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  • Aloha kaua Melvin,
    Pehea la ma Kona? We continue movement, engagement and maka'ala. Ku'e!
  • I agree- hoʻailona seems to come to us especially in our dreams and in nature. I had one today that maybe Iʻll share with you one day. I too, think its time for all of us Kanaka to move forward as one peaceful body. Our good Lord, God has wonderful things in store for us if we can all unite and move together as ONE. Onipaʻa Kākou!!!

    Also, just wanted to add: sorry about your father.
  • Pay attentions to the Ho'ailona (signs). It is every where and in everything. Pay closer attention to your dreams, songs, oli (chants), hula, kahea (calling). Picture was taken after my Brother Kealoha Pono and his wahine chanted to kahea our Father who has passed, His Iwi'aina Laid on our Pu'u at the Ahu. It is time for all kanaka maoli rise to what has been given to us by Ke'akua. It is a new awakening in this new paradigm. Spread the Aloha to all of our Honua and Beyond. E ku'maumau.
  • Mauna Kea is so special... Reynolds has told me that he is going to take me there for ceremony. I am looking forward to that. To me, ceremony is everything... I see the mountain everyday and have seen the angels. I know they are watching over this island and it's people. To the children of Mu, aloha nui loa
  • Wow, I see a face in this picture!!

    Yeah, and it IS beautiful...
  • Beautiful picture wish I was there!
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