The Japaness Attacked Pearl Harbor ? why are there so many Japanese here?

I know on Dec 7 Japaness came here and just attacked us for no reason.
Then why are there so many Japaness on our Island? Why are they even allowed to be here.
Why are they here? I go to waikiki and there everywhere. Where are the Hawaiian? Most tourist that come here never see a Hawaiian. I thank that's sad. The Hawaiian people really need to start taking a stand. or the white-man and the Japaness are going to take over Oahu.
someone just ask my yesterday. where are the Hawaiian and why did they sale out to others.

I went to the Civil Union Candle light Vigil Saturday night(I fly over just for that). They would not let me speak to the Media. I was very glad that a couple of people got to say something.

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WHY ARE YOU HERE???????????????????????????????
The so called state lawmakers say that the sweeps "must continue", but there needs to be an alternative place to put them. Okay...who's them?pass4sure 650-180 Are they refering to the Kanaka who have rights on our own soil? Also, this pilau person, State Representative Rida Cabanilla said,"You take them out of Waimanalo Beach, you'll se them in Makaha, in Maili, Ala Moana Park,pass4sure 1Y0-A06 underneath freeways...homelessness sometimes is a life style,pass4sure 4A0-103 some people feel sorry for them, pass4sure 642-972 but those are homeless, alot of them dont feel sorry for themselves, they feel its the way to go...its destiny". Destiny huh? What a load of crap!


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