Request for moʻo stories - personal and second-hand accounts

Any one got some they'd like to share? I am collecting oral accounts of moʻo, first hand or second hand for my thesis. We can talk about the details if you are interested. Some friends have already told me some stories, but I can use more for the closing section of my thesis where I talk about what people today are saying about moʻo, whether it is about how you have an ʻaumakua moʻo or seen, or hear stories about them being seen. Currently looking for a small grant to visit other islands to collect oral histories. Any help would be appreciated. In return I can give you a copy of my thesis where many not-well-known stories and facts concerning moʻo are gathered together, including a table of moʻo on various islands and in what accounts they appear. Not much I know, but for those of you who have an interest in such things, it might be fun to have.

The reason why I think this is important is to highlight the importance of ʻaumākua for today's Hawaiians. Many of us can honor our ʻaumakua in various ways. This is yet another indication that the ways of old continue to be important in these modern times. It is a way to raise awareness. Mahalo!

I will be posting sections of my thesis as they are edited. I did my research to raise awareness and bring to the attention of the general public the more obscure ʻike about moʻo. I hope you enjoy the stories as well.

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Comment by Kamalei on February 8, 2011 at 8:01pm
Aloha, I was told that our family ʻaumakua is the moʻo and that a kupuna of ours could take the form of moʻo. I donʻt know anything more specific than that. I was wondering if you could direct me to any books or other sources that you used in your thesis? Iʻm writing a paper on moʻo too, especially moʻo wahine, and moʻo who are related to aliʻi. Mahalo!
Comment by Lanakila on April 19, 2010 at 7:47pm
I saw my mo'o in Aotearoa, it was a foot long and had black diamond down its back, the next day something terrible happened that turned my life upside down and although idid not know it i was already warned by this mo'o a kind which i have never seen on my tupuna lands, so i went online to look for the species it was and could not find anything resembling it anywhere... there is more to the story so if it sounds like something you could use, drop me a line :)

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