Planned Parenthood of Hawaii is dedicated to assuring that Hawaii’s residents have freedom of choice and access to quality, affordable, confidential reproductive health care and education.
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  • I do know that Planned Parenthood in Honlulu does pills by mail but it still requires an initial office visit. But still, if you know women who are heading to O'ahu for any reason, they can at least make an apt ahead of time and arrange for the pills by mail, sent to their house.
  • Aloha Noelani,
    E kala mai, I've been out for awhile. Yes, it is so sad that there is nothing like Planned Parenthood on Kaua'i. Give me a little time to do some research and see if anything is in the works. I live here on O'ahu. Are there no low-income health centers on all of Kaua'i? Its so nice to hear someone who feels the way you do on here!
  • Following up;
    Just wondering what is happening and why there is no planned parenthood on Kaua'i. Access to quality affordable, confidential reproductive health care and education would be GREAT!!! I guess because Kaua'i was cut, I guess we are now next inline for a pregnancy crisis center...Hmmmm.....NOTE: ....Not looking for FREE, just reasonable! PLEASE RESPOND.
  • Ilima, do you know why Planned Parenthood closed up on Kaua'i? Planned Parenthood eliminates having to have " pregnancy crisis centers" ! Think about it! if there were places to get birth control, there wouldnt be many un planned pregnancies in the first place!. I hope this cutting out of Planned parenthood funding on Kaua'i is not a "create/make a situation to get a grant" type of a thing for a pregnancy crisis center! Seems to me that in 9-12 months there will be a pregnancy CRISIS here on Kaua'i!! who the monitors this forum?
  • Aloha! I live on the Moku of Kaua'i and my youngest son who is in the 12 grade informed me that 4 of his class mates were pregnant and may not graduate (No, not from him!...I hope!) A few days later my daughter who is 22 informed me that the Ho'o Lahui clinic that she attended for birth control methods cut the Planned Parenthood program that she used, and that there are no place on Kauai to go to for reasonable priced birth controll method/services. Does anyone know if there may be other programs available on Kaua'i?
  • Take Action Tuesday: Help raise awareness about “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in Hawaii. Tell 5 of your friends what they really do. To learn more, view the video posted in the Discussion Forum.
  • Aloha Kaleo,
    Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization. You can learn more at
  • Aloha Kakahiaka IIima,

    Is this a non-profit organization or is this a grass roots initiative?

  • Mahalo for starting this group, Ilima! I've got "free women's clinic" roots going way back to my teens, and am now a Clinical Sexologist (which means I do sex ed and counseling). If you like, you can check out my Native Hawaiian sexual health site and see if there are links and things you think I should add. I welcome all comments!
    Ma'i Ola Sexual Health
    Malama pono,
  • Namaka'eha, I love the points you bring up. I think that is the focus of the Reproductive Justice movement. It's not only about having the choice to not have children but having the choice to have children when you want to and not be unable to because of the economic system we are a part of.
    So a healthy economic foundation is equally as important.
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CPC's keeping up their charade

Aloha Kakou, As you can tell, this weeks focus has been on Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Each week in the Planned Parenthood of Hawaii group will have a new theme. Here is an article explaining how they deceptively use websites to promote their agenda.

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