I received this request for assistance. Anyone have any suggestions for him? We should research this person first to see the quality of his films and whether he is the correct person to produce such a film. I put this forward only because it is true that the problem is real, and documentation such as this might be part of the solution... ʻOhu To: LRolirad@aol.com From: lrolirad@aol.com Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 23:15:22 -0400 Subject: [hawaii-nation] Film: Native Hawaiians Struggles Hello, I am a filmmaker who has been researching the struggles Native Hawaiians are experiencing due to the ever increasing rise in housing costs, the rising cost of living and the rising numbers of Native Hawaiians who are homeless. I have heard stories of several Native Hawaiian families who have had to leave the islands because they could no longer afford to stay. I will be visiting the Big Island within the next couple of months and I would love to be able to meet with as many Native Hawaiians who are having the difficulties I have mentioned above. It is my goal to highlight the problems they are facing in a documentary film. I have created approximately 300 films and videos in the past eighteen years. I have formed teams of video professionals and I have performed as a producer, editor, cinematographer, writer and graphics artist to produce each project. It is my goal to also utilize talented Hawaiian professionals and also Hawaiian volunteers to complete my project. If you could provide me with a list of people who would want to share their experiences with me during my upcoming visit to the Big Island I would greatly appreciate your help. I would also appreciate any information or locations where I can obtain such information relating to Native Hawaiians leaving the islands. You can either email or call me using the contact information listed below. Thank you for your assistance. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide! Sincerely; Larry S. Rolirad Producer, Editor, Writer, Photographer LSR Films 9743 Rocky Hollow Road LaPorte, Texas 77571 LRolirad@aol. com Cell: 281 543 7017

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  • Aloha Ohana,

    I am also a filmmaker ...based in L.A, we are still casting for our film . Our film is about If there is future for Kanaka Maoli in the aina of thier ancestors. Please check out my film blog ...www.blog.myspace.com/braddahrandy . If anyone in L.A would like to be cast in our film please drop me note.....thanks and God Bless.
  • Has anyone heard any thing on these guys or their production as yet???

    I emailed them ... though had no reply???
  • bro. Im a writer in Hawaii. sounds interesting. Id be willing to help. contact me: myspace.com/kamuela_vance

    or kamuela_vance@yahoo.com I know some of the folks you are corresponding with on this site. peace. kv
  • Larry S. Rolirad, a resident of Texas and frequent visitor to Hawaii, is a video production manager, writer, editor, director and graphics artist, with a Masters degree in Communications/Filmmaking from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He can be reached via email at mailto:LRolirad@aol.com

    from an article he wrote when he was on the Big Island.
  • I checked on this guy - he seems legitimate. Here is a sample of his writing (I will keep checking on what documentaries he's done so far):

    Larry S. Rolirad 15 Oct 2004 00:10 GMT

    The most terrifying sight in my life was seeing two uniformed people walking up to my house. One was a man and the other was a woman. All I thought about was my son who was in Iraq. I knew something was wrong, horribly wrong. My legs turned to rubberized fear. I fell down to the floor. I cried uncontrollably, sobbing and sobbing. And then the doorbell rang. My husband answered the door and was told, "Your son is dead."

    as told to Larry S. Rolirad

    As a mother, I know my son died in Iraq for Bush. My son's name was Sgt. Michael S.. He was only nineteen. He would have been 20 a week after he was blown up. He made Sgt. because it was his second duty to Iraq. We were proud of him getting such a high rank so fast. But Mickey was a natural leader. Those under him respected him and were deeply saddened by his death. In Mickey's first duty he received a purple heart for a wound to his left arm. After that healed, he was immediately sent back to Iraq because of the severe shortage of US troops there.

    I have heard republicans callously say that I should be able to sleep well knowing that I will have oil and gas for my car. That is why my son was murdered by Bush. Just knowing that I will be able to drive wherever I want to is supposedly worth the loss of my son. And I guess I should be able to sleep well knowing that the Halliburtons in the war will be making billions off of my son, and other sons and daughters that Bush kills.

    I know that Bush will never ever visit my son's grave to pay respect. Nor will anyone in Bush's cabinet. Nor will any of the CEOs from republican-owned US corporations that will be making billions of dollars off of the death of my son. The CEO of Halliburton will never visit my son's gravesite. That would mean he would have to leave one of his air conditioned mansions that are paid for with the blood from our troops, who are nothing more than low-paid mercenaries protecting Halliburton in Iraq. Why isn't Bush's government telling all of those republican companies to hire their own mercenaries so our troops could be brought back home?

