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Federal Funds Available for Alternative Energy Resources Availability Programs! 1 Reply

$48 million appropriated by the federal government for exploratory energy resources availability of and/or for the fake State of Hawaii. Puna Geothermal Venture to receive $5 million for developing…Continue

Started by Simbralynn Kanakaole. Last reply by Iwikuamoʻo Olanāiwi Nov 15, 2009.

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Comment by da princess on March 19, 2011 at 4:56pm
Blessings to you and your ohana....mahalo Ke Akua ...mauruuru....da princess
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 18, 2011 at 10:55pm

My arguement is with the people that creates the unjust and that is Ambercrombie.  He wants our land, monies and assets.  It says it point blank and I can't see our keiki's getting brain washed from an egrits that is not from our aina.  Also I hate to see our people getting kciked off of our lands.  Why is it so bad to move forward when we have the tool to make it happen.  Is it because the other leaders feel that they are right and we are wrong?  Is it because they want to be the ones to make the puka first?  I don't know but if we don't move then I'll have to do what I have to do like the native americans did at wounded knee and be that sacrifice so the Kanaka's see what love, respect and honor I have for our people of Hawaii nei. 


With Kamehameha I, he killed my tutu Kiwala'o who is the son of Kalani o pu'u.  Do I hate Kamehameha, nope.  Ke Akua let it happen for one reason and that is to unite us so we have a bond and stick together as one.  We wouldn't be devided and fight with each other in years to come.  I cry for my people and I cry for my islands and I cry for my Kupuna's and I cry for the ignorance that is put upon the Kanaka Maoli.  Most of all I CRY for the keiki o ka aina.  With out our Keiki's we wouldn't have the next generation to stand our grounds.  I need you as much as you need your Ohana and me.  With Love, Respect and Honor, ALOHA


Representitive District 1

Bronson, Keali'i Kalipi

Moku Puni O Molokai

Comment by da princess on March 18, 2011 at 6:49pm

you are very AKAMAI (smart) in your thoughts Bronson, .......for me challenges is a good thing especailly when you challenge yourself.....may i remind you that sometimes we are our own enemy...think about it.

much of our kupuna's have died in silence......those that is alive is LOST with NO Grass Roots........i have 13 mo'opuna's and the youngest just made 8 yrs. old.......everything i do is for my ohana nation......i am a fighter, a TIGERESSSS and i do claw deep......this has helped me to survive this illegal unjust western american system......i not knew to this chaos.....however i am akamai like you and i rise to the top when it comes to my ohana nation.....i am very HONORABLE to my Mo'okuauahau (genealogy) and i know where i come from (ahupua'a) and  my other 10 siblings is very aware to that FACT and i am the 9th youngest of 11. i stand in Truth and for some the Truth hurts and i learned that we can not please every one.

as for kamehameha.....history shows that he united our people in GREED, if it wasnt for the guns, the canons and his companions of outside influenced intruders (captain crook), he would have not united our kingdom islands, period. history shows that he lost to 9 hawaiian battles b4 he met crook.

do you know how much innocent Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli's, Ali'i Nui and faithful Warriors died because of his Greed to unite our hawaiian islands? (iao valley), go read the history. i am ashame to announce relationship with kamehameha, all i know is that he (kamehameha) bowed down naked in respect and honored my Great Grand mama Queen Keopuolani as the most SACRED of all 21 wives, he also beared children as Royal Ali'i's on the Village of Moku'Ula,only from my Great Grand mama of Lahaina. you know that i am all grass roots...i myself was homeless on my Kingdom of Maui Nui for 9 yrs solid, (5 yrs, in college majoring in Business technology and hotel managment)..... while living in the bushes, on lava stones, on the sand, in the caves, climbing up trees for safety, dealing with drugs on the streets, drunk stink alcholics, needles in my slippa from the druggies.......now Ke Akua have a MISSION for me to Accomplish.....to Honor my Mo'okuauhau (genealogy) and soon i will begin workshops to help others to come to understand their genealogy, and also to HONOR it.........remember this Bronson...begin with you first......ask it, believe it and you will recieve it with good intentions.......mahalo Ke Akua.......Mauruuru......da princess


Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 18, 2011 at 12:10pm

      Thank you for your MANA'O. Mahalo Ke Akua, Mahalo Makua and Kupuna.  Also Mahalo to our keiki's that will lead us in the future with the movement.  My mana'o is not the problem, it's the Kanaka that is the problem.  I don't think that Ke Akua would put confusion among our people, but I do know that where there is a ying there is a yang.  Where there is good, there is bad, where there is positive, there is negitive.  So I don't think that Ke Akua again would do this to us, it's the enemy which is the dark side that is deviding our people with different thoughts, that is why we can't ever come to an agreement.  Your right and I agree that it has to start with our Oahana, then from there branch out to the rest of the Ohana's.  Princess, if you had a puka, you think I would be here debating with you,  with all respect , hell no.  I would jump on your conoe and paddle that conoe for you.  It's we the people for the people by the people.  It says it in plain english that with act 359, we as kanaka's have the right to have a government of our own choosing.  So there is the puka and we all should jump.  Not jump on a race horse and try make it on our own if there is no process to back it up...  Let me ask you a question, what did our King Kamehameha I did with all the islands?  What was the whole purpose of doing that, uniting the islands?  Could you please answer that and if you want to challenge, I have to refuse because I will not challenge or fight with the next po'e kanaka.  Thats what the defactos want to see, more confusion and more caos with in our ethinicity.  A'ale pilikia ka po'e kanaka.  It is alright after to disagree if the government is not good, if we want a monarch or a republic we can vote again.  Lets use this vehicle and make it worth for what it is, then once we have gotten a government we can vote again and pick what the people want for a government.  Does that sound fair?  let the people decide there faiths.  We need a GOV. period and we need to stop challenging each other cause we not moving forward but backwards.  I tired seeing our people living on the beaches taking drugs.  I tired seeing the Kanaka selling drugs to make money.  Thats the triage the defactos created to make our people look bad.  They are painting a ugly face on the kanaka.  Enough is enough and we should concentrate to live free and independant like we did 200 years ago.  We was doing fine until the po'e ha'ole come into the picture.  Legend speake of a kahuna telling one of our ali'i's on Molokai about the white man foot print stepping foot on the Hawaiian islands and creating caos to our Kanaka's.  Look where we at right now, we at caos cause our lands is getting stripped from it's resources and we are letting them do it to us.  The more time we take on not agreeing or uniting with each other then we just as good as dead cause our status will change to an AMERICAN HAWAIIAN,  is that good or is that bad?  Thats what the Akaka Bill will do.  So if we don't move now then we'll never move at all because it will be too late for us all to do anything.



Bronson Keali'i Kalipi

Moku Puni o Molokai

Comment by da princess on March 18, 2011 at 9:36am
listen to yourself Brondson.......our Queen relied on Ke Akua and it is always his time table not ours......however it is in our time to speak out and share with in our own ohana nation. the process begin with you Brondson, and you go teach your ohana....the answer is right under your nose in your own back yard...stop looking for the answer in the wrong places. now is the time to react to the knowledge, not just to think of it.......i challenge you today Bronson to gather your living KUPUNA and begin a workshop of your MO"OKUAUHAU (genealogy) and voice your concerns with in your own ohana and see what they got to say and then teach it to the other generation after you, so they know who they are and where they belong.....for me i been dea and done dat.....so i no longer in a distress of sense of lost......i know who i am and i know what i need to do to educate my ohana nation......we need to take action individually as an ohana nation and we are able to move forward......take responsibility and be Accountable to educate you own ohana nation and then they no longer in a lost state of mind........the people you mention should be of your own first, they are the ones you can TRUST, RESPECT and HONOR to begin your PROCESS.......seek and you will find.....mahalo Ke Akua....da princess
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 18, 2011 at 6:23am

Our queen thought of the same thing and that MANA came from E'O, look what had happen, the gun was in her face and she was put into her own prison.  Sistah, I don't look at the person but the process.  The more we think about MANA and spirtual things about it, the more the Po'e Ha'ole and po'e kepane stay taking away our lands.  Look, again I going say this.  Just by your opinion makes us distant from each other.  We have a puka, why you think that one person going change the whole setting?  It's the people sistah that will determin the kanaka's path.  Look this is a way to unite our people and this is one way of gaining respect for our own people to work together for our country.  If we choose not to use this vehicle and choose not to work with each other then I don't know what else to say.


