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Comment by Mahealani Uchiyama on May 12, 2009 at 2:33pm
Aloha Kakou,

I have recently had a number of students ask me about the work of Dr. Ihalakala Hew Lin, Morrnah Simeona, and something called "Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono". I have not heard about this form of ho'oponopono and was wondering if anyone on the list has any knowledge of or an opinion about what is going on here?
Comment by Tamaainareo on May 12, 2009 at 12:32pm
Aloha Hokulani Kina'u/, and mahalo for a most informative survey presented. Much of what you have stated, I had believed, but had nothing to prove those feelings. For instances, it always bothered me, that Kanaloa was placed in the positon of the devil,or called the lord of the underworld, when I was taught he was co-equal with Kane, and that many prayers had Kane and Kanaloa paired. You have also confirmed things, that I had written in past replies. I could go on , and on.
again mahalo, for such a great article Hokulani Kina'u.
Comment by Tamaainareo on May 12, 2009 at 9:40am
It is indeed sad, that not only our country, but our belief system has been usurped by outsiders. We need to take a stand to protect our ancestors' nohona kahiko. It is the basis of our heritage. Are we to allow others, who have only the most rudimentary understanding of our culture dictate to us our ancient religion ?

I have seen the Huna websites, and can only shake my head. Again I have to ask, who are these kahuna, who feel that they had to reach out to outsiders, rather than to other Maoli Hawai'i ? Are these so called kahuna so ashamed of their people, that they are/were willing to sell our and our ancestors very souls ?
I would call those people traitors. to their people and heritage.

Of course, there is the other side of this, the information that these so called kahuna is so flawed, maybe it is a good thing that they aren't passing it along to our people. We have enough misconceptions of our own to clear up.
Comment by lanilindsey on May 11, 2009 at 12:32pm
All to all,

I am the daughter of a Lindsey girl from the Big Island. This board is so wonderful... it is hard to find correct and accurate sources of knowledge on the Mainland - here in Los Angeles. I have been interested in Huna since my mother passed away in 2003, but many of the sites I find on the net either seem commercial or very haole... one day when I have some time, I will relate what I felt were visitations from my mother after her passing... I was so moved and bewildered by them that I purchased a book written by a Kahuna (it is at home... I will get my source) and strangely at the end of the book she had published her phone number. I called her and asked her what she thought of my visitations, and instead of comfort - she was almost angry with me. In retrospect, it was such a Hawaiian moment, that I chuckle to myself now when I think of it. Understand that I loved my mom with all of my heart - and gave 6 years of my life to caregive/kokua for her - which for me, was an honor and something I wish I could have continued even today. The visitations were very, very distinct, in a dreamstate that I had never had before. I was (and still do) mourning her terribly as was my father. And her visitations - there is no other word for them - affected me greatly. The Kahuna I spoke with (I am pretty sure she was Kahuna) was angry that I should question my mother coming to me. "We are Hawaiians... it is what we do... of course that was your mother... she wanted you to know that she was doing well and that she still loved you. Our loved ones come to us for about a year or so, and then they do not return again." Was curious what you thought of this... I am not a Christian... was given a chance to accept that religion, but in the end, decided against it because it doesn't describe the world I see around me. The lore and ways my mother taught me and stories of growing up in Waimea, the traditions, the spirits, and the language - are what I see in my world everyday. She spoke kindly to animals, plants, and rocks - as if there was a spirit within each of them. Everyone who came to know here loved her very much. And just the way I mourn her, she mourned her own papa and mama until the day she passed away. Once, when she lay very ill in one of our bedrooms, it was late at night... and I heard Hawaiian chanting coming down the hallway. It had that eerie ancient feel to it and appeared to be coming from her bedroom. At first, I thought it might be my mom chanting... but she had told me about her mother's chanting and how she did not remember the words nor could she do it herself. I guess it was customary to greet visitors by opening the door and chanting to them as their cars came up your driveway... my mom said what the chants were about were usually, "Hello, my good friends! How wonderful to see you. I hope you had a safe and happy trip. Please come in and be welcome and comfortable... etc." and the person or people who were visiting would also chant back their greeting... my mom said it was like nothing else. Anyway... here was chanting coming from mom's room... it was hard to tell if it was a man or woman's voice... but there was no doubt what i was hearing... so I listened for a bit and started down the hallway for her room and as I got closer the chanting stopped. Mind you, this is not on the Big Island, but in Los Angeles... when I got to her, she was fast asleep, so I looked upward and asked, "Grandma? Is that you?" The chanting had felt comforting, as if someone had come in to look on mama (who was in great pain and discomfort) and wanted to soothe her. I am sorry to this day, I disturbed the sound. And I wonder if I was hearing things... but at the end of her life, my mom asked (called out) for her father... it was heartbreaking... Sorry to ramble, but wanted to relate that story... and ask... where can I learn about proper Huna, please? What books are considered non-New Age? I would like to learn more, but don't want to waste my time on junk.

And finally, my mom had wanted me to have a longer Hawaiian name... but in the 50s, "Lani" was all I was given at the time. We talked about it and we decided on Kananileo'okalani... I have sung since I was two and do all kinds of singing... but we weren't sure if that rendition of the name is correct in the Hawaiian language. Also, my mom said, you can't just take up a name, it had to be bestowed upon you by a priest or kahuna. I would love your opinions on this... thank you for all of your much good information. It is so gracious of you to share with all of us. Take care, steph
Comment by keonaona on May 11, 2009 at 10:56am
Aloha Hoku,

Mahalo for sharing. There is so much more to this and thank you for helping to keep "HUNA" in perspective. Even when I once spoke to Uncle George Naope, he said that the "Maxwell guy" was only out to make money and does not get his facts straight. Thats why our people did not want share among the "outsiders" initially and as usual they were correct.
Comment by keonaona on May 11, 2009 at 10:51am
Just a small correction to Kawehi's April announcement re: the La'au Lapaau workshop. It is not the first, there was another one years ago and it was well attended healers from all islands and beyond which was held there in Waimanalo
Comment by Tamaainareo on May 11, 2009 at 6:04am
Mahalo Hokulani Kina'u for your mana'o.
While I'm not from any priestly lineage, I do have a strong respect of our ancestors' ancient religion. For me, this philosophy called Huna is an affront to my ancestors, my people and myself. It purports to be filled with all of the secrets of wealth, happiness etc, when in fact, it only enriches a few, and misleads many. I have said it before, and will repeat it, I regard it as cultural theft and rape.

