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Aloha e Kakou, 


Wai`anae's famers need you. Please attend the City Council's hearing on the Wai`anae Sustainable Community Plan.

Kapolei Hale
Nov. 2nd at 1:00 pm

Show Up to Stop the Purple Spot

Farming is Wai`anae's heritage. Since forever, this land has fed our people, engaged our youth, and sustained a strong community.

Yet, developers are still trying to force their industrial park on this land through the community planning process at the City level.  

If they get this farm designated with a purple spot on Wai`anae's community planning map, then they will be one step closer to re-zoning this farm for urban use and pocketing millions on this 200-acre land-flip. 

We know that urban sprawl like this industrial park is the death knell for farming communities. If ever there was a time Wai`anae farmers needed your kokua to defend their farming traditions, this is it. 

Each City Council member needs to hear from *their* constituents that we support keeping Wai`anae country. So show up!

City Council Hearing
Kapolei Hale
1000 `Ulu`ohia Street
Nov. 2, 1:00 - 5:00 (-ish) pm

This is the crucial vote in the decision whether to allow the ill-advised purple-colored industrial spot in the middle of the Lualualei agricultural district. Please show up to demonstrate your support for local farmers. 

Sign up to testify, click here.  The Council enforces a 3-minute limit on testimony.  This means we need lots of people to patch together a coherent message about why Wai`anae's agricultural heritage must be protected.  And your presence in the audience is as valuable as your speech. Please show up, if can: wear green and bring a sign. 

Email the City Council

The Wai`anae Sustainable Community Plan is before the City Council for second reading.  It currently includes a 200-acre purple spot on the land that once supported the productive `Ainalani Farm in Lualualei and that the community has designated for farming, not development.  

If you love food, think it is important to protect our food security, and want to support Hawai`i's local farmers, then tell it to the City Council! Send each Council member a note, explaining why you stand with Wai`anae's farmers in defense of their agricultural district: Click here to send a personalized email directly to City Council members right now.

To learn more, visit www.kahea.org.

Aloha Aina,

P.S. If you didn't get your jones for costuming out this Halloween, then you could do it at this hearing ; D. The options seem joyfully endless: the Zombie Zone that would not die, the Grim Reaper of Poor Planning, the purple blob, my fav: Lady Macbeth!, Mr. Clean, Flipper... 


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