Free Hawai`i means returning the Hawaiian Islands back to an independent nation status, as it was before it was illegally overthrown by US marines and rich sugar barons in 1893.

In 1993, President Clinton formally apologized for that act and publicly acknowledged the illegality of the overthrow.


98% of all Hawaiians living at the time opposed the illegal overthrow.

Today, less than 20% of all land in Hawai`i is in Hawaiian hands.

Over 60% today is in non-Hawaiian hands!

A few individuals, who are non-Hawaiian, lease an amount of land in Hawai`i that is greater than all land leased to all Native Hawaiians!

Currently, only 72 landowners control 95% of all land in Hawai`i.

Native Hawaiians make up the largest percentage of homeless in Hawai`i today.

Native Hawaiians have the worst social, educational and economic indicators compared to any ethnic group in the US.

Native Hawaiians currently have the worst health profile compared to any ethnic group in the US.

Hawaiian Nationals want their country and land back so they can grow their own foods, become healthy once again, and control their own destiny.

Hawai`i Was A Free Nation - But Never Free For The Taking
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