Revealed: Ancient Burial Bisected by Heavy Equipment at Kula Ridge Mauka Project Was Preventable!


The Attached Letter (written by Dana Naone Hall) clearly exposes Who is Responsible for the Kula Ridge Mauka fiasco and How it (circumventing of mandates) was inherently allowed.

Is this what DLNR/SHPD has been allowing throughout the Hawaiian Islands?

Count the amount of incidents in recent years on all islands and you get your answer with an exclamation point!

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Comment by Kaohi on September 23, 2009 at 10:43pm
Yes, and Laura Thielan is a new kid on the block but far more vicious than her mom. Emory is the actual culprit in how this came to be. He was later followed by Tom Dye and so on. Nagpra landed a soccer punch when Public Law 341 came into play. The struggle is beyond ones comprehension. Dana Hall is an reputable person , I've always trust her work and intergrity. This is a over hundred year old problem of power and control and a bit evil too.

Long shot, the described mounds sounds like Maui temple that are similar to other temples in the pacific. Do you have a scholar Tongan in your midst? It's worth a try. Kaohi
Comment by Tina matildo botelho on September 23, 2009 at 5:41pm
good i concern about the tunnels and the rock slidings that people live near by and the community how when i look or hnk about something and it happens i am afraid of my self when the things i think well for nowi pray all is well in this island andi respect every one on the islnd and there cultures and there ways god bless you all that no one will be hurt plead the blood on all and pray all will report like this all the timeto help one another out instead of us arguing.

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