Discussing the so-called "akaka bill"

It seems pathetic that the "Japanese Chamber of Commerce" is sponsoring a seminar on the so-called "akaka bill." What is the Japanese community's interest in this bill that will directly affect so many so-called "Hawaiians?" After spurning so many calls by "Hawaiians" (such as me) - the feds (both Dans), the state (OHA and others), other than participating in a few debates (in which, in my experience and understanding, OHA got creamed), have not done a thing. Even requests - to at least one trustee (trustee Mossman by David Ingham) to engage in debate - were ignored by complete silence. It seems that these agencies - if they are going to advocate for and support (with so much money and time) legislation that could/would detrimentally affect the culture and histories of Hawaiians for multi generations (if passed) - would have "sponsored" many activities of this type in the past and present - and for free. Other than collecting a lot of airline miles and hotel bills in travel to DC on behalf of its beneficiaries - OHA, through its trustees - has done nothing. Even a handful, actually 3 kanaka maoli (including myself), who went to DC to lobby against cloture (of the bill) in June 2006, was able to help thwart the trustees' heavy efforts and the waste of hundreds, if not millions, of thousands of beneficiary moneys, to get the bill passed. By the way, one of the interesting facts we garnered in DC in 2006 was that "the Dans" had been telling the senators that a majority of the people in Hawai'i were extremely supportive of the bill. Those senators were so surprised that individual Hawaiians showed up in DC, at their own expense, who were actually in opposition. Well, it does take a bit more effort to do these kinds of essential things when we (Hawaiian National activists) are pitted up against big money - the ill-spent money of OHA - moneys supposed to be "for the betterment" of native Hawaiians. The "overwhelming" benefits of the "akaka bill" have never been taught to Hawaiians so that they (Hawaiians) can decide for themselves that the "benefits" are really beneficial and not a bunch of political shibai. That the "bill" would give "plenary" authority to the u.s. congress - while a possible "government-to-government" relationship is suggested - is a cruel trick of "bait and switch." That a future settlement of Hawaiian claims (actually claims of the Hawaiian Kingdom - the real owner of the lands) to the so-called "ceded" lands is sure to come - is another myth. Actually, the "negotiations" that the bill provides is discretionary to the u.s. and there may never be a negotiated settlement - at least not a settlement that will favor Hawaiians, or the "real" settlers who are the Hawaiian Nationals. In fact, the "bill" actually usurps the Kingdom and its subjects (descendants of subjects of the Kingdom - both those with koko AND those without) by destroying it - by "re-organizing" it to a u.s. "Native Hawaiian Governing Entity," then, as a result of other historical negotiations entered into by the indians, converting those stolen Kingdom lands to u.s. "trust" lands. Do OHA trustees actually intend to become holders of the stolen lands - after being transferred from Hawai'i's infamous enemies - the Provincial Government, the Republic of Hawaii, the u.s. and the so-called "state" of hawai'i? Well, I suppose, that being an agency of the "state of hawaii" makes OHA and its willingness to receive "stolen" property no better than its cohorts. It is really the Hawaiian Nationals who have the best and ONLY claim to the "ceded" lands. OHA, through its beneficiaries - of the present "racial" Hawaiian definition initiated by the u.s. in its Hawaiian Homestead Act - is not the "proper" party. It is the Hawaiian Nationals who have the valid claim - and not the "racial" Hawaiian beneficiaries of OHA - even though both classes may be made up of many of the same persons. Additionally, Hawaiians will be converted from a present "first class citizenship" status to that of "second class citizen-wards" of the u.s. government. While some may aspire to be "wards" of the u.s., I don't. For clarity - go check a dictionary for the meaning of the word "ward." To be a "person under protection for an incapacity" such as minors, imbeciles, incapacitants, etc. is not what I am. On the other hand, that the u.s. is able to correct and sanitize all its deficiencies in Hawaiian history such as the "illegal" overthrow of 1893 and the so-called "annexation" that never took place (as "annexation CANNOT take place by resolution) is its hope. That OHA is willing to give up all of this on behalf of its beneficiaries - excluding me of course - is ludicrous. OHA's behavior and intent are directly opposite to Liliu's efforts and motto of "Onipa'a" that she held 'til the day she died or our ancestors' wholesale signing (more than 90%) of the Ku'e Petitions opposing annexation. Only fools believe in the myth that took place at the time of the so-called "annexation", when "they" pointed to the "treaty of annexation" (when we know it wasn't a treaty) on the table, while the american flag was being raised - and the world being duped into believing it all to be factual and genuine. Well, it is pathetic that the Japanese Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring this seminar that OHA and/or the Dans should have been putting on all over the islands for free for so many years. Additionally, the charge of $25 to hear an hour and a half of shibai - is absolutely ridiculous. Well, one does get a "free" lunch. ku _____________ Updated at 3:02 a.m., Wednesday, April 9, 2008 Seminar to discuss 'Akaka Bill' set for April 24 Advertiser Staff The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce will host a seminar on the Akaka Bill, also known as the Native Hawaiian Recognition Billl, from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, April 24, at the Chamber's Manoa Grand Ballroom Lounge at 2454 S. Beretania St. Registration fee is $25 and includes lunch. For more information or to register call 949-5531 or visit the Chambers website at www.honolulujapanesechamber.org. ___________ Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill (aka Akaka Bill) Seminar Presented by Jon M. Van Dyke, University of Hawaii at Manoa Professor of Law. Thursday, April 24, 2008 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (11:45 a.m. registration) Manoa Grand Ballroom Lounge $25.00 (includes program and lunch) Deadline to register is Thursday, April 17, 2008.