    According to the government, Michael wasn't worth a lot, at least on paper. But most republicans only think about the bottom line anyway. They believe that people who have money are always better than those who are of modest means. Republicans always blast those who are less fortunate and poor. They call them deadbeats, drug addicts, and communists. My son was none of these things. He has things which were more important than mere money. He had the love and admiration of everyone who knew him. But republicans don't put much value in love. In fact, they laugh about it. They try to belittle people who profess love over war. Mickey was a doer who brought so much happiness to so many people.

    Before Michael enlisted in the Army he was just out of high school and was working at a job that paid minimum wage. So according to his current level of training he would probably have only made a half million dollars during his entire life. Since my son would have only been a middle class laborer all of his life he shouldn't be on the same level as a rich kid who would have jobs given to him all of his life, like Bush had.

    No, my son was just a good boy who was liked by everyone he met. He liked to joke and make people happy. He was a great practical joker. Before joining the Army, Michael volunteered much of his time working with the elderly, running chores, cleaning their houses, and mowing their yards, all for free. Michael's friends trusted in him to always do the right thing. He was loved by so many people. Our family and all of his friends will love and miss him, but we realize that "love, caring, and trust" don't mean as much as making billions of dollars.

    My son's wife and eleven-month old child will get a whopping $250,000 for the death of their husband/father for dying in the Halliburton War. (BTW: Halliburton will be making BILLIONS off of my son's body) Michael's wife Jenny got $250 thousand for the body of her loved one. That isn't a lot of money for a young mother with a growing child. Jenny was angry that the CEOs of all the republican companies making billions off of no-bid contracts in iraq. Jenny knows that the CEOs of all those companies would make hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses while they risked nothing They were all comfortable in their multimillion dollar mansions making obscene amounts of money while those, like Mickey, were on the front lines of the battle in Iraq and getting killed. Republicans believe that CEOs should get huge salaries and bonuses while the poor and middle class kids who are risking their lives, get a paltry amount of money if they die,

    To republicans, "capitalism" is more important than people, their needs, or even their lives. Republicans believe that troops who die knew what they were getting into when they signed up in the military. But that is not true. Mickey didn't sign up to be cannon fodder for corrupt businesses. Mickey didn't sign up to fight in a foreign land that had nothing to do with defending the United States, or Americans. Mickey was sickened when he realized that his life was expendable. He was sickened when he realized that other troops were dying in order to enrich the executives in all of the republican-owned companies that are jumping all over themselves to grab no-bid contracts in Iraq from the Bush regime. And what they can't get in contracts they are using schemes to steal more money from the taxpayers, just like the GOP-owned Halliburton.

    Michael died so that US corporations could have control over the Iraq oil fields. To republicans, this is free enterprise at its finest. This is capitalism at its finest. Republicans obviously do not believe in responsible capitalism. They don't believe that corporations should be responsible. And republicans see nothing wrong with sending our military to defend corporations. They don't think about our troops as being human beings. They don't care about all of the pain that the families of the loved ones experience. All they care about is listening to 'macho sounding' phrases from GW Bush like 'Bring em on'. They don't see the big picture because they aren't capable of understanding anything other than short soundbites from Bush and Cheney. It is a shame that republicans are easy prey to infantile propaganda. But that is why they are easy victims to Bush's one line slogans. It is obvious that the typical republican is not capable of understanding more complex statements, or more complex solutions that would be a better alternative to war.

    The loss of Mickey has devastated our family. And his loss has also brought so much grief to all of his many friends. We all miss Mickey. I will never hug him again. I will never see his smile. I will never see that twinkle in his eyes. I will never hear his clever wit. I will never see how he could lighten up a room with just his presence. Good-bye Mickey. I will see you in heaven. At least there will be no Halliburtons, no Bushes, no republicans, or no republican politicians there.

    Lastly, my son joined to defend the United States. He joined believing that his leaders would not lie to him, or betray him. He joined believing that if he gave his life it would be for defending the United States, and protecting Americans. Mickey wrote me often, but in his last three letters he wrote about his fear, his loneliness, and his questioning why he was even in Iraq. In his latest letters he wrote, "Mom, I don't want to be here any longer. I thought we were helping people but the violence keeps increasing and more and more innocent people die every day. Mom, we are causing so many innocent people to die. We are ordered to shoot at buildings when we know that there are families in them. I can't sleep anymore. I feel more guilt than feeling I am helping the people. I don't know what to do. Mom, I want to be honest with you even though it will scare you. I don't have anyone here to talk with about my fear and my intense loneliness. I feel afraid all of the time because I don't know if I will be killed any moment. Sometimes I think if I get injured I hope I die, because I don't want to live with my legs and arms blown off. So many of my friends have been killed. And my friends who haven't been killed are injured in hideous ways."

