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The Legitimate Government in Hawaii Series: The NSA, CIA, etc. & Kamehameha Schools - EXPOSING PIRATES!

 The Legitimate Government of Hawaii Series:   The NSA, CIA, etc. & Kamehameha Schools Trustees 

                                                     Review by Amelia Gora (2021)


Edward Snowden, Whistleblower who worked for Booz Allen in 2013, exposed the various military connections engaged in the NSA operations in Hawaii.

Booz Allen works with the CIA/Central Intelligence Agency and others.

Edward Snowden currently lives in Russia to avoid prosecution from the U.S. for the knowledge obtained while working for Booz Allen in Hawaii.


The Kamehameha Schools Trustees made themselves heirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trust which was based on Fraud, Piracy, Pillaging, Racketeering, etc.

Bernice Pauahi Bishop was a treasonous person along with her husband Charles Reed Bishop.



Evening star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1854-1972, August 02, 1895, Page 9, Image 9

Image provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC

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Note:  Sereno Bishop/Rev. Sereno Bishop, one of the treasonous persons who wrote articles which were distributed in the United States wrote under the name of  "Kamehameha".  Bishop had also helped to plan to overthrow of Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani.

The person who directed/orchestrated the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani was Secretary of State John Foster under U.S. President Benjamin Harrison.


  1. United States Secretary of State John W. Foster "helped ...
  2. JOHN W. FOSTER: LOADS OF LIES OUT OF WASHINGTON, D.C. As Secretary of State, Foster "helped direct the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy." Review by Amelia Gora (2018)

John Foster was the grandfather of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

John Foster was also the grandfather of John Dulles of the CIA/Central Intelligence Agency.


John Foster Dulles - Wikipedia

  • Overview
  • Early life
  • Early career
  • International diplomacy
  • Advisor to Thomas Dewey
  • U.S. Secretary of State
  • Personal life
  • Death

Born in Washington, D.C., he was one of five children and the eldest son born to Presbyterian minister Allen Macy Dulles and his wife, Edith (née Foster). His paternal grandfather, John Welsh Dulles, had been a Presbyterian missionary in India. His maternal grandfather, John W. Foster had been Secretary of State under Benjamin Harrison, doted on Dulles and his brother Allen, who would later become the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The brothers attended public schools in Watertown, New Yorkand spent su…

The following information was obtained from a researcher doing research at the Archives  Honolulu:

1961 – September 25.  The Kamehameha Schools planning survey was conducted by the firm of Booz, Allen & Hamilton for the Trustees of the Bernice P. Bishop Estate.  The survey had been conducted in accordance with the proposal letter dated May 6, 1960, which was accepted by the trustees on July 29, 1960.


           The Survey Team – consisted of seven selected persons.  They were selected by the Management Consultants, and with the Trustees of the Bernice P. Bishop Estate:


8.    Dr. H. Lawrence Wilsey - Booz, Allen & Hamilton Partner

9.    Dr. William R. Odell – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Chief Educational Advisor

10. Mr. Carl G. Burness – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Associate

11. Dr. Harold C. Hand – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Special Consultant

12. Dr. Kenneth J. Rehage – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Special Consultant

13. Mr. Donald R. Hegstrom – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Senior Consultant

14. Dr. Paul R. Hanna – Booz, Allen & Hamilton Special Consultant


            The Survey Schedule – began on August 1960 and completed September 1961.

The full cycle of observations was done on the Kamehameha Schools.


                                                  Progressive Trustees updates were made in August, September, November, December 1960, February, May and August 1961.  Progress reports, charts, progress were sent to the Trustees and President on October 24; November 15, 1960; January 17, March 1, March 23, May 9, June 27 and July 24, 1961.


                                                   Copies of drafts and other chapters of the final report were sent to the Trustees, the President and the legal counsel in July.


                                                  “Members of the survey team met with the president on the mainland in June and July 1961, to review drafts, and key report chapters.


                                                   Final presentation to the Trustees and the President was made on August 1 through 8, 1961.  Survey components were discussed in detail.


                                  Survey Procedures – Comprehensiveness, thoroughness, and objectivity was focused on. 


      “Mrs. Bishop’s will, legal decisions and opinions, basic documents, minutes, records, previous survey reports, and financial reports were reviewed by members of the survey team.