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  • The Thieves - akaka, inouye and OHA - are out to "steal" the Kingdom (if we let 'em)!!!!

    Kekahuna Keaweiwi wrote:

    >Aloha Kamaunu,
    > This statement by Inouye
    > "We are here this morning to consider a measure that would restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status among domestic sovereigns of the United States, in the same manner that other governments representing the Native peoples of the United States are recognized by the Federal Government."
    > leaves no room for error! He's trying to "sound" like he's helpping us get our National Sovereignty back, but really what he's doing ia specifically meaning/recognizing us ethnic Hawaiians as Native Amercian//Alaskan Tribes.....all "domestic sovereigns of the United States"
    > The quick switch-a-roo!

    Kekahuna is absolutely correct.

    However, Inouye is doing all that he can - in his capacity as an american senator in the u.s. congress - where, even if he had our good intentions in mind - without proposing some kind of treaty that would reverse all the "shitty" history that the u.s. has dumped upon us - but really cannot give us what it (america) took from us by stealth, deception, misrepresentation and fraud back in the 1890s - our independence.

    So, garbed in the the golden-voiced cloak of paternalistic bombast - he can only provide us with the status of a dependent "domestic sovereign of the United States" - just like the Indians - "wards" of the great, white father, who, perched on its throne in Washington DC, takes care of all those defined as "incapacitated" and unable to take care of themselves.

    That Inouye claims that this "status" will "restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status" is a bunch of the sweetest bullshit that a great american senator can possibly muster in the marbled halls of that great capitol of the most democratic nation in the world - on behalf of an ignorant and uneducated constituency that he may assume that we all are.

    That Inouye and Akaka intend to "gut" our Kingdom and its government by transforming it into a dependent "Native Hawaiian Government Entity of the United States" - then "stealing" (for the second time) our so-called "ceded" lands to be "held in trust," with some of the stolen "spoils" probably being handed to the "state-birthed agency" - 0HA - in apparent appeasment, while the feds and state retain all of the best of the lands in a supreme legislative "quiet title" action - leaves me aghast.

    That many Hawaiians - sweet-talked by trustees (of 0HA) with their unlimited budgets and public relations, thinking of themselves as the "gift of the gods and goddesses" as they affirm the glib words of the great senator - will believe all of this "hash" - hook, line and sinker.

