After watching the movie on her majesty...there was a quote that said to "make room for the living."  Does anyone know if this is a direct quote from her?  Or was it from our Queen?  Or was it from Hollywood?  IF...these words came out of the mouth of our alii wahine...what do you think it all meant?  Interested in your thoughts.


e ola.




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Aloha kaua e Clifford.
Very much regret being unable to answer your specific question, e kala mai here are two websites about H.R.H. Ka'iulani in the event other members have not viewed them, both are lengthy articles which can be accessed by Googling them on your search engine (have attempted to supply direct links here if they are not successful you have to do a search)

(1) Unlucky Star-Princess Ka'iulani by Marilyn Stassen-McLaughlin, Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 33, 1999.
(2) Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii -Part 2.
( Aloha.
Mahalo e Andrew:
I will see if I can find any referance to the quote. Thanks for taking the time to respond. IF...our alii did say "make room for the living" opens up a vast canvas to paint our opinions upon.
E ola.
Aloha kaua e Nae'ole.
You could place your query on the discussion forum on the main page here on Maoliworld for a response if you so desire.
The first link above fails to open just Google "Unlucky Star: Princess Ka'iulani" this is an extensive article on H.R.H. Ka'iulani by the HJH.
E malama pono. -Andrew.


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