BE PREPARED FOR THE JESUS RETURN IS SOON THIS IS WHAT I HEARD FROM MY G12 AND MY BIBLE THE TRUMPHET IS HERE SO THE DAy of our lord should be on his timing we do not know the hour my lord has told me in scripitual too many times s people get ready for his time will be he is our creator and he will always be the ruler of our kingdsom nd world so what ever newworld and all this about lands money power and gold give it to god and he will see to it that the blessings of his kingdom here on earth shall reign for al of this is his and we are nothing. GOD BLESS MYU FAMILY AND AMERICA AND ENGLAND EVERY ONE FORGOD IS A MRCIFUL GOD THE COVENANT OF OUR PEOPLE SHALL ARISE AND STAKE CLAIM FOR THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO BE PREPARED FOR THE MAKER OF OUR KINGDOM FOR HE WILL RULE AND NO ONE IN THIS WORLD WILL RULE WE ARE UNDER HIM AND HIS AUTHORTY AND NO IDOLS I SAY NO IDOLS AUNTY AND EVERY ONE THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD IS GREAT FOR HE WILL BE OUR GUIDE AND LEADER TO THE PROMISED LAND READ JOHN 3;16 and he loved us for we will not perish as long as we beleive in him and eachother for the greater love that is of him is the perfect love within my savior jesuschrist who i will die for and the people of my family. CHRISTis RISEN HE IS ALIVE AND NOT DEAD , SO WE ARE THE SAME HAWAII RoyAL FAMILIES EXIST DAVID KING KALAUKAUA AND THE COVENANT AND PSALMS AND MOSES THE TEMPLATES AND NOAH AND THE ARK.. read rev 12

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Comment by Kaohi on August 26, 2009 at 10:51pm

Makahiki is right around the corner take care yourself. Kaohi
Comment by Tina matildo botelho on August 26, 2009 at 9:39pm

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