Carefully selected persons were interviewed throughout the state, individually and as members of groups.  The survey team SELECTED the persons interviewed, thereby being a biased controlled group, taking into account suggestions of the trustees, the president, and others.  In total, more than 600 persons were interviewed:


          Categories of Persons                              Individual                     Group

                                                                           Interviews                    Discussions


Trustees, former trustees and legal

   Counsel to the trustees                                           7

Bishop estate staff members                                     9

Key Admin of the Kamehameha Schools                 7

Teachers and Professional staff members                87                               125

Business and clerical staff members                          9        

Students                                                                    25

Parents of past and present students                         35                               220

Alumni                                                                      15                                 85

Community leaders                                                   30

Legislators                                                                10

Professional educators                                              40                                   7


Sixteen Chapters and a Total of four (4) Volumes were compiled for this study.  Recommendations, input from the above were requested for.


                            Recommendations – are far-reaching and demanding.  “The trustees and administration should move forward with their implementation as rapidly as possible.  The two major factors limiting the freedom of the trustees are as follows:


3.    Court approval required.  Request for approval from the Attorney General and the courts needed.

4.    Income was needed to increase the operations of the schools cost.  The trustees would need to increase estate income as rapidly as feasible and, in anticipation of income, prepare the schools to MOVE FORWARD AS RAPIDLY AS THE INCOME BECOMES AVAILABLE.




“As noted above, this survey report provides a long-range plan designed specifically to help the schools REALIZE THEIR POTENTIAL IMPORTANCE.


To take advantage of available opportunities for service and to develop The Kamehameha Schools into the outstanding institutions they can and should become will require continuing effort on the part of the trustees, the president, administrators, teachers, parents, students, and alumni alike.  Through strong leadership from the trustees and president and the exertion of the needed effort, the fundamental educational purposes of MRS. BISHOP CAN BEST BE ACHIEVED IN THE HAWAII OF TODAY AND THE DECADES AHEAD.  With dynamic, forward-looking leadership, and the FINANCIAL RESOURCES THAT ARE POTENTIALLY AVAILABLE, THE BISHOP ESTATE COULD BECOME THE MOST SIGNIFICANT EDUCATION FOUNDATION IN THE UNITED STATES.


We have individually and as a survey team appreciated this opportunity to be of assistance to The Trustees of the Bernice P. Bishop Estate and to the Kamehameha Schools.  We shall look forward to opportunities to be of further service in the years ahead.”      

                                                         (Signed off with) Aloha and Mahalo,


                                                                 Booz, Allen & Hamilton (no specific name)


Out of the files of the State Archives of Hawaii; 371.2; K15-B, Vol 1; 2; 3 and 4.

This report was stated as Confidential and intended only for The Trustees of the Bernice P. Bishop Estates.  However, because the State Archives is a Public Record locale, this was retrieved by one of the Researchers and a copy was obtained with difficulty.


(It is of Significant interest that the Bernice Pauahi’s Will was reviewed, in actuality the Kamehameha Schools were to operate on my great grandmother’s 9,000+ acres of land.  Terrorist attorney, banker, plantation owner Charles Reed Bishop had claimed that Akahi, my great grandmother, legally my great great grandmother had no descendants.  Fraud, criminal deceit, criminal malfeasance is documented.


Bernice Pauahi’s Probate shows that her heir is Kalola (w).  Heirs EXIST such as our families. 


The recommendations for the use of funds were secured from a biased group, which was carefully selected, another group to be considered as a Partners in Crime. 


The Kamehameha Schools are built on the lands belonging to my families.  My ancestor Nuuanu (k) was the konohiki/caretaker of Kapalama.  He shared in properties of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III, etc.  Nuuanu (k) was the father-in-law of my ancestor Akahi (w).  Criminal claims, Fraud, deceit claimed by The Kamehameha Schools.


Bernice Pauahi WAS NOT THE LAST OF THE KAMEHAMEHA’s.  HER LINE DIED OUT.  She had several Hawaiian/kanaka maoli husbands.  She was the one who married the Terrorist, Charles Reed Bishop.  She was the hanai mother of OPUNUI (k) of whom my ancestor’s married on my maternal genealogical lines.)


Note and Comments:


The Booz and Allen group were the same names that came up in the IRAQ War studies, etc.   



The fraudulent Trust or the Kamehameha Schools/KSBE/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates sought the advice of the Booz & Allen group to help secure their fraudulently gotten assets, lands, etc.

Booz & Allen works with the NSA as partly revealed by Snowden who has asylum in Russia, an enemy of the U.S. 

