Please kokua and help to stop these illegal drug dealers from continuing to imprint their Hewa on our young people as well as our elder generation.  They might innocently, think they are doing the right thing by purchasing prescription drugs from a bogus company in Canada that has no soul as to their business of Hewa.

Our people have been in the middle of the Pacific Ocean taking care of themselves and other people for thousands of years.  We try to Aloha these people, but instead they bring their destructive intent to our islands.  And often time it is indirectly for another purpose.

I have known about statistical analysis and with the recent APEC the 'risk aversion' tactics.  We are not numbers and many people do not see the difference between a mathematical equation and our natural aina.  

To know nature is a different way of approaching decisions as oppose to game theory and it's mathematical approaches.

I for one am not an expert on the data analysis, but I can see corporations asking questions to make huge profits on innocent people.  One such business is illegal drug selling on cyber space!

The Bitcoins are a project for MIT students to map out and play on cyber space.  One needs to get pass the coin toss of heads or tails and approach decision making on a deeper questioning to win at their game theory.

I believe the drug seller on Maoliworld is using the search engine, the high native Hawaiian population drug usage, and the do nothing approaches to reach his goals.

I suspect this sick minded person, is working for a contractor that is looking to build national security companies in Hawaii.

We should see more of a society in Hawaii that will be spending their weekends at firing ranges with their children rather than parks, swimming, and dancing hula in the long run!

This is about knowing the gods, and I am very happy with our Hawaiian gods!

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Imua Kaohi Mendiola-Kaniaupio !!


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