"Like a child in mother's arms we believed in you.You came in big ships with guns. You gave us gifts of metal and accepted our aloha.You said our religion was wrong.We shared aloha, our wahine, too.We look around now and see our people landless, homeless, struggling to give aloha.You sell the land you stole.What have you done to our people's soul?Our children have grown.We see that you have greed for more than you need.We pray to Akua for justice for what you have done to our mother, these islands, her arms in the sea.America, set us free.Like a child in mother's arms we believed in you."Riki Torres-PestanaPaia, Hawai`i
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  • Aloha Riki,

    We are a friendly nation and open to all nation's and their people. Mahalo for the postings Kaohi
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