    "I almost broke down when I helped an injured guy I didn't know. I went up to a HumVee which was just hit by a rocket grenade and pulled on his arm. His arm came off from his body when I tried to pull him from the wreckage. He died before we could get him help. I am so scared Mom. I just want to come home. I miss you and Dad so much. I feel so disillusioned. I even feel ashamed and guilty. There will be no end to this war. There is just too much hatred between the different factions of the Iraqi people. And the Iraqis have so much hatred toward any Americans."

    "The average Iraqi didn't hate Americans before the war started. But every time one of them gets killed by our military their families and loved ones become our enemies and want to get even with us. Violence is the solution to all problems over here. And we are causing most of the violence. Mom, please don't tell Daddy or Jenny about how I feel. You know that Dad has been in battle during Vietnam and he knows the dangers of war. So I don't want to make him more scared than he already is. He knows that the Iraq War is even worse than the Vietnam War. And I can't tell my beautiful wife Jenny how scared I am, or that I might not see my son Adam grow up. Please give little Adam a big hug for me and tell him how much I love him. Tell Joan, Janice, Adam and Will I love them all and I miss all of the great times we shared Thanks, Mom. Always remember how much I love you all." This was Mick's last letter to us. I respected Mickey's wishes and never told his Dad about how much Mickey feared being in Iraq. That burden will weigh on my heart for the rest of my life. At least after I die I know I will see my son again. I miss him so...

    It is so hard to admit, but Michael didn't die defending the country he loved. Mickey's letters told a different story of what was happening in Iraq from the news back home. Michael knew that he died so Halliburton could make BILLIONS of dollars, in which they will give GW Bush a ton of that money in campaign contributions. Michael died for Bush's political future and Bush's friends financial futures. And Michael died because of Bush's blatant lies which brought us into this evil and unnecessary war in the first place. Mickey said, "When we talk about weapons of mass destruction everyone that I know just laugh. We know that Bush lied to us about Iraq having WMD. It is hard to serve in the military when we know the commander-in-chief lied to us and the American people."

    It is incomprehensible that almost all the 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Osama was a Saudi Arabian. Saudi Arabia staged government telethons which raised 140 million dollars which they gave to Al Quaeda terrorists. The seventeen US soldiers who were killed in their barracks in the late nineties in Saudi Arabia were killed by Saudi terrorists. And even the head of the beheaded US worker, Paul Johnson, was found in Saudi Arabia. But instead of attacking the country which was responsible for funding and harboring the 9/11 terrorists, Bush made up a pile of lies to go to war against Iraq. Bush and everyone in his regime are still claiming that Iraq was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And non-thinking republicans still believe that Iraq was a threat to the United States and was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Republicans are easy prey for propaganda. I will never forgive the monster Bush who sent my Mickey to die. I will never forgive the republicans who blindly supported Bush's evil and unjustified war.

    The reason why Bush didn't invade Saudi Arabia, the country that funded and exported terrorists, was because Bush and his corrupt friends have received 48 MILLION dollars a year for THIRTY YEARS IN A ROW from the Saudi royals, like Prince Bandar. Prince Bandar is affectionately called "Bandar Bush" by the Bushes because of all the money that he has given to the Bush family and their corrupt friends. Doesn't it make you wonder about GW Bush's allegiance to the United States when he has received so much money from the Saudis?

    In every one of Bush's failed companies he received millions of dollars from the Saudis to bail him out. Why would an oil rich country want to invest in a Texas "oilman" failure like GW Bush, who could only drill dry wells? The money obviously wasn't for his businesses, it was for direct access to GW Bush's father, who was either the Vice President or the President. I feel that GW Bush sold out his country to the Saudis. By the way, since the Saudis have have given the Bushes and their wealthy friends 48 MILLION dollars a year for the past thirty years, that means they have given them a total of 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS. That's $1,400,000,000.00. Doesn't anyone see a conflict of interest here? Doesn't anyone see how corrupt the Bushes are? Doesn't anyone see that the Bushes have more reasons, "1,400,000,000 more reasons" to be exact, to have their allegiances toward Saudi Arabia, and NOT the United States? And can anyone see that the reason why GW Bush didn't even consider attacking Saudi Arabia, which funded and exported Al Quaeda terrorists, was because Bush is on the Saudi dole, a HUGE dole.

