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How to Choose a Home Tutor in India

Home Tutor in Prayagraj is a very famous idea of selecting an expert tutor to be able to attend to the child and help him with his academic needs. Parents are worried about the suitability and qualification of these tutors that they leave their kids alone with them. It is the job of the parents to pick the most suitable one who can help their children with their homework successfully and can be a good example for the child to follow.


For selecting a tutor in India, parents need to do some research to find the most suitable one who can really help the child to succeed in studies. The first step is to browse through the list of tutors in India available online. There are certain tips that parents can take in consideration while looking for tutors online. They are, first of all, searching for an experienced tutor in India. A person who has been doing this field for a long time is better since the chances of getting a recommendation from other parents are more.

Another point that parents should keep in mind is the qualification of the tutors. There are certain websites that list the qualification of the tutors along with their experience. This will be a big help for parents to select a tutor in India who can really understand their child's needs and wants. The next step is to check the ratings and reviews of different tutors.

Parents can check the ratings and reviews of the tutors through the websites. This will be a good way to know about the experience of the tutor in his field. It will also help them to decide which tutor in India is better for their child. In India there are many institutions and centres where parents can look for home tutors.

If parents have made up their mind, they can contact the tutors and arrange an interview. If the tutor is good, he will accept your invitation to come for a tutoring session. If the tutor is not good, you should avoid him. You should clarify this point with the tutor. Once you are clear about your expectations from the tutor, the rest of the procedure will be simple.

For selecting the best tutors in India, parents should take care that the experience of the tutors matters a lot. If the experience of the tutor is less than good, the child may feel insecure in his new environment. The child will feel uncomfortable in the new home and will not enjoy learning. Therefore parents should take the time to know the experience of the tutor before enrolling him for home tuition in India. This will avoid the risk of your child learning bad English language or habits.

There are many private tutors in India who offer their services to students looking for a home tutor in India. Parents can advertise their advertisements through local newspapers, social websites and magazines and inform the potential tutor about the list of requirements. Private tutors may also accept fixed fee for teaching sessions.


Parents can also check the experience of the home tutor on online sites. There are many feedbacks available on these sites which you can read and analyze to find the best in India. Tutors will always be more candid about their experience and qualifications on such sites. This will help parents to choose the best in class. Thus we can say that parents need to take care of most important aspects before selecting a home tutor in India.

Once you shortlist few tutors, you should visit their classrooms to see their teaching style and experience. Tutors in India have teaching experience from a few years but their experience does not represent the quality of experience we get from tutors outside India. A home tutor in India is selected based on their teaching experiences. This gives us an idea of their teaching style and whether they will be able to impart good English language education to our child.

Parents also need to make sure that the tutor they select has a teaching qualification from any reputed institution and pass the board exam easily. Experience of the tutor is very important as it means how long he has been in this profession. Tutors with good experience teach new students every year. Thus, parents should check the experience of the tutor before enrolling him for home tuition in India.

Last but not the least, you should also make sure that you home tutor in India is offering a home stay program. This will save your time and money as the teacher would guide you every step of the way and help you whenever you need him. Home tuition in India is an easy and fun way to connect with your children.