    Let us not be like the Indians who gave up any claims that they may have had in Manhattan for a few colorful beads and trinkets (of glib and empty words).

    As a Hawaiian National and forever true to the Kingdom - it is sad to see these eloquent, but empty, words be swallowed by my "racial" brothers and sisters, in their "political" naivete. (Sorry if this may sound condescending, it isn't intended to be.)

    May our "'Akua" and separate "'Aumakua" help us and our Nation.


    >Kamaunu Kahaialii wrote:

    > On Thursday, February 25, 2003 a hearing before the Committee On Indian Affairs was convened during the 108th Congress. It was at that hearing that Senator Inouye made a very important statement, part of which reads as follows;
    > This measure, S. 344, was introduced by Senator Daniel Akaka on February 12, 2003, and was referred to this committee. It is my honor to serve as an original cosponsor
    > of this measure. [Text of S. 344 follows:]
    > Before I call upon members of this committee, I would like to remind those present here today, and those who are watching this hearing, of the historical
    > events that have brought us here today. On January 17, 1893, the Government of Hawaii was overthrown with the assistance and direct involvement of the U.S. minister,
    > who authorized U.S. Marine troops to assist in the overthrow of a stable government. Prior to the overthrow, that government enjoyed international recognition from countries around the world and carried on treaty relationships with Great Britain and France. One hundred years later, the U.S. Government approved a resolution now known as the "Apology Resolution,'' in which the United States formally extended an apology to the Native Hawaiian people for America's role in the overthrow of the government.
    > We are here this morning to consider a measure that would restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status among domestic sovereigns of the United States, in the same manner that other governments representing the Native peoples of the United States are recognized by the Federal Government.
    > ----------------------------------------------------------
    > I leave this statement above, with you to consider, contemplate, ponder and share with others. So, according to Senator Inouye, it sounds as if the Akaka Bill is a "measure that would restore the government that represented the native people?
    > Kamaunu
    • This is what he meant from the beginning, there was no switch-a-roo. They were playing with semantics which many of us understood and protested from the beginning when they first presented the Bill to us. He is just clarifying it clearer in name-calling what it isn't. It's a play on words.

      The only way to restore the Hawaiian government to its rightful status is through U.S. belligerent de-occupation. We never had the status of a domestic sovereign of the U.S.A. Again they conveniently omit the Ku'e Petitions protesting the takeover and the unlawful annexation attempt. It is deemed an international issue and not a U.S. domestic/internal issue.

      All this is just a super-sized OHA, executive-like Hawaiian Civic Club which the Akaka Bill presents. The confusion was initially intended for the Hawaiians and not for Congress. This is a half-ass resolution to their problem by trying to white-wash themselves in presenting the ruse. This is singling out the Native Hawaiians and omitting the rest of the bona fide citizens of the Kingdom to fit into the Native American catergory. This way the USA justifies in keeping control and "ownership" of Hawaii.

      Another thing to remember is the Indian Policy with congress' plenary authority. They CAN establish a blood quantum, thereby eliminating many Hawaiians. They can also de-recognize Hawaiians as a Native American tribe as they have done in the past with other Native Americans.

      So, this tribal thing is very tenuous. Inouye, Akaka, and US government has been insulting the Hawaiians and the Hawaiians are just taking it, like little sheeple looking up to a new version of an ali'i nui called the USA government. I haven't heard we asking the US to be Native Americans and under their conditions of subjugation. Can you say, "Yes, Massa!" and "Baaaaaa!"?

    • Not3.gif

    • Aloha Ku Ching,

      In case you read the scanned document I just posted I wanted to let you know that I have to attend to some koe nae paperwork and will comment more later. In the meantime...

      Have A Lovely Day!

      • Thanks for sending. We all need to know as much as we can about our nation.

  • Exactly... what do they have to do with the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act? Why isn't the Office of Hawaiian Affairs opening the HIC for a seminar open to all? Seems odd to me that the HJJC is.

    Well as you know... Boyd Mossman is my cousin. Eek. I am embarrassed to say....

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