living in my community in the Crown Lands, do you think he has any guilt about that? On the beach side, right next to the beach. That pisses alot of people off because he hasn't done anything to "give back" to our community, while taking from us our identities.

In his presentation Van Dyke tried to say that we should support the Akaka bill and take what we have now and work towards independence. As far as I am concerned, Van Dyke coordinates his work with the US military and Daniel Inouye, to get jobs and funds for himself. He has done nothing for the community he lives in and he serves "the power that be" to remain with a job to live a lifestyle he is used to. Both he and his wife have benefited off of the backs of us, na kanaka maoli...and now, their son? Jesse? pushes the Akaka bill and is the mouth piece for his parents, who would never come out and do what he is doing on behalf of OHA's positions. I have never seen the Van Dyke's win a court case for the Hawaiians in a subtantive way. It's really all a self serving family, which is very American I must say. I don't hate them, I hate what they are doing and trying to make us into indians with the Akaka bill. I can go on and on about why Van Dyke and his book will be just another book and NOT THE BOOK that people will follow. His book for me is made up of stuff already written by others from other books. He didn't write anything new except to push the Akaka/Inouye Bill. I'm so done with these misleaders we don't trust them.

However, David keanu Sai did extensive study on the history of Hawai'i and he continues to talk about Hawaiian Kingdom his website and see his presentations. I have heard him many times over the years and found him to be very informed and factual, at the same time he is not a very open person. Some people call him a snob and a know it all. That is there problem. He unlike Inouye, Van Dyke, Waihe'e and OHA did take our case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration known as the world court, with Ninia Parks who did at 26 put a feather in her hat in her first and last case by defending plaintiff, Lance P. Larsen in a competent court of jurisdiction, which I know that this case will go down in the hisotry of Hawai'i as a case to learn from. Keanu will have his books coming out on, Land Titles and other issues which will put the facts together for the good of the generations yet to be born, who will learn the truth and defend Hawai'i from anymore occupations of foreigners.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know where to find the information on Crown and Government Lands. It takes time and an open mind to view the facts in order to make our own choices in life, as the usurpers try to keep us off balance, confused and poor. The fact that Kamehameha III, granted from His Royal Domain over four million acres to His people, says alot about the love he had for His people, government and lands, enough to divide it up and give it freely to His people...was so unlike, a "monarchy" did pass laws, kept records of the lands, amounts and uses is why many are jealous of the Hawaiian people. Like my son said, "don't hate, appreciate" clearly speaks to jealousy that exists amongst all the other people who feel that they have a right because of the words, "Public Lands" is another lie the State of Hawai'i tries to brainwash people into believing. The facts are; ONLY the Hawaiian with the blood and nationals (non-Hawaiians) can lay claim to these lands, unless everybody else naturalizes themselves and becomes nationals under our government. Everything going on in Hawai'i are based on lies on a poor foundation and the only way that is going to get better, is through education and correction of the terms, history and ho'oponpono between the native Hawaiians and the State of Hawai'i...before our government can be restored. We are on a spiritual journey is how I see this work before us, without keakua we would never have come this far and we thank Him for his aloha towards us.

As for all these other people you mentioned, I have no relationship with them or knowledge of who they were or what their contributions were to Hawai'i or her people, that is your kuleana, not mine. For me, I was not impressed with all the names and people you mentioned. Granted, Hawai'i had to put up with the impositions of; American laws, by Americans, American thinking, American this and American that...I can't wait for the Hawaiians to unite and form our own government to bring to an end the continual US occupation and put everything back in the spiritual order that it should be in without further distractions.

Sorry for being so long winded. It was important for me to break it down, break it down and answer your concerns.
I tried to answer all your concerns, if I offended you, I apologize and extend my hand of aloha and ask that you and I should have a face to face talk. I'm sure you have your own opinion of our lands. I would like to hear them in person.

Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 9, 2010 at 9:00pm
Aloha Kakou,

To those out there in Maoli world, please get a copy of, The Great Mahele, by Jon J. Chinen.
He explains it well and tells you where these lands are and in the back of the book it explains howKamehameha III, divided out from His Royal Dominion and who got what. In a nutshell the Crown and Government Lands, make up all of Hawai'i.

The Good NEWS! There were laws passed on the Great Mahele from the Hawai'i Legislature in 1848 and you can look up those laws in the Archives. The other good news is, there is no King or Konohiki just us, the native tenants. Do you know what that means? It means we can unite, come out with our own community development plans in our communities, with participation of community people who are Hawaiian by blood and those who can trace their genealogy back to their 'ohana who were nationalized in the Kingdom.

I have my own opinions and ways to acquire back those lands if you want to learn, come to our next on going meeting to be held in Waimanalo, which will be announced on Monday, where, when and how we are moving forward. This meeting is for those who are going to organize in their own communities, not for individual use, for there is power in numbers in this process. We don't only support one person's need. It has to be a need that a group of people will be willing to divide the tasks and to support the implementation processes.

Meanwhile, do your homework and if you are serious we can communicate over this blog, since I can't send mail out in any other venue except through my e-mail addres: "".


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