Koe nae na kuleana o na kanaka (furthermore, the jurisdiction, the property and the responsibilities thereto are reserved to the constitutional members who are direct descendants of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, identified prima facie as "kanaka") Laws 1846, Royal Decree dated June 7, 1839 ma ko Hawaii pae aina established on October 10, 1840. Here is the list of registered palapala koe nae na kuleana o na kanaka we make available each Sunday of every class from 9AM to 10AM at the Cameron Center in Wailuku, ma Maui. You must be a kanaka maoli descendant to qualify for kuleana aina no koe nae. Royal Patented Vestment is based on original laws for national members of origin only. We request a commitment of $20 per instrument for each makua, one each only ke oluolu mai. These vestment instruments have not been seen in over one hundred years, their presence interlocks the missing links in the chain of title once used for displacement of the constitutional patent holders. Where there was once a suspension of kanaka civil rights and denial of access to law of constitutional origin, there now is closure with a defined vision for all member nationals of origin. kuleana aina: mokupuni: registered: Hawaii * Keauhou (ahupuaa) * Kohanaiki (ahupuaa) * Kau (moku) Maui * Keanae (moku) * Honuaula (moku) * Hamakualoa (moku) * Ukumehame (ahupuaa) * Kaupo/Nuu (moku & ahupuaa) * Haleakala (piko palaha) * Hana (moku) Molokai * Kaluakoi (ahupuaa) Oahu * Koolauloa (moku) Exhibits include resources, nautical and geographical coordinates, cultural comprehensive terminology and is governed by kanawai of original jurisdiction, all privately registered without illegitimate groups or agents. * This list will be added to each week - stay posted! Palapala koe nae is provided on ka mokupuni o Hawaii by maoli Louis Ventura and Andrea Ventura please call 808-325-2807 to request between the hours of 9AM and 7PM. Palapala koe nae is provided on ka mokupuni o Oahu by maoli Wainani Gomes, please call 808-386-9547 to request between the hours of 10AM and 11PM. * If you need any documents to be notarized contact Wayne Y. Kaneshiro P.O. Box 456 Kula, Hawaii 96790 Office: 808-876-1135 Cell: 808-268-2713 email address wak@hawaii.rr.com

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