Comment by da princess on March 18, 2011 at 5:14am
we can not rely on other humans (if we can not trust their leadership) to form our Hawaiian Kingdom Government! we need to gather and teach from with in our own Ohana Nation (that we can TRUST) and then we Unite our Ohana's to form our Sacred Hawaiian Kingdom Government.......we need good examples and leaders to follow and most of them is right in our own back yards..no need be certified in usa, we only need the MANA (spiritual powers), for we can not Unite under one man guidance we need the entire nation come in agreement, period.....that is the way our Queen Liliuokalani want it and left it as an example to follow.....I rely solely on Ke Akua....for man (uncle) is also human and he can not run away from Greed, Lies, and Ke Akua, hummmmm? Bronson today you be the Leader and begin to teach and gather with in your own personal ohana nation....first by teach them who they are (Mo'okuauhau) and where they belong (Ahupua'a)...we need to go back to the basics. and then your own ohana will grow with that knowledge that no one can take away and that is the Mana, the Power to share and hold and then we UNITE....Mahalo Ke Akua.........Maururu...........da princess
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 17, 2011 at 11:36pm
     Like I said, they can do something devistating and look what they doing to our Kupuna iwi.  Ambercrombie the zombie going snake his way on taking our islands away from the Kanaka's and our Nationals.  Uncle, use this as a vehicle so we can move as one.  I think Henry can lead us Kanaka's to the promise land IF again we let him.  So I not going to loose my focus on this matter cause our true problem is our people and there beliefs.  I believe in this process and believe that we the people can make a difference.  Uncle, we can disolve this Defactos Government if we come together as one period.  I need you as much as you need me, I need Kukuna O Ka La as much as he needs me.  We all need each other because we are as one.  No matter what color of our skins, we are all the same.  The difference between us and the defactos is that we are free and they want to break our freedom for there control.  That won't happen because our God E'O and Ke Akua are the same God we all pray to.  Our God is a sovereign God and gave us the same thing he have and that is the right to be free.  The people should have the authority not the Government.  They forced there way to become our government and that is full on bullshit.  I love my Queen Lili'okalani, she is our hero because she left that door open for us to decide and make a decision to come together to run the Kingdom again.  Because of what you think and what I think make this movement more complicated because the complication is the union of you and me.  We can never come together if we think different and believe in what we think.  That alone will bring seperation to our people.  I'm not blaming you nor my self,  it's all because of the triage america created for our people.  They did it to the Native Americans  and to our people the Kanaka Moli.  How can we call home HOME if we can't even get along with each other and idea's. We  always trying to pull each other down.  Uncle if I was forced to vote for you just because I wanted to see our people to move forward then I would vote for you.  The whole point of the matter is to see that we as the Kanaka Maoli's move forward.  If the Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, Tahitians, and other polynesians ethnicity can make decision and have the same beliefs, then why can't we?  Uncle Pomai, I respect your wisdom and heart, I believe in you cause your heart is rightous and your thinking is ALL PONO.  I learned that sometimes you have to bite your tongue just so you can get things to go your way.  The thing with that also is patience with the people, they won't see your point becuase there stuck on there's.  Why fight the current by going against it when you can flow with it without using up your energy.  I'm a kanaka that is trying hard to see our people get ahead with the struggle's and fight.  So Uncle, if I said something wrong in here, E kala mai, e kala mai ia'u, please for give me if I did so offended you in any way.    
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 8, 2011 at 8:22pm

