PAYING RESPECTS TO AUNTY and the silva family and rodrigues family too

REmember people and our family i thought in the old days this was all we done is rememberin people an loving people and forgiveness, inmy pictures in maioli world shares the peple who is here andthe people who i cherish that has gone has all of us lt that family reunion andlove for oneanother no, i do respect my elders who has passed on and they did alot for the hawaiians today , yes issues arises in every day life i to rspect the people and the nature around it when wecare for eachother and love it conquers all so good by o my aunty Terry ttugmanfrom newzealand i have no wayoget there this sun and also to my other family before this dias family tilton faily bless you all and also theola silva of waianae tonight at sacred hearts chrch god bless your family too and aunty and uncle rodrigues from kalihi t their faily the girl who passed on thats no n good god bless all of them. tugman was my some what olympics person when i was in nanikapono elem in nanakuli i was there before and i seen her come down she was also my moms family we use to go to the funerals and we use to see her all the time when had funeral or some kind of stuffs was going owas young she was a campbell her momis caroll campbel that is my family and clara campbell , her grandchildrens are casey wilson and this is the family i remember she only comes down here to oahu when she needs too i remember her she knew my mom. if i not mistaken my aunty mary hanakahi family silva just passed on theolagean kanoelani aiwohi silva the miles family this is my family too god blessthem too i use to go to funerals there atsacred dheart when my other family ps on when i was young at sacred hearts church, and i am remmembering uncle rodrigues and his daughter god bless them tonight and all the family i leave yu to god amen. i sen one of the rodrigues family at one church dowentown god bless you ll ord of life and new hope comming back double and power to god.

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Comment by Tina matildo botelho on August 28, 2009 at 8:59pm
bless all my family i never forgotton you and friends tis is my moms pele she know them more than i do and rfdrigues renmember me when i was young god blees them i will miss you all love you an aloha tina

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