The Answer?Because written sneakily INTO the Akaka Bill is a final attempt to OVERTHROW the Kingdom of Hawaii. Haven't you wondered WHY they are pushing so hard? If you think that OHA is a Hawaiian organization...think again. It is made to LOOK LIKE it is, but ever since the Rice vs. Cayetano case, OHA has represented ALL hawaii's residents...not just hawaiians. OHA is a State Agency, so why wouldn't they push the State's agenda? Which is really the Federal agenda of the US.Be concerned. Be very concerned. The Akaka Bill will DO exactly the opposite of what it's purpose is. It will NOT preserve Hawaiian Rights, but rather extinguish them under the Dept. of Interior. It will NOTpreserve land for Hawaiians, but will do the exact opposite...all lands will be lost. It will NOT preseve our culture, bring us revenues, help the future of our keiki.IT WILL DO NONE OF THAT...Wake up...and say NO TO THE AKAKA BILL. It is YOUR children's future they are selling down the river so that a few sell outs can pad their pockets...Watch this that it is true.
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  • I tell you they know our family is full of wealth and they promised to return everything back from the 1974 chant of kalanianaole, genneology and the truth is at the end they have our covennant so remmeberhe quote of queen lilioukalani because it is going to happen read revelatons chapter 17 vs17in the bible this si the true testominy. e patient for the time is going t come another thing is akaka is a part of my roseline so any one who will go into the diamond in the ruff cant go into any covenant accep the one who was chosen and it is the genneology nd the secret of the real holy grail that is still living today.
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