It appears that the U.S. through the NSA, including Booz & Allen moves to continue the fraud, corruption, decadence, piracy, pillaging through the continued support of the documented pirates - Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trustees, etc. 

The Trusts transfers monies to the U.S. and other fraudulent assign such as the families of Charles Reed Bishop which includes former President Barrack Obama who was not born in the U.S. but the Legitimate Government in Hawaii - the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii, a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation since 1843.

The Legitimate Government of Hawaii exists which is the Hawaiian Kingdom/ Kingdom of Hawaii with Kamehameha's descendants and their descendants existing today.

In Land Court Case #1228, the Kamehameha Schools Trustees claimed that they were heirs, and they are not.  They claimed that all those listed on the Will were no more, and that was a lie.

The Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii heard the cases of Bernice Pauahi Bishop and Liliuokalani's Trust and declared the Trustees "guilty".  This Court is the "court of original jurisdiction" and the court of pirates, pillagers operating as the court of the Provisional government - had no sovereignty; Republic of Hawaii - had no sovereignty; Territory of Hawaii - had no sovereignty - supported by U.S. became a state of the U.S. through U.S. President Eisenhower's proclamation, and Executive Order which became a shared 1/50 interest in the sovereignty of the U.S. who was accorded only one sovereignty as a nation.

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii has sovereignty, and has the court of "original jurisdiction".

Fraud and Corruption has been uncovered.

Research incomplete.




 IOLANI - The Royal Hawk: Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Affecting All Land...  IOLANI - The Royal Hawk: Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii No. 201...


How Booz Allen Made the Revolving Door Redundant

by Pratap Chatterjee Posted onJune 18, 2013

Edward Snowden, a low-level employee of Booz Allen Hamilton who blew the whistle on the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), unexpectedly exposed a powerful and seamless segment of the military-industrial complex – the world of contractors that consumes some 70 percent of this country’s 52-billion-dollar intelligence budget.

Some commentators have pounced on Snowden’s disclosures to denounce the role of private contractors in the world of government and national security, arguing such spheres are best left to public servants. But their criticism misses the point.

It is no longer possible to determine the difference between the two: employees of the NSA – along with agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – and the employees of companies such as Booz Allen have integrated to the extent that they slip from one role in industry to another in government, cross-promoting each other and self-dealing in ways that make the fabled revolving door redundant, if not completely disorienting.

Snowden, a systems administrator at the NSA’s Threat Operations Center in Hawaii, had worked for the CIA and Dell before joining Booz Allen. But his rather obscure role pales in comparison to those of others.

To best understand this tale, one must first turn to R. James Woolsey, a former director of CIA, who appeared before the US House of Representatives in the summer of 2004 to promote the idea of integrating US domestic and foreign spying efforts to track “terrorists”.

One month later, he appeared on MSNBC television, where he spoke of the urgent need to create a new US intelligence czar to help expand the post-9/11 national surveillance apparatus.

On neither occasion did Woolsey mention that he was employed as senior vice president for global strategic security at Booz Allen, a job he held from 2002 to 2008.

“The source of information about vulnerabilities of and potential attacks on the homeland will not be dominated by foreign intelligence, as was the case in the Cold War. The terrorists understood us well, and so they lived and planned where we did not spy (inside the US),” said Woolsey in prepared remarks before the US House Select Committee on Homeland Security on Jun. 24, 2004.

In a prescient suggestion of what Snowden would later reveal, Woolsey went on to discuss expanding surveillance to cover domestic, as well as foreign sources.

“One source will be our vulnerability assessments, based on our own judgments about weak links in our society’s networks that can be exploited by terrorists,” he said. “A second source will be domestic intelligence. How to deal with such information is an extraordinarily difficult issue in our free society.”

One month later, Woolsey appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball”, a news-talk show hosted by Chris Matthews, and told Matthews that the federal government needed a new high-level office – a DNI, if you will – to straddle domestic and foreign intelligence. Until then, the director of the CIA served as the head of the entire intelligence community (IC).

“The problem is that the intelligence community has grown so much since 1947, when the position of director of central intelligence was created, that it’s [become] impossible to do both jobs, running the CIA and managing the community,” he said.

Both these suggestions would lead to influential jobs and lucrative sources of income for his employer and colleagues.

The Director of National Intelligence

Fast forward to 2007. Vice Admiral Michael McConnell (ret.), Booz Allen’s then-senior vice president of policy, transformation, homeland security and intelligence analytics, was hired as the second czar of the new “Office of the Director of National Intelligence”, a post that oversees the work of Washington’s 17 intelligence agencies, which was coincidentally located just three kilometers from the company’s corporate headquarters.

