Re: No. 001 Private Properties of the Royal Families/Queen Liliuokalani's, etc. True Trustees Message: Genealogies, Assignments: Konohiki, Assistant Konohiki's Assigned, etc.


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President Donald Trump

Queen Liliuokalani Trust/Liliuokalani Trustees (includes Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center, etc.)

Kamehameha Schools/KSBE/ Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trustees

Governor Ige

Mayor Caldwell

Honolulu Police Department

Sheriff's Department

Many Interested Others

                                Re: No. 001 Private Properties of the Royal Families/Queen Liliuokalani's, etc. True Trustees Message:  Genealogies, Assignments:  Konohiki, Assistant Konohiki's Assigned, etc.


We have a staff of Konohiki, Assistant Konohiki's assigned for the Queen Liliuokalani/ Liliuokalani Trust lands, buildings, etc.  This includes the Queen Liliuokalani/Liliuokalani Childrens's Center, etc.

As you may already know, the Trusts failed to reply/respond to our legal notices and have defaulted.  Letters were sent over time with Rents Due, which created a Lien; Visit to the Halona Street address serving Notice for Rents Due, etc., 7 Day Notice for Rents - U.S. Mail, Return Receipt Notice(s) Sent to the Liliuokalani Trust/ Visit to Halona Street address with Additional Documents and Recorded for the Records; Demand Notice/Notice to Vacate.

I, Amelia Gora, am one of the Trustees because I am one of the descendants/heir of 

Queen Liliuokalani's hanai/ adopted daughters, one of whom became her Trustee in 1872.  (See previous letters sent and also see the following link:

Royal Family(ies)/Trustee/Beneficiary(ies)

The following is our families genealogies showing descendant of two (2) of Queen Liliuokalani's hanai/daughters descendants/heirs and why we are multiple Royal Family members:

(1)   Kaaumoana/Kahakuakoi/Kekua/ Kekualoa/

Kuahine/                                                                 (2) Kapooloku/Kapoolohu/Abigaila/Poomaikelani/

        /                                                                                Kapapoko/Princess Poomaikelani

       /                                                                                                                / (siblings)

Opunui                                      and sibling::  Maria                               Haili/Kaili/Kalama (w)

    /                                                                     /  (siblings)                          / (siblings)

Kapehe opio (w) and Charles Kauweloa     Joseph Gora  married   Elikapeka Kaluakini 

  /                           (brother of Kapehe opio)    /  (siblings)                         /  (siblings)

 /                            married Mele Keawe         /                                          /

Mele Keawe                   /   (sibling)               /                                          /

/     (sibling)                   /                                /                                           /

Mary Kauweloa       Mary Kauweloa           /                                            /

/     (siblings)               /   (siblings)             /                                             /

Mary Castro             Mary Castro marr.  John Gora                         John Gora  

/     (siblings)              /   (sibings)             /  (siblings)                             /  (siblings)

Amelia Gora           Amelia Gora          Amelia Gora                      Amelia Gora

       (siblings)                  (siblings)             (siblings)                            (siblings)


Our staff Konohiki on the Halona Street site is ,Kalani Asam/Norman Kalani Asam, and others.

They have been provided documentation, Protective Order(s), Konohiki Order(s), and instructions to assist in taking care of land projects including Queen Liliuokalani's properties.. 

Liliuokalani/Queen Liliuokalani, Kamehameha Schools/KSBE Trusts Under New Management


Effective Saturday, April 15, 2017, the Trusts failed to respond to our letters and are legally under New Management based on evidence found in research.


Thank you for your cooperation in allowing a smooth transition to the True Trustees in place.


Your assistance will be necessary in the event continued illegal activities occur such as questionable money transfers, etc.


The current staff who were not appointed by our Royal Families will be allowed to apply for their current positions.


It is expected that all of the current Trustees who are not associated with our Royal Families will be replaced.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.




