Our ohana's Palolo Valley homestead is one of a handful of 999-year homestead leases presently existing in Hawaii. Since the passing of our father, Irwin Keliipuleole, his widow with the help of DLNR and the District Court, evicted bloodline ohana from our homestead. This homestead is believed to have been in our ohana since the mid to late 1800's, yet offically documented and palapala issued in 1917 by the Territory of Hawaii.We continue to fight for our right, our legacy, our home...."PALOLO"With the help of Lynette Cruz & James Nakapaahu, our struggle has been documented in a series of video. Our hope is only to return home...to return to our birthstone, our life, and our leaping place for our last day...If you're interested in viewing these series...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7cG_WuJ_Yo
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  • Aloha e Ululani...it certainly seems that way... if all is as she says, there would be no reason to reply to my blog. I detect fear ... fear that the darkeness will soon be exposed for all to see ... even those very close to her will soon understand.
  • Behind you guys all the way cousin...in due season I believe everything crooked will be made straight. Palolo belongs to those that love it, not those who are consumed with selfish greed (current self-serving occupants). Stay strong and keep fighting for what is right!
  • Aloha kaua.

    It looks like she followed you to Maoliworld. Her words, "Palolo, my home!" I think it epitomizes her thought process. Instead of saying OUR home... she used "MY" home.

    Very troubling, selfish mind set.

    I wasn't raised that way. In fact my mom raised us saying, "Share or else you get nothing" so I grew up sharing. I did not have that sense of selfishness and can sense selfish people.

    It's too bad too because it is your father's wife now widow.. someone he obviously loves doing this kine stuff to you. IMHO that is one of the worst kind of pain anyone can inflict on another human being especially on a CHILD... of a man she seems to love.

    Very sad.

    But I hope you continue to onipa'a and stand your ground. You are someone's child so I hope you continue to onipa'a. Unfortunately there are some people who do this to others yet think that they are not inflicting pain and act as though they are innocent when they are far from it.

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power."

    -- Abraham Lincoln

    Your father's widow seems selfish and cruel. I know some Keli'ipuleole too and they are HONORABLE people. What she is doing to you is not honorable and brings shame to the Keli'ipuleole name.

    E malama pono.
  • To all my Maoli Ohana... May Akua shower you in the year 2010 with peace, prosperity, and heightened motivation to perform your callings. E malama pono!
  • May akua be with you all, as we stand on our ancestral kuleana as rightful heirs.

  • even a friend of mines was not enough time to get a homestead land i know her daughter can and yu know what i filled in for palolo too live there and it is under the states juridiction right now they were suppose to return everything back to us, still yet i am still waiting until the right time i will do my genneologies and claim for now i am just having happy new year for you have ahappy new year tina
  • hey girl aki do not worry i hear you this week so i am keeping namesin tabs and you will get yur palolo back ok girl keep homestead because my grandma had a homestead there too i heard she sold it t se one or some one wcare taker for it i never had a chace t keepup with her stuffs, because ncle had control after she passed, for you god bless you fo stepping up in dlnr, even i not much abthat i heard about the fishing areas were they keep people of from fishing i guess thats alot for them to handle right now because all ahwaiian lands is hawaiian lands and it is ours and our promised land so keep heads up girl gosd is with you all the way and god bless you and the family.
  • Hina is a very good supporter in the back ground of you.
  • Aloha Raene,

    I believe it is most important to not only document the injuries but to make formal complaints[to the Pacific Command etc]. The Americans claim they have heard of no problems in the Hawaiian community in their colony. You have injury that stir the souls of our Nation and needs to walaau. Any kokua I can offer is yours one and we have come together as one to return the Lahui home.

    Kai Landow
  • So sorry to hear your story of injustice. Wonderful that Lynette and others are assisting you in your fight. Maika'i!
    Please to keep us updated on your fight.
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