Upon retiring as DNI, McConnell returned to Booz Allen in 2009, where he serves as vice chairman to this day. In August 2010, Lieutenant General James Clapper (ret), Booz Allen’s former vice president for military intelligence from 1997 to 1998, was hired as the fourth intelligence czar, a job he has held ever since. Indeed, one-time Booz Allen executives have filled the position five of the eight years of its existence.

When these two men were put in charge of the national-security state, they helped expand and privatize it as never before.

McConnell, for example, asked Congress to alter the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to allow the NSA to spy on foreigners without a warrant if they were using Internet technology that routed through the United States.

“The resulting changes in both law and legal interpretations (and the) new technologies created a flood of new work for the intelligence agencies – and huge opportunities for companies like Booz Allen,” wrote David Sanger and Nicole Perlroth in a profile of McConnell published in the New York Times Jun. 15.

Last week, Snowden revealed to the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald that the NSA had created a secret system called “Prism” that allowed the agency to spy on electronic data of ordinary citizens around the world, both within and outside the United States.

Snowden’s job at Booz Allen’s offices in Hawaii was to maintain the NSA’s information technology systems. While he did not specify his precise connection to Prism, he told the South China Morning Post newspaper that the NSA hacked “network backbones – like huge Internet routers, basically – that give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of computers without having to hack every single one”.

Woolsey had argued in favor of such surveillance following the disclosure of the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping by the New York Times in December 2005.

“Unlike the Cold War, our intelligence requirements are not just overseas,” he told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the NSA in February 2006. “Courts are not designed to deal with fast-moving battlefield electronic mapping in which an al Qaeda or a Hezbollah computer might be captured which contains a large number of e-mail addresses and phone numbers which would have to be checked out very promptly.”

Close ties

Exactly what Booz Allen does for the NSA’s electronic surveillance system revealed by Snowden is classified, but one can make an educated guess from similar contracts it has in this field – a quarter of the company’s 5.86 billion dollars in annual income comes from intelligence agencies.

The NSA, for example, hired Booz Allen in 2001 in an advisory role on the five-billion-dollar Project Groundbreaker to rebuild and operate the agency’s “nonmission-critical” internal telephone and computer networking systems.

Booz Allen also won a chunk of the Pentagon’s infamous Total Information Awareness contract in 2001 to collect information on potential terrorists in America from phone records, credit card receipts and other databases – a controversial program defunded by Congress in 2003 but whose spirit survived in the Prism and other initiatives disclosed by Snowden.

The CIA pays a Booz Allen team led by William Wansley, a former US Army intelligence officer, for “strategic and business planning” for its National Clandestine Service, which conducts covert operations and recruits foreign spies.

The company also provides a 120-person team, headed by a former US Navy cryptology lieutenant commander and Booz Allen senior executive adviser Pamela Lentz, to support the National Reconnaissance Organization, the Pentagon agency that manages the nation’s military spy satellites.

In January, Booz Allen was one of 12 contractors to win a five-year contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency that could be worth up to 5.6 billion dollars to focus on “computer network operations, emerging and disruptive technologies, and exercise and training activity”.

Last month, the US Navy picked Booz Allen as part of a consortium to work on yet another billion-dollar project for “a new generation of intelligence, surveillance and combat operations”.

Booz Allen wins these contracts in several ways. In addition to its connections with the DNI, it boasts that half of its 25,000 employees are cleared for top secret-sensitive compartmented intelligence, one of the highest possible security ratings. (One third of the 1.4 million people with such clearances work for the private sector.)

A key figure at Booz Allen is Ralph Shrader, current chairman, CEO and president, who came to the company in 1974 after working at two telecommunications companies – Western Union, where he was national director of advanced systems planning, and RCA, where he served in the company’s government communications system division.

In the 1970s, Western Union and RCA both took part in a secret surveillance program known as Minaret, where they agreed to give the NSA all their clients’ incoming and outgoing US telephone calls and telegrams.

Minaret and similar snooping programs led to an explosive series of Congressional hearings in the 1970s by the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, chaired by Frank Church of Idaho in 1975.

Jim Lobe contributed to this article.

Inter Press Service


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EVIDENCE for your records..........recorded also in liens, etc. for all to see what the Trustees are all about....CON ARTISTS, FRAUDS, CRIMINALS, RACKETEERING, GENOCIDE Activists etc....share far and wide!

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