A place to share artwork and get some Maouli's to help critique each other to bring the art to the next level. From crafts, kakau, paintings, drawings, all maikai, multi - media, photography, whateverz!
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  • How dare you Kaohi send me a email to participate in a fraud.  I rather die as a Kanaka Maoli for independence than side for a defacto that dictates for our Kanaka Maoli race.  This is sickening because you accept for our people to have genocide upon us just for a lousy blood quantum trip on so call DHHL.  You rather see a Ha Ole come into our lives and kick our asses to the curb while he make money off of our land money and assets.  What the f#ck is that, that man is hewa and get that through your fr!cken thick scull cause 100's of our Kanaka's had died for a reason (to be free as men and woman.  Ask your kupuna kaohi and see if they think and feel the same way as you do.  At least they have a heart and pity for all of the Kanaka Maoli people, YOU on the other hand worried about the Land that DHHL have gave.  What about your race?  What about the po'e Kanaka Maoli?  What about the KEIKI of the po'e Kanaka Maoli?  Hewa, AI KANAKA, my father taught me this is when you fight for the land or ocean with hewa, then the land or ocean going eat you up especially when you only think for your self and not the next Kanaka.  A'ale HEWA, I pray that E'O come and judge cause this is becoming to fricken much and I cannot see one wahine of the kanaka maoli race poison the minds just for her own gain.  SHAME ON YOU KAOHI.
  • 53newamerica.com, watch this and see where America is taking there people.

  • aloha. I am a cultural practitioner, activist and artist from kauai manokalanipo, Kamawailualanimoku. I am getting into sime different visual art now using phtoshop and other applications. I am a pallete knife, in oils only and canvas. I have won some awards, and been in the Wyland Gallery. wiull share when I can am working on a new series mahalo!! will enjoy postring and sharing here!!!
  • Aloha! Total newbie here. I will soon post my artwork here, for now all can see some of my art at www.myspace.com/galaxyrise

    Preparing for my move back home to Hawaii Awwww yeah!
  • Aloha everybody! New here. Check out more of my art at www.willvarner.com
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My Art

Aloha Art Folks! This is a painting I did entitled Tutukane. It is about the difficulty we all face in navigating between old and new ways of being and the power that comes from our relationships with our kupuna. You can see more on my page and at my website www.willvarner.com

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Make a logo for the Aloha Aina group

Aloha Maoli Artists! The Aloha Aina group on Maoliworld is looking for help with our group logo. We're a group for people interested in achieving Hawaiian independence, demilitarization, economic sovereignty, and human rights. This group is moderated by MANA (Movement for Aloha No ka Aina), a new organization which is just getting started. Our goal is 'to put the move back in movement!' Please help us create a logo for our group! Mahalo, Ikaika ikaikahussey (at) gmail.com

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RE: Buss it out

The title is 'O Ka-mana-na-awe-ula-a-Kanaloa. This is a print I've been working on for awhile now, I keep coming back to it trying to bring it to the next level. I created the initial design about 2 years ago after I returned from Closing. The design in the frame of the image is a water mark design called pu'ili. I think for the most part the image is self-explanitory but not please let me know. Besides the technical difficulties, for me I think the only thing I have left to work out is how…

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