Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I will be starting a REAL Time Kapa Course.  Some quick details

-Year long course beginning February 14, 2015

-Classes will meet once a month for a year.  This is how long it will take for your tree to grow, which you will plant in the first class and which you will pound when it has grown.

-Fees are $100 per student per monthly course

-Modules will include, Wauke cultivation, Museum visits, Tool making including kapa beaters and kua, knife, ohe kapala, lauhala cover for beaters, stone mortar and pestle, gourd huewai, more.

-Dye gathering, processing and printing

-Kapa Making

-Most classes will be held in Makaha with some classes site related to the days activity, ie Bishop Museum

-Classes will cap at 20 students.  If there is very great interest, I may make a second class.

-If you are interested in getting  more information and a registration form, please send your email to






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