    I wish I could espouse the typical propaganda line saying that my son died for a purpose other than to enrich the wealthy, and to further a corrupt politician's evil agenda, like Bush. But I can't. My son died for no honorable purpose. He died to enrich others. He died in an illegal preemptive war against a country which posed a zero threat to the United States. When I see parents on television saying that they were proud of their sons and say that their children died fighting for freedom or defending the United States I know that they couldn't possibly feel that. They are just searching for a reason to justify losing their sons or daughters. They are in denial. They can't accept the fact that their children were dying for nothing, but they are in Iraq.

    When we looked at Michael we saw a beautiful soul who had so many gifts that he brought to others every day. But when those in Bush's Regime looked at Michael they only saw dollar signs. Bush even was callous enough to tell the enemy to shoot my son when Bush said "Bring em on!". That is easy to say when your two irresponsible, drunkard daughters are living the high life on their father's stolen money, or blood money that Bush got from the Saudi royals, like the corrupt Prince Bandar, or as the Bush family calls him, "Bandar Bush". Don't forget that the Bushes and their friends have gotten $48 million dollars a year for the past THIRTY years from the Saudis. Talk about an ultra-corrupt family. Talk about an ultra-corrupt GW Bush. I am sickened when Bush calls himself a Christian. My family are devout Christians, but we are against killing people so that corporations can make billions. We all know Bush is a fake Christian and he only says he is Christian to dupe real Christians into voting for him.

    On Mickey's gravestone it reads, "Michael, we will love you forever." "As long as your name is remembered you will remain alive in the hearts of many." Bush, Halliburton, the GOP, and the republicans who cheer whenever a bomb is dropped or another US soldier or innocent Iraqi is killed will never think of my son's name, or think of the sadness that will remain in my family forever. They will never think of all the joy Michael brought to so many. They will never think of Michael as a human being, with so much to give to the others. They only think about money. They think about their own greed. They think of everything other than our deep and profound loss. The bottom line....they just don't care. In Mickey's last paycheck from the government he was docked for the last eight days of the month. That was because he didn't show up for work because he was dead. Bush doesn't care that Mickey's wife was denied that eight days of pay, a paltry sum, but important to a young widow. Bush doesn't even think about all of the troops he sends to die for his own political and personal financial gain.

    Love, Mom, Dad, your sisters Joan and Janice, your brothers Adam and Will, your wife Jenny, and Adam your son. We will miss you forever...


    By the way republicans, Mickey did not sign up to be a low-paid mercenary for a corrupt corporation like Halliburton. He signed up to protect and defend the people of the US and the Constitution. Defending Halliburton in a country which posed ZERO threat to the US or Americans is NOT what any person signs up for. Republicans who keep saying Mickey signed up knowing he will die are stupid, ignorant, and insensitive. Please stop being propaganda dupes to the ultra-corrupt republican regime. And if you have any compassion at all please don't email us with your hate mail. Please respect our time of deep grieving. And please respect my right to speak out for my son Mickey. Republicans don't like it when I talk about Mickey's experience. They want to deny me my First Amendment rights to Free Speech. It is ironic that republicans say Mickey died for America and our Constitution, and then they want to deny me my rights as guaranteed under the First Amendment.

    Republicans have responded to our family's experiences with Bush's war with hatred, callousness, and anti-Americanism. They say we have no right to speak out against the murdering Bush, or other corrupt republicans in his regime. Republicans not only don't care about my son, they also don't care about my family's right to free speech. Republicans say Mickey died for his country. They say he died a noble death. But how could that be if they want to deny me and my family the right to speak out. I remind them that I am guaranteed my rights to free speech in the First Amendment. They certainly don't care about Mickey, Constitution, or the First Amendment.

    Republicans also respond by saying Mickey knew that if he joined the military he could die. Mickey didn't figure on having an insensitive sociopathic killer like Bush as his commander-in-chief. Mickey didn't think he would be used just to protect corrupt republican corporations who make billions while the poor and middle classes die. Mickey didn't sign up to be a low-paid mercenary for the corrupt republican corporations like Halliburton. He joined to defend the United States, and since Iraq posed NO THREAT to America, Mickey wasn't defending the US against any enemy. He was there just to defend the corrupt republican corporations who got multibillion dollar no-bid contracts. Republicans make me sick. They don't think and they have zero empathy toward anyone else. They are like a disease worse than Ebola.
  • Oh - I got this same letter in my personal email...yahoo. I forwarded it to Pono Kealoha - and he said "Go for it." I don't know how to go for it on this kind of matter so this is what I did - I told him to contact Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell, Noenoe Silva, Mililani and Haunani-Kay Trask, and others.
    You are right though, we should check on his background/credentials, etc. Cannot be to careful but can't be too paranoid either...ok - a nice healthy balance would be good. If he's sincere - that would definitely be good.
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