50 Days of Resistance and Solidarity

Aloha kakou, I've been feeling badly about not being able to participate in any of the protests against "Fakehood," and especially about not having organized anything here! So, instead I hereby pledge fifty consecutive days of taking at least one action a day to get the word out about the Kingdom, in addition to personal spiritual practices to release any ancestral or familiarl connection I may have with the continued occupation of Hawai'i. This may not be much, as there are many, many dedicated people doing something about independence 24/7. However, it is a start as well as a commitment. Today, the action I took was to put together a few of the press releases about today's protests and create an article for Indymedia.

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  • Auwe, it's Tuesday, Aug. 25th, and I have fallen short (already!) of my intention. The last couple days have been taken up with preparing the children for school, and other catch up tasks. I must think of how to do this -- I guess add on two days where I missed doing something for the cause!
  • Aloha...
    I too am feeling sad that I'm not in Hawaii and not able to participate directly in the protests against "Fakehood," however, I am exercising my committment by forwarding all the information I receive to a dear friend, Coyote, who runs an alternative news network "The Howl" that goes out to so many people here in British Columbia. I have also passed the information on to First Nations here as I have been a contributing member of Lower Columbia All First Nations Council. The word is getting out far and wide.
    • This is wonderful, P'Emily! It just goes to show there's a lot we can do, even if we're not in Hawai'i! Thanks for letting us know about your work!
      Warm aloha!
  • Aloha kaua e Waihili,

    I salute youu for making a "committed decision" to challenge yourself in making this vow to taking at least one action a day in getting the word out about the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation & Government out in your neck of the woods. Maika'i to you!!!

    • Aloha mai e Kaleo,
      Hey, thanks! But you know, I think we just need to pour every bit of mana we can into this, even if it's just a little each day. It all adds up - like those cartoons where a rolling snowball turns into a giant boulder. Or maybe like the "butterfly effect" you hear about!
      Mahalo for all you do!
  • ALOHA Kaua, e Wahili, It was a Great March. I saw a lot of new people there in the March. So many good things are happening in the movement. Malama pono, o Pomai
    • Welina mai e Pomai,
      I'm so happy to hear this! I think that "the tipping point" will soon be reached and the mana will flow!
      Warm aloha,
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