Amelia Gora



Reference/More Information


Also filed as Kingdom of Hawaii Records No, 2017-0417

Background - Brief Summary posted on various websites 

Alodio titles to kanaka maoli only; Fee Simple to Aliens..... Aliens could never own Alodio. Kekauonohi married Kamehameha II - married Kealiiahonui - married Charles Kanaina and lastly Levi Haalelea. Kekauonohi was a hanai mother of Abigail Maheha daughter of Namaile/Kalaniulumoku. Kekauonohi was the step mother of all of Kalaniopuu's, Kamehameha's, and Kaumualii's children. She was also the stepmother of Kamehameha's adopted children named Hueu Davis, Kale Davis and Peke Davis. Charles Kanaina in his own testimony said that he was married to Kekauonohi and her older sister Kekauluohi. Kekauluohi was married to Kamehameha, Kamehameha II, Kahea/Kaheakulani, and Charles Kanaina. Kekauluohi did not have a Probate. There are many Problematic issues. So, these attorneys don't have their research in place. Furthermore, the attorneys are under the Identity Thieves Territory of Hawaii. Reference: PA PELEKANE case, 1912, because the 'territory is the successor of the Kingdom of Hawaii', HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Supreme Court Law Library, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. The heirs and successors of Kamehameha III existed over time and are the "successors" of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Know that the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America is a permanent treaty of friendship and amity. Article XIV can be used to prosecute piracies, pillaging, etc. even today.......the ONLY Players of the Treaty are the Kamehameha's, because it is only for himself, his heirs, and successors. Queen Liliuokalani was given back Hawaii by U.S. President Cleveland before his term in office ended. Then President McKinley had the Army, Navy, and Federal officials develop a Territory disregarding Oppositions by Queen Liliuokalani and her 40,000 subjects. President McKinley made a Proclamation that the Territory was a government of Hawaii in 1900................all illegal...............1912 IDENTITY THEFT on record, with Kamehameha's / Royal Families existing............which means that the Territory turned State is legally not a government but a Sham, a fraud entity and furthermore President McKinley created a sham Judicial department - administrative Volume 11 of the HAWAIIAN REPORTS for the On et. als. case.................the lawyers also operate a Fraudulent setup and all are subject to racketeering, piracy, pillaging charges. Most recently, the Trust of Liliuokalani/Queen Liliuokalani shows that her claims were disregarded by the fraudulent judicial setup and they supported the pirates, pillagers who ran with her trust.....until they were found to have filed an AGR./AGREEMENT as a DEED..... the agreement applied to the foundation of her lands, the interest of Charles Kanaina (married both Kekauonohi, Kekauluohi), the interest of King Lunalilo, the interest of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, and the interest of Queen Kalama which was held by her true trustee, a hanai/adopted daughter........this affects the Kamehameha Schools/KSBE/ Bernice Pauahi Trusts, etc. because some of the Kamehameha's are also siblings of Bernice Pauahi Bishop through her father's marriage to his brother's wife! Ramifications are ongoing..... for more info read btw Every crook gets caught, it's just a matter of time....and we are Not the ones who did wrong. aloha. p.s. we are looking for konohiki, assistant konohiki, security personnel, etc. because the Trusts are under new management who happens to be the Royal Families documented.
the above is in response to

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    Agreement may refer to: Agreement (linguistics) or concord, a change in the form of a word depending on grammatical features of another word. Gentlemen's agreement, not enforceable by law. Contract, enforceable in a court of law.
    The Agreement by our ancestor Kahakuhaakoi/Kaaumoana/Kekua/Kekualoa/Kuahine and her hanai/ adopted mother Liliuokalani became null and voided contract.
    Therefore, it is and remains in our hands that all the interest of Charles Kanaina, King Lunalilo, Bernice Pauahi, Queen Kalama etc. belongs to Kahakuhaakoi/Kaaumoana/Kekua/Kekualoa/Kuahine and her bloodlines, not her hanai/adopted children but her real ones with her blood.
    All not related to our families are documented trespassers, pirates, pillagers, racketeers no different from goons, mafia and are subject to being jailed, imprisoned for perpetuating a crime, etc.
    The Judicial Tribunal of the Kingdom of Hawaii have adjudicated that the early trustees were guilty of wrongdoing and were dispossessed along with the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, aka's, etc.
    In other words, they have been legally dispossessed in the court of law from the Kingdom of Hawaii based on Article XIV of the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America.
    The Liliuokalani Trust/Queen Liliuokalani Trust under the State of Hawaii are housing pirates, pillagers, criminal based, identity thieves who are not related to the true trustees - Queen Liliuokalani's Families.
    This is to inform everyone that the Agreement filed in 1898 remains in our Royal Families hands and we are the owners documented in contracts made by Queen Liliuokalani.
    Note:  Because U.S. President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani before he left office in 1897, Queen Liliuokalani was once again the Queen and the criminals/usurpers supported by the United States and the American Empire had no legal authority to operate in the Hawaiian Islands thereafter.

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