interesting dreams??

of course you don't have to share...but just in case you wanted to...

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  • As a child growing up until my freshman year at UH, I would have two reoccurring vision/dreams. One was at a cave in Ha'ena, Kaua'i where I have never been physically. As I entered the cave near the ocean, I wandered further into it until I came to a small streamlet/canal. There was a one-man canoe and a kukui (torch) posted on it with the paddle for my use. Intermittedly there were torches along the canal as it wended its way farther into the interior of the cave. Finally, I came upon a small landing which opened up into a large cavern. I stepped out of the canoe and entered the cavern which began to light up with torches. There was a slope mauka to makai and on it were corpses wrapped in different periods. Some wrapped in kapa and some were in funeral baskets and a few in coffins; a few had coins on its eyes. Next to each remains stood a person dressed in period clothing from ancient to western garb of the 1800s. They were ali'i dressed in their customary regalia standing next to their corpses. It was a curious sight as they all greeted me. They were happy to see me and we spoke of many things in mo'olelo Hawai'i, which in real life I couldn't speak, but somehow I was conversing in our mother tongue, understanding what was being said. Each time I had these visions, we would discuss different things and sometimes of the same topics. I always woke up with a warm, good feeling and I felt safe.

    The second one is when I was in Wahiawa, O'ahu growing up also but in my teenage years till I moved out of the house to go on my own. I enjoyed going outside in the yard when I finished my chores in the kitchen. I would lay out on the lawn looking at the night sky, noticing the milky way and sometimes feel myself elevating and soaring in the sky, or finding the different shapes of the clouds and see things there. While out there, I would on many occasions, be interrupted by an ali'i mostly in yellow-feathered mahiole,ahu loa,niho palaoa, and malo; he even wore sandals. He was handsome and very tall. He spoke olelo Hawaii and of course I understood him and responded in kind. I asked if he was Kamehameha because I've seen the statue across the palace before they painted it black and gold. He wouldn't answer me but only laughed. He began to undress and fold things neatly, produced a kapa in which to put it all. He stood there weaaring only his malo and sandals. He was an awesome figure solid like my tutuman. He told me I was to take care of it; I could never sell it or make a profit off it. I assured him I would follow his instructions. We said our aloha and I would go back into the house and place it in my room. When I got up from my bed in the morning, it was gone. This would be repeated until I moved out of the house.

    When I worked at the Honolulu Airport in the VIP Department of Transportation, Airport Division, I shared this with Parley Kanakaole, whom I worked with. He told me that I was to share my culture with everyone and the stories and history I've learned, and certain objects that come into my possession, I should not sell or make a profit on; but to preserve all these things. It would be my kuleana. Till this day, I try to do just that.

    The afternote is that all my 10 siblings were visited by this same ali'i while they lived with my parents in Wahiawa and Waipahu. We each didn't realize this till much later when we began talking about strange incidents. When my oldest tita was ill, he came to her, so when she saw him, she cried out to my dad about the man. We thought she was delirious with a fever but later she described the same ali'i. Another sister said she was afraid of the indian. She was very young and could only relate to the American Indian who wore feathers. (Humph! Assimilation or what!) One by one each shared their story and described the same ali'i; some down to his facial features. It was uncanny that we all was visited by the same person.

  • Okay, did you ever feel that there is another out there and you are linked spiritually but for some reason your paths don't cross??? Someone you meet up with in dreams when things are happening in either your life or theirs.. when you can feel when they are so happy and their energy is so strong that you can soar along with them in the sky and rejoice with them or when they are so sad so heartbroken your heart is broken also but all you can do is pray and talk to them in your spiritual form and the pain of not being able to embrace them and let them know that you are very real adds to all that is happening...and at times like these you fight wakeing up but alas when it is time you wake up feeling empty?
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