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On Kamehameha Schools

Aloha,Recently while at lunch with 'ohana we were discussing our great grand aunty, Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop and got to talk about the school waiving the tuition fees. I said to my cousins, they shouldn't stop there, they should waive the testing as well, to give our Hawaiian children a chance to attend Kamehameha schools. So they asked me to write an article in the Starbulletin which I did and it was posted in yesterday's editorial (March 8, 2010). Check it out.Bernice's mother Laura Konia, has at least three half brothers of which the eldest was Kaholi, who is my father's great grand father. Everyone present with exception of a few who didn't attend the luncheon represented one of the 14 brother and sisters in my father's generation. It was a wonderful gathering filled with chants, stories and talk of a family reunion. We had a great time, the food was great and a few of my cousins got themselves blasted drinking their favorites. Myself and a few other cousins did not drink alcohol but we had a great time catching up on family and what we are doing in our lives.Kupuna Pomai Kinney saw it in my e-mail as he wrote to me to go to Maoli world. I did, then I called him back and told him how this article came about...actually, I was surprised that it even got printed. One thing led to another and a response came in from Kaohi who responded by saying to be, "cautious" about pushing it too far. Well, that's my middle name, "push the envelope as far as possible" and see what happens. I wrote back to Kaohi's second responses but don't know if she got it, because when I pushed the "Send Comment" button, nothing happened and that box stayed grey. So frustrating sometimes.My cousins also saw it and they called to talk story again. We are now planning a family reunion. So all you folks related to: I, Moana, Keawe and Liloa please take notice and involve yourself so we can build a case for Kamehameha schools to also take notice of what our people are going to be saying and proposing from Kamehameha schools when it comes to the education of all of our Hawaiian chldren, don't matter if they are homeless or have a home, Pauahi meant for ALL the Hawaiian children to attend that school. That's how we feel.Got written feed back from Kaohi about the article and it is posted in the independence alliance page in this venue. I responded but don't think it went through so I'm going to sum-up what I wrote there in response to Kaohi.Kaohi is worried that Kamehameha schools would bring back the "lottery" system...I don't see any basis for that and wrote back to her that as long as we continue to share information and educate our family in the inner circle and work our way outwards into the community and the world, such as in these types of venues, eventually our people will catch on and do what needs to be done to secure their education, get a good job, give back to their community, build a house and educate themselves on Hawaiian Kingdom law, they will have more than what we had while growing up in this crooked system called the Fakestatehood.I proceeded by telling her that as na kupuna our kuleana should be to promote that ALL the Hawaiian children go to Kamehameha IF THEY SO CHOOSE...but that they shouldn't be kept out because they cannot pay or not pass the test...infact, if they fail at these two is because of this hurddle that they should be admitted because they HAVE A NEED. I hope I was clear. Then she mentioned Ku Kahakalau and her husband with their children living in Waipio, that that is what our children need to learn and I agree, but not everyone can go to Waipio.I also shared that Ku Kahakalau and her husband Nalei are old friends way back in the Kaho'olawe 'ohana days and that I really aloha them for how and what they are teaching their chldren and living their lives the way our ancestors lived; growing taro, catching fish and talking Hawaiian, involved in Charter Schools, living in Waipio valley and enjoying their lives living off of those lands. What a way to live.I also shared that there is a need to allow all the groups pushing for independence to do their spiritual work and when they are ready, to come together when we can put all the puzzles together and work as one when the plan is clear..that one problem in this movement we have to all overcome is not to let prejudism and racism get in the way to blind us and block those non-Hawaiians who support what we are doing and where we are headed as a country...especially, it is only a handful of Hawaiians who holds animosity towards non-Hawaiians such as the Japanese, Haoles, Chines, Negros, Portugese, etc. that keeps the advanced forces from entering our struggle. That we hae to be open minded and always educate as many possible on many different front and to write in venues such as the editorial and in this venue as well.Kamehameha schools cannot say they don't have money. We know they have at least almost 10 billion dollars in their account. That should eliminate the tuition fees, but the testing has to also go or face more suits from non-Hawaiians who want to break that school down and make it a public school. (mark my words, with the state in dire straights you can bet that they have approached Kamehameha schools to PAY for their DOE system.) We cannot allow them to dip into our bank accounts...they will have create their own bank accounts or become Hawaiian nationals.In closing I want to apologize to all those that used to write to my page. For some reason I am "not ALLOWED" to write there anymore and don't know how long this site will last. Just know that I had nothing to do with what happened to my sites: The Whole Bag of Poi, Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop, Kauhale O Waimanalo (which we ended)and all the other sites I joined as well. I apologize for the break in those communications and letting you all know that the problem does lie with the moderator to whom I complained and still the problem is no fixed. Smells like a political move against the progressive forces in the independence movement, time will tell.Again, thank you to Poma, Kaohi and my 'ohana for their responses. Let us continue to build our ties for the sake of the next generations.Take care and God Bless,Kawehi Kanui
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