Aloha mai kākou!

On Kaua`i in The Garden Island News ( the following letter was published yesterday (March 21, 2009).

Stand up to sovereignty

Thanks for the article about the shenanigans at the Kaua‘i County Council last week. (“Reinstated Hawaiian Government marks 10 years of sovereignty,” The Garden Island, March 15”

Henry Noa and his gang from the “Reinstated Hawaiian Government” can rant all they want. The problem comes if Noa and his gang members actually carry out their threat that “we, the reinstated government, will be conducting activities ... such as roadway use, conducting business on former Crown lands, and even reclamation of property from U.S. possession.”

Let’s warn the wannabe hooligans that illegal acts will not be tolerated. Let’s laugh out loud at the absurd sovereignty claims being made. Stand up to bullies threatening thuggery.

The revolution of 1893 was done by local residents and subjects of the Kingdom, not by the U.S. The successor Republic of Hawai‘i was recognized as the rightful government by all the same nations that had previously recognized the Kingdom.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: Hawai‘i is legitimately the 50th state of the United States. We are proud to be Americans. We will not allow secessionists to intimidate us, or racists to seize control of assets that belong to us all.

Giving aid and comfort to people like Henry Noa is a very bad idea. Please see my book “Hawaiian Apartheid: Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State.”

Kenneth Conklin, Kaneohe

I am not only angry with this "proud American" from Kāneʻohe, becasue he is trying to create dissonance between the Hawaiians, and giving fuels to those who oppose Free Hawai`i, but I am more angry with the local newspaper for allowing this insulting language and suppressing much more civil responses to the letter and other issues.

He would deserve to have "Independence for Hawai`i" painted in large letters on his house. If he lived on Kaua`i he would get it.

Me ke aloha

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Aloha Keone,

I read the editorial yesterday and have thought about responding to it. Have you? The little slime ball finds his way all over ka pae aina Hawaii. He has made it his life's mission to tear down Kanaka Maoli and derail any attempts for sovereignty. A Kanaka Maoli from the mokupuni o Kaua'i o Manokalanipo should respond, and see if the Garden Island Newspaper will print it. One must remember that recent arrivals to the island with no understanding or care for Hawaii's history run the paper. They can't even get the correct spelling of 'olelo Hawaii. The paper isn't worth the 50 cents.
Ken CONklin it the epitome of an ultracrepidarian critic. The responses to the letter shows that most people don't take him seriously as he spouts his venomous disinformation. He tries to validate his spins and half-truths and some outrights lies as facts and attempts to be credible as a journalist and professor of philosophy that has expertise in Hawaiian history and political science because he has a PHD in another field but holds a degree which should give him credence in all fields of study. He may have a degree in philosophy but is totally ignorant on Hawaiian history and international laws.

The first thing people generally do is ridicule what they don't know and don't take it seriously. They then get angry and try to put down and attack the people that they realize are coming up with the truth and facts which is against what they were led to believe. Resignation to the facts is the final step. For CONklin-ites they are stuck in the second stage and stubbornly refuse to accept the truth and facts; thereby using character-assassinations, scare tactics, and creating misinformation.

In truth, Kenneth Conklin and his ilk are U.S. American blind patriotic, fanatical zealots that push forward their WASP racist and ethnocentric agenda. Finding that they are aiding and abetting their country's criminal actions, they attempt to demean the truth-seekers for justice and demonize those they victimize to keep the coveted stolen possessions from being returned to the rightful owners. This is the criminal mind of Kenneth Conklin, the spokesperson for those other immoral, flagitious, miscreants.
Oh, Kenneth Conklin makes me spew!
His stupid thoughts are filled with goo,
His letters filled with things untrue...
Poor man has nothing else to do!
Please pay absolutely no attention to this person. He seeks attention by venting his own emotional pain and lashing out with his personal demons, but I believe he should be left to suffer alone. The more attention he gets by indignant responses the more he vents. When someone in the ‘ohana refuses to acknowledge their wrong doing, we ‘oki him. Let us ‘oki him and concentrate on building our nation... a better use of our energy. Persons of reason and good mental health recognize the difference between those who vomit hate and those who share their aloha. As Papa Ka‘alakea says, "What goes around comes around. No worry, Ke Akua will take care of the hewa."
E kala mai,
I did get rather carried away with the fun of writing puerile poetry. Sometime just have to blow off steam. But, you're right. Better to ignore...
Mahalo Keokiomaui,

You are right. Conklin does not deserve attention, but the newspaper's policy does since they frequently deny the publication of progressive letters not serving the interest of the ruling oligarchy. I sent this letter to them. Let's see if they publish it. If not, I will read it on Ho`ike, our public television.
Me ke aloha

World maps are not carved in stone

I was surprised at The Garden Island's decision to publish a letter containing insulting language ("Stand up for Sovereignty" TGI 3/21/2009) towards the Reinstated Government of Hawai‘i. It is one thing to disagree with someone, but using insults will not lead to better understanding. When you insult others and at the same time harangue that you are proud to be American, it makes us wonder if your pride is based on the teachings of Martin Luther King or the field manual used at the Guantanamo Detention Camp.

At the same time, my greatest thanks to the Kaua‘i County Council for giving time to the presentation of Prime Minister Henry Noa from the Reinstated Government. The council listened carefully and treated the presenter and those who provided testimony with respect and decorum. It is the proper way to conduct business even if you don't agree with what's being said.

I wonder if the writer has looked at the world map of the last 25 years, because interestingly enough his rhetoric falls in line with that of the old-timer Communist leaders before the Soviet Union fell apart. They, too, mocked idealists from the former Soviet republics who sought independence. And it did not take long until their independence became reality. And now just barely 20 years later they are doing fine even economically, without a bailout.

Why do you have to insult someone who has a dream about an independent Hawai‘i? Remember every fire starts with a spark, and the fire will make damage only if you don't know how to control it! Trust the Hawaiians, they know how to do it. And fires sometimes change the landscape, and their effect may change the world map too, which is not carved in stone.

János (Keoni) Samu
PO Box 527
Kalaheo, HI 96741
Mahalo Keoni for taking the lead and submitting a response. Remember it is not for CON-klin's sake but for the sake of the readership of the Garden Island that you respond. Perhaps you will change a mind or two.

Right on Keoni!

Maika‘i kou mana‘o! Hatemongers do provide a service by exposing their ill conceived ideas which gives us the opportunity to respond with accurate information. I believe it is better to respond with respectful and correct information so that others can see both the truth and the real motivation behind the hatemongers without mentioning the names of the haters. Your letter does just that.

Please let us know if the newspaper does indeed publish your letter. If they don't, I for one will write a letter to them asking them why they didn't publish your letter. Maybe if others do the same the newspaper will get the point.
Happy to see your response in the Garden Island yesterday. At least they posted a rebuttal to CON-klin's letter.
Thanks, Miliaulani.

It was for the readers, rather than a rebuttal to CONklin.

Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom!
Aloha Kakou,

This letter is just a waft of bad breath, nauseating and reminiscent of a diet saturated in revisionist history. As people begin to understand that the US is occupying a sovereign nation, misinformed misanthropes like Mr. Conklin will wish they never belched such toxic stink.



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