If we don't malama our land and waters the government will take control and turn it into Real Estate.

The Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club and 'Ahaui Malama I Ka Lokahi have a standing schedule of maintaining these Sacred Land Sighting areas on ever 2nd Saturday of each month. The Discussion is any group or individual may contact myself, Dr. Charles Burrow, Dr. Paul Brennan, or any member to come on any day that they have available. Everyone who has the desires to be a part of the aina are most needed and welcomed. Maintanance is needed to control the vast growth of evasive plants, keep the area debris free, and set up tours to learn about these Sacred Sightings. If we do not manage and maintain these sightings then the Government is allowing Private Enterprise to turn this into a Giant Cement Real Estate Monster like they did to Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, and now Kapolei. Help us to prevent this from growing. Your Volunteered caretaking, your supply contributions, and your donations are needed to support all our programs and events.

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