Question: "How Did Prince Kuhio Recieve Authority To Restore The Royal Order Of Kamehameha On May 2nd, 1902?

Aloha e Maoliworld Ohana. If any of you can provide some clarity to this question that would be highly appreciated.



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The Aulds are a complex family.  It was an amazing experience that much of it will be lost, or reconstructed to suit ones personal needs that drifts away from historical truth. A difficult mixture of political bag of trickery or magical illusions.

Aloha Andrew,


Mahalo for your information,  I hope to make copies of those documents on my next trip to Oahu.

By chance, do you know if any constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii specifically authorized the sovergn to create a knightly Order such as the Order of Kamehameha?





Aloha Kakou.

                          E Pua that mandate assumedly came from Article 35 of the 1864 Constitution of His Majesty Kamehameha V on August 12th of that year. Quote:

"All Titles of Honor, Orders, and other distinctions emanate from the King."

(It appears previously as Article 37 of the 1852 Constitution), and Article 35 of the subsequent Bayonet Constitution & on the draft of the 1893 Constitution.

On the page 221 footnotes of Kuykendall's "Hawaiian Kingdom 1874-1893, The Kalakaua Dynastism," he refers to the Order of Kapiolani as being a private award given at the behest of the King until it became officially recognized quote:

'The "Order of Kapiolani" was finally instituted, as an official Royal Order under sanction of the constitution of the Kingdom, in a meeting on January 31, 1883. The minutes of that meeting contain the statement: "The decorations of this Order given by His Majesty previous to this meeting were duly confirmed."

Ralph Kuykendall additionally noted:

"Kalakaua instituted three other Royal Orders : Order of Kalakaua (1875), Order of the Crown of Hawaii (1882), Order of the Star of Oceania (1886) ; previous to his reign only one Royal Order had been instituted in Hawaii, namely, the Order of Kamehameha I (1865), by Kamehameha V."

E malama pono, Andrew.

Be super careful, as to where one is going with this..there is much modernist that will debunk 'Kapiolani' and her one proceeds there was also the makaainana that flipped under so that the hands turned upright and so very pinkish with other nations. 


One does not want to loose your standing with your people and be less than in the world!

And iritate those that would do anything to be righteous in seat of power.  This is very important to get because of the recent political government changes that is spinning in a phenomenal way. 


I've been an Auld for too long!  My grand parents continued caustiously and went to their graves in service to people in their time. 

Aloha Andrew,

Can you provide me with your personal email contact information?

I would like to discuss a few items with you.



Pua Ishibashi

Aloha kaua e Pua.
Trust all is well in Suisan market in rainy Hilo? Please feel free to shoot an e-mail anytime via Maoliworld as we are now friends and can communicate directly, will be glad to offer any kokua that may assist you. A hui hou kaua........ Andrew.


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