Here's What The History Books Won't Tell You -

Western diseases, to which Hawaiians had no immunity, decimated their numbers. At the time of western contact, some 800,000 people inhabited the Hawaiian Islands.
By 1805 that number had been halved.

By 1853 there were only 71,000 Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian people in the islands.

Within 100 years of western contact, the Hawaiian population had been reduced by nearly 90 percent.

According to the 2000 census, the numbers of people who claim some native Hawaiian ancestry have increased to over 400,000. But only 239,000 live in Hawai`i and they are the poorest, most locked-up population in the state.

Although they only make up about 20 percent of the state's population, in June 2001 they made up 39 percent of the state's prison population, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

Sadly, they make up 37 percent of the state's homeless population.

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Comment by Roberta Jewel Kauinohea Ford on May 31, 2009 at 10:43pm
I am of Hawaiian ancestry. My Kupunawahine her ancestry Hawaiian / Portugese/Irish/English. My Kupunawahines Mama Hawaiian /Irish /English. Her Mother Hawaiian Her mother before her Hawaiian etc: Now how does a Hawaiian like me go home ? O'ahu is always in my heart and soul. My mama ,father, grt aunties grt grt aunties ETC: gone no more grt grt uncles grt grt grt etc : gone .. cousins spread out all over most of them back home on O'ahu , Kona , Hilo, Etc: But for me I was nine when my mother and grandmother moved to San Francisco and I was taught Speak English so right there my Heritage went down the tubes.. Most of us don't even talk to each other or forgive each other for our mistakes so where is the ALOHA for the. O'hana .Mama never move back home when we should have never left.. It tore this little girls heart out . Leaving my home my land my O'hana and separted us for many years. The rents the food the cost of living is totally out of my reach I worked up her in America to secure my self with capeability to retire when i got to the ripe age of 72 . Well i retired at 62 and can i Go home and live alone and support my self ?? No way most of my O'hana have never left for years like me . I can not see a way for me to survive their in My Aina where my Heart is . But I have my memories and childhood to remember and they were the best of my life.. I was 9 when i left home and i am 68 next month . And there is no way this Hawaiian in Blood soul and Heart is able to go home again alive that is ... My spirit and Aloha is there and always will be . But there are times i feel like an outcast hapahole/ Barak Obama is more excepted there than some of us Hawaiians and not only by the grt Usa...... I am totally against America for their piracy theifs crimanals in stealing Our Aina . I Too have denounced my so called American citizenship in 1993 or so . I have never thought of my self or Blood being American . I am for Heritage . I am very sorry i do not speak my natural Language or dance the hula or sing our Beautiful songs of our ancestors . But as a child u don't usually make the choices in your life for a great part of it your parents do that and they are human and make mistakes . I blame no one other than America for stealing our lands and taking so much away from our children of Hawaiian nationality and they America continue to Rape us so much talk talk about what us not getting our land back . Maybe they figure they keep us busy talking and quoting leagal terms and what ever to distrack and turn us away from the reality of what is really happing before we no it . The Tidal wave come and wipe the Islands out and it is no more . what is there to talk about what legal terms everyone knows America IS Ilegally occupying our Aina . But how do u think all the bombs and military stuff can get out they not going to go away the Tidal wave came already ... Some one show me how all is going to be okay !!! Mahalo for the ear . From one aggitated Hawaiian and I can not see the light at the end wilson tunnel can u???? ALOHA Kauinohea
Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on May 30, 2009 at 10:39am
ALOHA Kakou, e FREE HAWAII, By the end of this century there will be no Pure Blooded Hawaiian left thru out the world. If ever there was a time for the Kanaka Maoli Hawaii to go home to their homeland the time is now. Go home to the Hawaiian Kingdom nation and give her the Life that she needs to take her place as an Independent Nation of the FREE WORLD. He Hawaii Au, He Hawaii Makou, o Pomai

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