I get insulted to hear the gods' names used in inappropriate ways,rendered to mere ideas, rather than the personages that they are. I get angry to hear that aumakua are likened to creatures akin to elves, fairies and genies. The Huna concept of mana, is as distant from Hawaiian thought, as Pluto is from the sun.
In my opinion, one reason Huna is popular,is because of its use of "exotic" Hawaiian words. Since , very few people outside of the islands, speak any Hawaiian, except maybe "alaoha" or "lu'au" ( without the okina), those pruveyors of Huna can ascribe any meaning to the concepts that they are pushing.
Any of us that confront these misconceptions, because "We don't understand the hidden higher meanings" of what the kahuna practised. These from people, who asked me to explain what kakou, kaua, makou and maua meant.

I had to laugh, when Hokulani Kina'u meantioned 'ana'ana ritual. I had mentioned that the ancient Hawaiians had a dark side to them, and I was informed by well meaning Huna advoactes that couldn't be, because the kahuna only worked with light, and improvement.
No, Huna does not mention 'aikapu or any kapu at all. Huna is "everything goes. as long as no one gets hurt".There is no mention that Hawaiian society had its restrictions and guidelines. Nor does Huna mention that sacrifices ( not were/are required by the people.That the people, should not be self indulgent, but had to make offerings that required something of themselves.
Comment by annie chang on April 18, 2009 at 11:22pm
Aloha Kawehi, owau inoa annie. mahalo for the announcement, I will check w/ my kumu at the Waikiki Health Ctr, if she is attending. I hope to meet people like myself there who craves more chance to help and heal the people and the land.
Do you know what time the gathering will start?
Mahalo nui!
Comment by Kawehi Kanui on April 16, 2009 at 11:59pm
Aloha Lakou,

Just a note to all of you interested in la'au lapa'au, genealogy and spirituality. There will be a gathering in Waimanalo Aug. 1, 2009, at the Waimanalo Clinic. Keep you calendar clear and make a note to attend...just found this out today.
It's going to be a great gathering of many healers from Hawai'i and the world.
The first one of it's kind. Don't know if there's going to be a fee. You can call the clinic and talk to the executive director for all the details.

Comment by Kawehi Kanui on April 14, 2009 at 11:01pm
A couple months ago I was invited to attend the blessing of a fishpond that was found in Waimanalo. As a community organizer and VP for Kauhale O Waimanalo it was responsibility to represent. I went as the Po'o of the Hewahewanui 'Ohana Councils. The military was there, Mazie Hirono was there and a few community people who included a kahu whose last name is, "Silva" from Oahu who was there to do the pule. When we got there we walked towards the Hawaiians to find out what is going on and introduced ourselves.
This person Silva was an elderly man and seemed very nice. He asked that we form a circle and introduce ourselves and why we were there. Of course I was dressed in my ancestors colors and wore a white kihei tied on the left side and said, "myname is Kawehiokalaninui-I-iamamao Kanu, Po'o for the Hewahewanui 'Ohana Councils (Ali'inui and High Priesthoods) my cousin was there and she wore the kihei and did her introduction...he did introduce himself and afterwards we walked the parameter and blessed the pond. Afterwards
when the formal part was over and we had a change to talk I asked him what was his name and where he was from, he clamped up and refused to tell me anymore. He then told me, let me see your hands. He then said you are doing the work of the people and it's a great burden for you but that you can handle it because he pointed to a line on my hand and said, "your ancestors are leading you and you should continue to do the work..." He then asked me, who is your mentor? I pointed above and told him Aloha Keakua is my boss...'Io is the COO (Chief Operations Officer) over all...he then told me let me see your hands again. Then I said, "I have been having visions..." he said that he could help can see from my hands that what I said was true.

Before the blessing he was purturbed almost fearful when I looked into his eyes and I said to him are you okay? He then turned to me and said, "I'm not afraid of you" and I replied, you have nothing to be fearful about if you are doing the right thing" He proceeded and gave me the Ti leaf to hold as representing the Hewahewa lines...he mentioned also that his wife was a Hewahewa and she would know which one. We went through the blessing and ended it with a media presentation and photo opt by all who attended because we represented the four corners, that included both Christian and ancient religion.

Afterwards, he asked me how I was feeling I told him that was fine and that there were still some unfinished business with the military...he said, what and I told him that Waimanalo is Crown Lands and that the fish pond and every inch of land in Waimanalo needs to be rreassessed based on the true history of this place and future needs of the community. I told him that we want our lands back. We want to restore the fishpond and pointed to the fence the military put up to block our ability to care for oiwi. He said, well that you will have to take up with the military...I said, we will and I asked him, why were you so hoka about me being there? Before he could say anything I told him that sometimes I cannot help what my ancestors put on me to protect me and most times they come in the form of fear...and that is what he was feeling...and told him that I have no control of my ancestors when they are protecting me. We parted as 'ohana, which we are according to genealogy.
That is another story in my many chapters of encounters I had with people I will not forget and may write on it in my "book" I need to complete soon.

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