Aloha kakou, is an international organizing collective determined to influence the Dec. 2009 Copenhagen Climate Treaty, set to be negotiated Dec. this year. I will be planning an action for this day, to be held in the SF Bay Area. Anyone want to get involved too? "350" is the number of parts per million of carbon that is the outer limits of what our planet, and all life, can endure and heal from. We are currently at 389-390 PPM. 275 PPM is what our planet has had from the beginning, and the conditions under which life evolved. Public awareness of 350 PPM gives us the power to demand swift and urgent action from the treaty negotiators and our leaders (at all levels). It gives us a target to achieve, and draws "a line in the sand" for activists and policymakers. Please go to the website and see if you feel the urgency as I do. encourages local actions of all kinds, as the way to put pressure on the treaty negotiators - and there is lots of help on the website for community organizing. Schools, towns, halau, churches, community groups, civic clubs, you name it -- we can all do something about this! Mahalo for reading this. A slideshow presentation is on my Maoliworld page, and you can get it and other materials from the website. Malama pono, Amy

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