The historic Waiahole Poi Factory has produced some of the best poi on Oahu for many years. Also serving Hawaiian plate lunches on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am-2pm.
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  • Aloha no e Hawaii au,

    This morning April 30 edition of the "Star-Aggravator" continues its
    "in-direct" assault on Hawaiian Nationals just as Lorrin Thurston did
    in the late 1800's. This time they validate their obsession with
    Legislators of none other than Hawaiian blood. Since January 19th, I
    have sat and testified in Legislative Hearing concerning the "welfare"
    of Hawaiians. No truer word, welfare, describes this ordeal that goes
    back to the year 2000 when U. S. Congress came to Honolulu Hawaii. On
    page A-6, B. J. Reyes reports on the current 2011 actions of the
    Legislature. Specifically, Senate Bill 1520 that would have the Office
    of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) fund and administer the program  and work
    toward the continuing development of a native Hawaiian governing
    entity with a five-member commission and a "registered roll of
    Qualified Hawaiians". I use the term "in-direct" because it is
    designed so that you do not realize you are the target. In some
    campaigns it is also labeled a "victim of friendly fire".

    "This gives the native Hawaiian people the standing---in terms of
    recognition---by the state of Hawaii", said Sen. Malama Solomon (D.
    Hilo-Honokaa), one of the key backers of the legislation. "It mandates
    a roll call so that the native Hawaiian nation is actually

    This no different than the old adage of what came first, "the 'Chicken
    or the Egg"? Well, no legislations of the The Fake State of Hawaii had
    anything to do in creating then and now  the Hawaiian Nation. Nor did
    its parents, the Territory of Hawaii, or its grandparents the Republic
    of Hawaii. Certainly, is there anyone who believes the Hawaiian Nation
    was created by the manifest destiny of the Committee of Safety? The
    Hawaiian Nation of civilization and culture is at least 1000 recorded
    years before all of these "claim-jumpers" came ashore to these
    Islands. In fact, there are Hawaiian records that date a Hawaiians
    existed an additional 1,000 before those "claim-jumpers" could speak
    and communicate.
    Hawaiian Nationals have never left the Hawaiian Nation. There are
    Hawaiians who like all docile natives have traded their Nationality
    for thirty pieces of silver to become anything but a Hawaiian
    National, just as those who have traded their Hawaiian Archipelago Ko
    Hawaii Pae Aina for a homestead. Recognition is bilateral. It is not a
    "their-way" street.

    Hawaiian Nationals do not need legislation or resolution to be
    recognition, for we have never left or traded our makana of
    Nationalism. Only "Legislative Hawaiians" have terminated. Take a
    close look at the 1900 Organic of Hawaii Section 4, and the 1959
    Admissions Act of Hawaii, Section 19. You are not Hawaiian Nationals
    because you have assented or acquiesced to their unilateral
    legislations. A'ole, before you think these sections were included to
    protect you as a Hawaiian National, you are in a dilemma. It was
    included up front to protect the 'Invader" of fraud and confuse you,
    just as Senate Bill 1520 and the Akaka Pill is designed to do.

    Hawaiian Nationals know "what they are". Who you are has nothing to do
    with your Nationality. By the makana of King Kamehameha III,
    Kaui'keaouli  and the Grace of God Almighty, we have our identity,
  • Aloha! uh you gyz sell poi by da case? we looking around for my sisters grad party! can let me know by july 10th! is dea a number for the factory?
  • What goes on at the Waiahole Poi factory these days? As a child we used to go there to buy fresh poi and taro. We would talk the taro home and my grandmother would fry it in butter, not margarine, butter. Wow that was incredinble. So these days, I boil my own taro, fry it and my kids would grind. There are a lot of fond memories at Waiahole since I live at Waiahole Valley most of my childhood life. E komo mai. E kuka kuka ia 'oe. Aloha Keola
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