Hereʻs a fast and very easy way to register your opposition to the Hawai`i fake state Akaka bills –

Go to capitol.hawaii.gov/emailtestimony and complete the online form and click OPPOSE.

After you click OPPOSE, cut and past the following comments in the "additional comments" box -

  • Statewide community hearing have not occurred in Hawaiian communities on this issue in over a decade. Community hearings must be conducted first, prior to the passage of any legislative act, pertaining to Federal Recognition for Hawaiians.
  • If this measure is passed, the State Legislature has circumvented the people of Hawaii and their right to a democratic process by not allowing them an opportunity to participate in the dialogue through community hearings. More importantly, their right to vote on recognition has been circumvented.
  • The State of Hawaii is in one of the worst financial crisis and the thought of diverting our tax dollars to support this legislation's implementation is unthinkable when the people of Hawaii (particularly Hawaiians) were not included in a community based dialogue.
  • Help the people of Hawaii by first funding education and programs that address homelessness and hunger with our tax dollars.
Please do this for both SB.1 and SB.1520.

Please take a moment and do this now, then forward this to every one you know.

Mahalo for your support to defeat these dangerous bills.
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