Chief Tecumseh Brown Eagle of The Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation today issued his Tribe's opposition to the proposed Akaka Bill now before the US Congress. He said: Native Hawaiians are not American Indians! To label Native Hawaiians as American Indians flies in the face of historical fact, truth, and the rule of law. It also undermines the inherent right of all to retain their national identity. If the national identity of Native Hawaiians can be wiped away with the stroke of a pen then all people everywhere may face the same fate. For the United States of America to attempt to classify Native Hawaiians as Native American Indians undermines true Native American Indians as well as the United States Consitution that is promulgated upon the rule of law. This bill would continue the horrific history of the violation of its treaties by the US which the US Constitution unequivacably proclaims as the highest law of the land. To enact the Akaka Bill would continue this abuse of the US Constitution and support the unconscionable illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai'i in 1893. All people of sound conscious recognize the blessings of freedom bestowed upon us by The Great Spirit, and confirmed under the United States Constitution and must oppose the Akaka Bill. I urge everyone to contact their US Senator and oppose this legislation.

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  • I first read about this fraudulent group years ago and I am upset they are using the very name "Erie Indian" because first of all the only descendants of the Eries are Hurons,Senecas,Mohawks. The latter two were the primary enemies of the Eries. Erie really is not the correct term. In Wendat, my Native American ancestry, Yen resh is the correct term. Kahkwas is also another. Cat nation is the translation because of the robes worn made from wild panthers.

    No black person was ever in my recollection married into the Wendat and doubtfully are Eries. Most Hurons live in Oklahoma and Kansas (Wyandot) and some in Ontario and French Canada (Wendake) and they of course would have the Erie ancestry because of the fact they are related culturally and linguistically and intermarried frequently and especially during the Mohawk (Kanienkehaga) and Seneca battles they were adopted in the Hurons.

    Reading about Tecumseh Brown Eagle makes me so angry I just wish the man would disappear and not be in any way associated with the First Peoples of North America.

    Native Americans, Native Hawaiians,Native Alaskans are all the First Americans. History is correct that my Huron ancestors were here before the European invasion. Native Hawaiians obviously were here before the Haole.
    Why would TBE conclude Native Hawaiians aren't Native Americans? He is incorrect.
    I read his website and many of his ideas were just brought over from other websites. He is not a Native American but a Muslim. I just cannot understand why goes on saying he is Erie Indian. What a joke. I probably myself have this Erie ancestry myself since I have Wendat descendants. But since the Erie are not a "tribe" anylonger and don't have any federal recognition, I don't walk around saying, "I am Robbie and I am a member of the Erie Indian Nation" because it cannot happen.
  • Aloha Naone,
    Just spent a few hours doing as you suggested and utilized Google. Wow! A lot of interesting, confusing info out there. Really don't know what to make of it. My preference is not to jump to a conclusion one way or the other. While there are conflicting allegations raising significant curiosity about what this all means, he seems to have some significant accomplishments (32nd Degree Mason) and appearences as a knowledgeable speaker.
    Thanks for the suggestion
    • Tecumseh Brown Eagle is NOT who or what he claims to. He was a member of another phony tribe, the Binay (Black Indians Intertribal Native American Association B.I.I.N.A.A) owned by another phony black chief, Jerry "Eaglefeather" Monroe. His family history and genealogy is fabricated, and has been challenged by some of the Indians who are related to the ancestors he claims. He is also a member of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) who have a long history of racism against white people. Tecumseh Brown Eagle is being used by non Indian people to get a casino license in Ohio. He is also a Nuwaubian/Wasitaw who claim that black Africans, NOT Native Americans were the original indigenous people of the Americas and they claim all the land of the Louisiana Purchase. The leader of the cult is in federal prison for 135 years for child molesting, Dwight York who among other claims claims to have been born on the Planet Rizq.
      This man is a fraud and has been exposed in Native American forums as a fraud...
  • Aloha Naone,

    Found this at Now I'm really confused.

    "For the past five years, David Redwolf, who's affiliated with the Ontario Liaison Erie Indian Moundbuilers Tribal Nation,..."

    It seems there must be, or must have been, a relationship between David Redwolf and Tecumseh Brown Eagle.

