mala wharf, lahaina, kingdom of maui nui, 96761

my kupuna kahiko (ancestor) birth and death documents prove my connection with mala in lahaina.

as a teenager sitting on the torned broken flooring of the wharf i often wandered: who the heck is responsible for this on going neglected abused danger zone to continue for all these many years.

this issue has been justified to linger with no one to call Accountability on!!! an investigation is needed and

the persons responsible should be fined for allowing this matter to continue into my generation.

i am now looking for a team to head a hui that will investigatel county of maui, state of hawaii and federal and bring justice to the crime on our Kingdom of Maui Nui...............~da princess~


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  • If I Russell Pineapple Rintoul lived there on Maui I would help you in this matter of importance. :o) pineapple
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