We had this Makahiki at Waiawa Correctional Facility at daybreak on Monday, November 24, 2008. Also established at Waiawa was a yet-to-be named Native Hawaiian Spirituality Practitoner group on the weekly prison chapel schedule, a right of religious parity in prisons won in 2003 (read article). For the men, it was a meaningful, spiritual connection to their culture. It is hoped that a reconnection to traditional culture and values by our pa'ahao will lead them to a strong sense of self-identity as a Hawaiian--for both healing AND to begin a new, peaceful life--and thereby not return to incarceration...

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Really amazing pictures. Awesome...I believe through culture we can recreate healing and these pictures show it...


Mahalo Kilo for sharing these extreemly wonderful photos!! You captured the spirit of Makahiki!


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