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> Aloha kakou,
> Om March I, I wrote of my mana'o of the Corporate
> OHA response of the
> sinking U. S, S. Akaka and their "damage control" drill to
> save the
> good ship Akaka. I spoke of the jubilation of OHA for now
> they had the
> contract to rejuvenate the Akaka Pill. I also mentioned
> that the
> Legislature was in their expedite mode to create the First
> Nations
> Government, aka Akaka Bill. I underestimated the arrogance
> of OHA, the
> Fake State Legislature and the Office of the Fake State
> Governor.
> Today's good news is the Captain of the U.S. S. Akaka is
> abandoning
> ship.
> Abercrombie returned to Hawaii a year before the 2010
> Elections to
> campaign, and he campaigned well. While Akaka and Inouye
> faltered in
> the passing of the Akaka Bill, OHA was spending
> millions of inherent native Hawaiian money to divide and
> conquer their
> very own people. Judging from the fast-tracking of Akaka
> clones SB1,
> SB 1520 and HB1627, Abercrombie and Inouye's Plan B is
> working, and
> the First Nation Government will become law of the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii in a few weeks. While it may not be directly funded
> via the
> taxpayers of Hawaii it will be funded by OHA or as a
>  joint venture
> similar to the Rail.
> The Akaka Pill will become just another obstacle in our
> quest for
> FreeHawaii. Their chosen followers will be glorified but
> only for a
> short time for the prejudice and discriminating factors of
> this First
> Nation Government legislation will fall faster than the
> fraudulent
> international recognition of the treasonous Provisional
> Interim
> Government of 1893. But we can not just stand-by idle
> waiting for
> justice in their Court System to be in our favor, for we of
> the
> opposition are not in their control, while their corporate
> entities of
> the Fake State of Hawaii, OHA and the contaminated Hawaiian
> Homestead
> beneficiaries feed at the "federal trough" of the United
> States of
> America.
> The question still before us is still the burden for us?
> While we
> stand together to be pono with our ancestors,we remain
> unyoked with
> each other in the direction we must take. We are running
> out of
> options, time, money and youth. We have made great
> progress. While we
> have hit the target consistently we fall short of the
> Bull's-Eye. We
> score in the 6, 7, 8 and even 9 rings but never the
> Bull's-Eye, 10
> ring. We have endorsed Constitutions, Court Motions, Cease
> and Desist
> Orders and for some even prison time. All positive actions
> of protest
> but no "Bull's-Eye"
> What is this elusive Bull's-eye? LOKAHI! The main element
> that eludes
> us yet, is in our very grasp and power. Almost every aspect
> of our
> lives are being controlled by the forces that we contest
> almost on a
> daily basis. The only thing the Invader does not need to do
> against
> us, is to stop us from coming together, lokahi as one, for
> we do it to
> ourselves through pride and ignorance. Attending a march or
> parade or
> rally is not lokahi for as soon as the rhetoric or
> entertainment is
> over, lokahi is over. Lokahi is the everlasting will of the
> people to
> be pono. That everlasting will is within the election of a
> Representative Body, for they exist in our behalf for the
> duration of
> their duty to the people.
> OHA will be using their disguised Kau Inoa Registry as
> their
> "Qualified Native Hawaiian constituent", their citizens of
> the First
> Nation Government. According to reports, this registry
> boost 110,000
> signatures which is also of Fraud. We must counter OHA's
> claim. But
> how? The only resource we have is truth. OHA and the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii don't need truth and bank upon money and deceit. Our
> only
> recourse is to register and vote in the Lawful Hawaiian
> Government
> Election of 2011 on November 05, 2011. Register and run for
> a office.
> Run against the incumbents, like Henry Noa for Prime
> Minister. The
> only thing the Invader and their allies fear is the lokahi
> of Kanaka
> Maoli and Hawaiian Nationals coming together in an bona
> fide election.
> This is our only checkmate against OHA and the Fake State
> of Hawaii. A
> valid election is based upon bona fide electors not by who
> gave away
> the most T-Shirts, and that is Lokahi.
> If anyone knows of any other options please share it.
> For updates and further information go to "Lawful Hawaiian
> Government"
> site to register, or email me at pilipohale@hawaii.r.com
> or call me at
> 358-6428.
> malama ke kino,
> pilipo
> Hawaiian National (1936)

Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on February 18, 2011 at 11:16pm

This is not a joke nor some bullshit story I'm telling you on here.  This is something that just happened to me while driving home at 7:00pm from my parents home to town where I live on Molokai.  There was a road block and I'm going to tell you exactly what had happened to me when I got pulled over.


Policeman:  Where's your papers for your car?


The papers was on my passenger seat when the policeman asked the question.  My car is totally illegal.


Me:  Um, I don't have the papers for my car.


Policeman:  With a smile on his face telling me awww, you don't have any of your papers for this car.


Me: yes I don't, can I tell you something officer?


Policeman:  Sure with a smile on his face.


Me:  I belong to the Kingdom of Hawaii, I'm from the Lawful Hawaiian Government and the Prime Minister for this Government is Henry Noa.


With out letting me finnished with the rest I wanted him to know, he took two huge steps back saying at the same time WOOOW.


Me:  Oh, is something wrong?


Without telling me anything else he changed the subject by saying.


Policeman:  You going get your papers hah?


Me: yeah I'm going to.


Now make a note of this that I still need to get my Plates, driver I.D. and my Gov. I.D. so under the human rights I can practice my right to travel.  Then he asked me.


Policeman:  Whats your name?


Me:  Duke Kalipi


Policeman:  Don't you have a cousin that live in Maunaloa?


Me:  Yes


By using that as an excuse, he let me go and I mean he wanted me to leave right away so he won't have to deal with being serve from our Government the Human Rights Violations.  He gave me a big wave to let me know that I needed to move quickly so the next car could come right in.



You see people, they doing this as a way to make more money for the police force and for the Government.  Henry has the puka and we need to use this as a tool for getting what we want and thats Independence.  IMUA Lawful Hawaiian Government and it's Nationals.



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