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Makahiki at the Waiawa Correctional Facility 15 Replies

Started by Kilo. Last reply by Ikaika Aug 27, 2009.

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Comment by ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa on November 27, 2011 at 7:44pm

When is Makahiki at Kualoa Beach Park?


Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on May 14, 2011 at 10:15pm
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on May 6, 2011 at 1:26pm
Aloha no e Hawaii au,

This morning April 30 edition of the "Star-Aggravator" continues its
"in-direct" assault on Hawaiian Nationals just as Lorrin Thurston did
in the late 1800's. This time they validate their obsession with
Legislators of none other than Hawaiian blood. Since January 19th, I
have sat and testified in Legislative Hearing concerning the "welfare"
of Hawaiians. No truer word, welfare, describes this ordeal that goes
back to the year 2000 when U. S. Congress came to Honolulu Hawaii. On
page A-6, B. J. Reyes reports on the current 2011 actions of the
Legislature. Specifically, Senate Bill 1520 that would have the Office
of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) fund and administer the program  and work
toward the continuing development of a native Hawaiian governing
entity with a five-member commission and a "registered roll of
Qualified Hawaiians". I use the term "in-direct" because it is
designed so that you do not realize you are the target. In some
campaigns it is also labeled a "victim of friendly fire".

"This gives the native Hawaiian people the standing---in terms of
recognition---by the state of Hawaii", said Sen. Malama Solomon (D.
Hilo-Honokaa), one of the key backers of the legislation. "It mandates
a roll call so that the native Hawaiian nation is actually

This no different than the old adage of what came first, "the 'Chicken
or the Egg"? Well, no legislations of the The Fake State of Hawaii had
anything to do in creating then and now  the Hawaiian Nation. Nor did
its parents, the Territory of Hawaii, or its grandparents the Republic
of Hawaii. Certainly, is there anyone who believes the Hawaiian Nation
was created by the manifest destiny of the Committee of Safety? The
Hawaiian Nation of civilization and culture is at least 1000 recorded
years before all of these "claim-jumpers" came ashore to these
Islands. In fact, there are Hawaiian records that date a Hawaiians
existed an additional 1,000 before those "claim-jumpers" could speak
and communicate.
Hawaiian Nationals have never left the Hawaiian Nation. There are
Hawaiians who like all docile natives have traded their Nationality
for thirty pieces of silver to become anything but a Hawaiian
National, just as those who have traded their Hawaiian Archipelago Ko
Hawaii Pae Aina for a homestead. Recognition is bilateral. It is not a
"their-way" street.

Hawaiian Nationals do not need legislation or resolution to be
recognition, for we have never left or traded our makana of
Nationalism. Only "Legislative Hawaiians" have terminated. Take a
close look at the 1900 Organic of Hawaii Section 4, and the 1959
Admissions Act of Hawaii, Section 19. You are not Hawaiian Nationals
because you have assented or acquiesced to their unilateral
legislations. A'ole, before you think these sections were included to
protect you as a Hawaiian National, you are in a dilemma. It was
included up front to protect the 'Invader" of fraud and confuse you,
just as Senate Bill 1520 and the Akaka Pill is designed to do.

Hawaiian Nationals know "what they are". Who you are has nothing to do
with your Nationality. By the makana of King Kamehameha III,
Kaui'keaouli  and the Grace of God Almighty, we have our identity,
Comment by Kakulu on October 7, 2010 at 2:23pm
Is the idea for Maoliworld to support Makahiki on all island still "alive"?
Comment by Ikaika Hussey on September 30, 2009 at 5:10pm
Would you be interested in having Maoliworld help to sponsor makahiki activities?
Comment by Kaohi on August 23, 2009 at 8:16am
I forgot to cite where I got my Tongan citation.
Fale, T.H. "Tongan Astronomy" The wonders of Polynesian Astronomy have been published for the first time in this book.1990 Printed by Choice Printing in 1990 and Taulua Press 1999. I met Fale after the ADB protest. It was my healing process period, so I worked under master carver Tuine, and one of the activities was to learn from others Polynesians.
Comment by ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa on August 21, 2009 at 7:24pm
Hmmm well, Makalii (Pleiades) aren't really in Orion's belt. the belt stars are callede Na Kao, I think. The Pleiades are on the other side of constellation Taurus from Orion. If you follow the belt stars toward Orion's bow stars, they are a rough pointer toward the Makalii.
Comment by Kaohi on August 21, 2009 at 5:52pm
The comment below it's in regard to me on my email.

A message from Kilo to all members of Makahiki on Maoliworld!

Aloha Kaua--

Can anybody verify exactly when the Makali'i (Pleiades, the cluster of stars in Orion's belt) begins to set before dawn, indicating the beginning of Makahiki? I'm thinking it's earlier this year--last week of October. Mahalo for your kokua!

I also thought I could edit before it actually posted--so please take note of some errors. Kaohi
Comment by Kaohi on August 21, 2009 at 5:46pm
This is interesting, because Uncle Sam was at Kualoa park I believe October 22 I978-1982 may be wrong. It was in the archives for star or advertiser. Not sure how to get that article. His ceremony at Mokapu should be documented. Yes, I was there at both places,O Kanaloa Kohe Malamala (Kaoolawe) and Mokapu at that time. It was during the time of no cells and no internet, all spiritual.

This is the Tongan version of Motuliki (Lit Little Islands)

Motutliki (lit little islands) is the first Tongan constallation to appear in the east. Motuliki is made up of six little stars when one looks at them with the naked eye. Motuliki represents the samll islands of Polynesia and all in formation used to discover and travel around these islands is contained in the knowledge of the stars which follow behind this first constellation. Today Motuliki is known in Tonga by the name Mataliki, but to the rest of the world as the Seven Sisters.
In Tonga on the main island of Tongatapu, there is a place where Maui's family lived around 500 A.D. called Motuliki--named after these very important stars. A group of people moved from there and settled in a small island in Fiji by Viti Levu. They named this small Fijian island Motuliki after their home in Tongatapu. Around 1100 A.D. a man from Tongatapu visited this island; he held the Maui title at that time. When he left Motuliki, a woman had, had a son by him. When this boy grew up, the Fijians were having many wars with him and his two uncles were afraid. Therefore, they decided to move to Tongatapu with their families. Tu'itatui was the Tui Tonga (King of Tonga) at this time. These people settled in Heketa where the king lived. When the two sons of Tu'itatui moved to Mu'a, these family members of Maui moved with them. The Tui Tong made the two uncles part of the Falefa (houses created to serve the king). Their names were 'Alusa and Ahio. These titles are still used in Tonga today. The son also had a title called Fainga'a the surviving family of Maui today.

Keep asking questions, but check Aunty Edith Kanakaole sites too
Comment by Kaohi on May 20, 2009 at 8:48am
how does one become a group member of this group? Kaohi

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