No ka makahiki, he nane no nā hoa: "Kū pali ke kua, kani kua mauna, kupukupu, he pane kūpono keia!"

for the Makahiki season, a riddle for my friends: "Back straight as the cliff, singing on the summit ridge, sprouting fern, a righteous answer is this!"

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He papa holua paha anei keia? Ina hewa, he mea e hoopaani ai i na paani makahiki keia?
Mahalo no kou pane. Aohe papa holua naʻe keia, he meaola kupukupu, mea kani kua mauna, a he ʻano kupono. he aha la ia? ;)
He WAILELE no paha keia?
Aohe wailele keia, no ka mea, aohe meaulu kupukupu me ka inao "wailele..."

Eia no ka pane: he pololei

Ku pololei ka pali
He pupu kuahiwi kani kuamauna ka pololei
He kupukupu kapa 'ia pololei noho i ka nahele
a he pane pololei no ho'i!

Here is the answer: pololei

The cliff is perfectly vertical (ku pololei)
There is a singing land snail that is called pololei kani kuamauna
There if a fern called pololei that lives in the forest
and a correct answer is pololei!
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