Moku O Keawe Ohana

I was down at Kawa`a yesterday, and Uncle Able was telling me that he was looking to start a Taro Festival for the Moku O Keawe Ohana to take place down at Kawa`a and Hilea. The First year would have to do mostly with planting and getting grounds ready to plant, but there are currently a couple good size patches down there to start with. It is still up in the air as to when and how, but Uncle's vision is that Hawaiians from all over would come to camp, to malama, to get to know the land, and share manao. Didn't know if I should have put this in future or politics, but Kawa`a is very political so I chose here. Recently the Mayor has visited Uncle at his house at Kawa`a five times, and asked him to make a deal to leave. Uncle has refused. attached is a video about Kawa`a and Uncle. The first part shows Kona, about a minute into it it shows Uncle. Aloha Kakou

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  • So I went down and talked with Uncle, he did not seem concerned about the announcement on the radio. I also talked with his sister, and she shared his sentiments. Their great grandfather did hold the patent to all the land in the area, and they have signs posted to that affect. The signs have their great grandpas name, the fact that the land is private property, and the Helu of the patent.
  • Just an update for all those following this, It was announced on the radio a couple days ago that 500 something acres at Kawa'a were to be purchased by the state, and put in reserve. Haven't been down to talk to Uncle about this yet, but things are stirring. Still I get the feeling that they are not going to win this one. The mayor going down is a big deal, who has the mayor go to their house once, let alone five times?

    Anyway when I know more, I will post it.

    Aloha Kakou
    • Hello. I am sure you may already know but with title there must be acceptance and delivery.

      It looks like they have delivery but there is no acceptance. I would not discuss things if I were him. I would go straight to litigation if not already. Someone may wanna get in there and attack acceptance instead of discussing things and trying to reason with unreasonable people because they're not gonna listen. They only want the land and title and unfortunately the ONLY time that some people listen is when attorneys are involved.

      Just my mana'o but sometimes it pays to go over some people's head especially when they do NOT listen to you. In this case they are not listening to him and others like him....

      I'm curious... where are the other people who can help him?

      Aloha, Lana
    • Aloha David,

      Kanaka Maoli already won. Uncle already won. The Palapala Sila Nui or Palapala Hooko that they have in their possession is the only lawful deed to their land in Kawa'a. This was "insured" not "assured" by King Kamehameha III with the 1839 Constitution and the Mahele.

      Even if the state purchases the land it is done under de fact conditions and is void on its face. The land still belongs to Uncle.

      Is the 500 acres part of Uncles land or is it Crown land or Government (de jure) land? If so let's make a request from Mahealani to draw up koe nae paperwork.

      K, Have a great day and Mahalo for the updates.

      • Aloha Yolanda,

        I will have to check with Uncle to make sure, but as far as I know, his family held the patent on the all the land in the area, and Uncle and his sister Haunani filed their papers with the bureau of conveyances over ten years ago.Again I will have to check on all of this.
  • Aloha David,

    Just an update on koe nae in Hawaii. Hope Uncle Able and his sister can make it. Many Kanaka from Oahu are flying over for this.

    Aloha ia kakou,

    This is just a reminder and updat on our Kona commitment:

    WE are presenting Mahele Economics / Overview on APRIL 25 from 6PM - 8PM.
    On Saturday: APRIL 26, we are going over kuleana aina/ koe nae docs and infrastructure.

    We really wish we could spend time with each one of you, however we do not have the time. We are not taking any appointments while there in Kona and we will assist as we are able. Thank you all in advance for being patient and hoolako.
    me ka mahalo,

    me ka haahaa,
    The Registry of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
    within the de jure Royal Patented Domain

    c/o: 400 Hookahi St. C-206 Wailuku
    Maui, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
    [USPZExempt96793] UPU
    (808) 243-2224
    (808) 243-2234 fax

    kukamalu, appointments only, mahalo.

    E-mail us:

    Check out our website:
    • Aloha Yolanda, I haven't been able to get down south to see Uncle, and I have to work tommorrow, I could run out there Saturday, and try grab him, would this work? If we just came for saturdays class?
      • That'll be great David. Koe nae papers will also be distributed as well so you might be interested in that. It is for Keauhou but I don't know how many acres.

        I hope you guys make it!

        Aloha, Yolanda
  • Mahalo !

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