Eo all Kanaka Maoli and our supporters,

alert alert alert...

Inouye had been bragging that he will get the bill passed by months end. He's trying to strike deals with these four senators. this is all for the wealth and poltical agendas of a few. we the people who will be affected by this the most have never been able to voice our mana'o through congressional hearing. contact these senators (and others) let them know that we've never had a chance to voice our opinion and this is not a democratic process. click on the pictures of each senator and it will take you to a area on their website to post. stop akaka bill website also provides an excellent letter to cut and past. if there ever was the time to get off our butts do something about this the time is NOW!!


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Congratulations !!

Congratulations !!

Congratulations,  Koa,  you folks did it !!

Congratulations !!


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