things that make you go hmm wow whata concept i thought gilman is greene family kepano is married to a kapeka how can they be a greene family too you can only be one like kepano is kepano family and greene is greene family who isour family miller family and campbells family , al you folks the truth is here a gilman kinsman is the real greene family.

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Comment by Tina matildo botelho on August 1, 2009 at 1:57pm
kepano is kahana family like parker ranch is all hanakahi family and gilman is all greenes and campbell estates so the real kapeka is victoria my moms comfirmaton name and kapeka is the daugher to kapeka and kapeka is to emma smith an emma smith is to jean sinclaire and sinclire and conier is to queen emma and emma family was hidden and here is a hidden geneology and there isa hidden princess of the campbell estates and the kapeka line of queen emma and the hidden princess is her real comfirmation line leads back and back to the real smith sinclaire andjean conier and people of university which robert langdon was the professor to keys and maps and to genelogical matchingsof the reaql holygrail which come fromgardner and which is of the lineoills williams wallace, kuhio kalanaianaole chant 1974 is of kane land lono and ku and keawe and you have to be related to this geneology and to queen emma andgilaman and campbell kinsman family not al he way through blood the real rose line is a real fact to akaka because he is holding a deep treasure that belongs to this person aND HE AMILY THAt proceeds the true testimony of god and for greene they are indian just like john anthony chu chu needles gilman stop the akaka bill and give back the real person of the real geneology back to what belngs to her and her real family gilman.

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