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  • ALOHA Mai, e Kawaokalani, 

           I'm NOT into Blood Quantum.  As I believe that it is more inportant to be Hawaiian In Spirit then in Blood. 

           I SUPPORT the FULL revival of the Hawaiian Kingdom nation of Queen Liliuokalani.  This is MY CHOICE!  

           When I renounced my citizenship to the United States on January 17, 1993 I went Home to my nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom nation of Queen Liliuokalani.

           Soon I and my Hanai will be getting our Hawaiian Kingdom I.D.s. 

           I'm Proud of my Ohana who were Hawaiian, Portugese, Irish, Scotch and English. 

           I am Who I Am!  ALOHA KUU AINA HAWAII, o Pomai


  • Aloha Pomai,

    We met before well for your information I am a 84.5% bloody Kanaka Maoli,  My mama is a bloodykanaka kamali'i kupa and so is her parents, parents and so far. My father is a kanaka maoli and kama'aina of china and  Ameriko  tribe of Chickasaw and Cherokee w/England if you want me to break down the qurtum just let me know.  By the way you have not seeing 100% well you will soon see them.    I have an question for you do you want to be an nation within a nation or Independence nation. That's your choice.    The one that hit the bulleyes is "LHG" and we are voting this year.  If you know of anyone who want to run as a candidate it's open.

    Aloha K

  • As Long there are native Hawaiian LuLu BELLS who Live by the American Dream of Hawaiian By Blood, American By Force, Hawaiians will never Stand Together.  LuLu BELLS who Suck Off from the System that they believe Belongs to Them, only!   Beware of Neil and his native Hawaiian LuLu BELLS! 

    Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaikaiokalani, Hawaiian Kingdom National 1993

  • Note how Norman the commissioner walks away and Jerry continues to sit and listen, that's because they had made up their minds before conducting this hearing. Mea Culpa or Mauka to Makai. 
  • Aunty i know  the truth and i am still here with my families i love you aunty allof  you.

  • The line of defense is difficult because we have Na Kanaka on both sides of the coin.  I do not know how to sew up the wide gap between us.  Much Aloha for trying.

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