What was it about this poem that made me utter the words - This is unbelievable! I discovered many similarities and frightened me to think that this crap is still going on today!

Spread the word of your religions - You came to Hawaii and what did you do, you preached about the Bible,
Convert the whole world if you can - You forced down what you could and demanded that we listen,
Kill and slaughter those who oppose you- You poisoned our people and killed my ancestors with your disease,
It's worth it if you save on man - You saved the ones you liked and favored a position in the government,
Take the land to build your churches - You stole our lands and expected to take more, leave us landless,
A sin to tax the house of God - You taxed the poor and avoided taxes yourselves,
Take the child while he is supple - You take our children and shove your words of doom,
Spoil the mind and spare the rod - You do no good for others and spare no savage beast,
Go and tell the savage nation - You as a settler want to own lands in Hawaii, nonetheless u want even more,
That he must be Christianized - You make us be like you and impose us with your work,
Tell him, and his heathen worship - You must worship every word I preach or else feel the wrath,
And you will make him civilized - You expect us to carry forth and do your work,
Shove your gospel, force your values - You took my language and divided my people,
Down its throat until it's raw - You shoved so deep while you warped our minds with your values
And after he is crippled - You cut us down to skin and bone,
Turn your back and lock the door - You left us landless and cared no less

Missionaries, Missionaries go and leave us alone - The pages are turning expect no gratitude
Take your white God to your white man - We have our own nation and fret no more
We've a God of our own - We are the descendants of Papa and Wakea

Words of Wisdom - Take a look around us and how settlers have treated Kanaka Maoli. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the "web of deceit." This is a reminder that what happened since the arrival of Capt. Cook has only encouraged settlers to take all that they can.

Educate yourself of our true history! Be akamai and take care of your kuleana! We are being blinded sided no matter which way we turn. When is it the best time to use the blinds to obtain full independence from U.S.

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Comment by Kaohi on May 30, 2009 at 9:14am
Utterences so what? similarities and then what? Why so much time on stuff, is this against the Pacific Mormons, or Protestants? Why the long winding wind, maybe the 'web of deceit' is a comfort zone for some people, or a moment to pray, a sacredness of place. Two hills look the same, have the same compositions and intent. Why? Kaohi
Comment by J. D'Alba on May 30, 2009 at 8:04am
First, came the churches
Then came the schools
Then came the lawyers
Then came the rules.
-Dire Straits

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