Not since the introduction of the frying pan has the diet of the world been more harmed than by MacDonald's and Burger King!
If they really want to help Hawaiians they should introduce a mongoose burger.

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Follow my example,

The only time I go to MacDonalds is when I have to use the bathroom in the shopping center where there is no public bathroom. I don't even know if there is a Burger King on our island.


Janos Keoni Samu
ha ha
I was referring to the mongoose burger. I believe one of the main foods that has hurt the Hawaiians is spam. If you look back to ancient times, it was fish, taro, fruit and kalo greens and the herbal medicines that were here from the beginning. Time to get back to the aina, plant food, fish in the ponds and ocean, eat your greens and learn la'a lapa'au . The ahupua'a system worked. As my friend AKA said to me, "If a Hawaiian is hungry he's lazy" Plant the seeds and reap the benefits, aloha
Zippy's mo betta den mcdonalds and burga king

Let's drive the nail home ...... and set it !  What is the identity of an Hawaiian ??   Well,  the "governing entity" is none other than Our King sitting on His Throne at 'Iolani Palace.  So very simple.  Are Hawaiians kinfolk with Lakotas,  Apaches, Hopi, etc. ??  Our kinfolk look like this:

Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III

Let's have the King of Tonga visit 'Iolani Palace !  Simplify.  Simplify. Simplify.  Please do not toy with the identity of Hawaiians.  Please.  Thank the gods that there were so many U.S.  legislators who saw that the Akaka Bill would have brought another genocidal plague to the Hawaiian people !


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