    Malama pono,
  • Aloha Naone,
    Where did you get the information you posted? It is not unusual that an American Indian would support a gambling referendum. What is surprising to me is that an American Indian would belong to a hate group and oppose the Akaka Bill that prevents Native Hawaiians from conducting gaming ? something is not right here which is why I'd like to know your souces. The link you attached only concerns the Ohio gaming issue. Please help as the last thing Native Hawaiians would want is spreading false info about another group that has been disenfranchised as they have been. Please help clear this up. Mahalo.
    • Aloha, J.D`Alba-

      If you google Tecumseh Brown Eagle - you will see a site devoted to new age fraud;wap2 and you will see his alias. and if you look further tothe Supreme Court of Pennsylvania page that shows he did change his name from Abdul Abdullah-Muhammed tpo Tecumseh Brown Eagle.
      Note on page 8 of the new age fraud posts, that David Redwolf, Director of Taiaiagon (Toronto) Historic Preservation Services disavowed any association with Tecumseh Brown Eagle and the Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation and its 139 members.

      In the book, THE RIGHTS OF INDIANS AND TRIBES: the Authoritative ACLU Guide to Indian and Tribal Rights by Stephen Pevar (ACLU) in appendix F. as of 2005, or on the BIA website
      there is no listing for the Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation under federally recognized tribes nor Tecumseh Brown Eagleas a tribal chairman, chief. In fact there are no tribes in Ohio nor Pennsylvania that are federally recognized. The Shawnee, United Remnant Band is the only State of Ohio recognized tribe, but that is under debate.
      In order to be recognized, the tribe would have had to have a land base at the time of the Indian Reorganization Act (Wheeler-Howard Act) of 1934. Since the Erie Indians were initally defeated by the Iroquois in 1656, and were thence absorbed into the Seneca. some escaped but it wasn't until 1680, when Iroquois finally defeated them. So to have been recognized as a tribe the Erie would have had to have a land base, which they didn't.
      The constitution posted on the EIMTN website was not ratified nor approved by the Secretary of the Interior, as it is one of the requirements for federal recognition. As I said before, the EIMTN is a limited liability corporation not a tribal nation or entity. Read the posts and decide......Mahalo for your time given this matter, Naone
      • Aloha Naone,
        Mahalo for the information. I will follow up and look at the sources you provided.
        It is not surprising that the EIMTN is not a federally recognized Tribe, as many Native American Indian Tribes are not federally recognized. Ironically, the opposite paradox is happening with the Hawaiians. The US is attempting to continue the illegal conveyance of Hawaiian lands by simply labeling Hawaiians as Native American Indians in order to justify selling their ceded lands.
        While I am certainly not an expert on Native American Indians, I do know that their intergration into the western form of governing was not an easy nor a civilized process. As with the Kanaka Maoli, they had neither a written language nor a concept of private ownership of land. The difference between they and the Hawaiians is that the Hawaiians had more fully adopted the western concepts of international relations and Queen Liliu'okalani refused to succum to the invitation to engage in war. Unfortunately, war was not necessary to reduce the population of Hawai'i as the Hawaiian genocide was the unintentional result of disease introduced by Ha'ole that the Hawaiians had no resistance to.
        What concerns me greatly about the information you provided is your claim that Tecumseh Brown Eagle may have a connection to a hate group. As I mentioned yesterday, it is surprising to me that a member of a hate group would suppor the Native Hawaiian community. This doesn't make alot of sense to me, although anything is possible. I did write to the Southern Poverty Law Center and inquired about this, but I haven't yet received a response. Was there any other source for the hate group claim other than the SPLC?
        What is even more surprising is that Tecumseh Brown Eagle has the physical appearence of a Black man. While this is contrary to our stereotypical belief as to the appearence of what Native American Indians should look like, other NAI are known to have been Black. (Black Mingo Tribe). This is really what caused me to question the source of your information. Few, if any, Black men belong to hate groups, and I've never known a hate group to extend membership to members of the Black race other then on Saturday Night Live.
        Naone, with the ease of disseminating information on the internet it is too easy to cast doubt on the integrity of anyone. Converesly, the internet does serve to inform us of those who are not necessarily as they represent themselves to be. It is too often difficult to know for sure what is accurate information and what is being presented incorrectly as truth for an alterior motive.
        Mahalo for providing me the information you have. As I posted Tecumseh Brown Eagle's opposition to the Akaka Bill I have an interest in knowing the truth about this man. The Maoliworld community is very gracious regarding my posts on their website despite the fact that I am Ha'ole, and I certainly would not want to be responsible for posting information from a source that is a member of a hate group. If I have done this I sincerely apologize. Any help you can provide in determining this is appreciated.
        We are the people we've been waiting for!
        Aloha Ke AKua,
        • Aloha - J. D`Alba-

          Bottom line, if he is claiming T.E.R.O(Tribal Employment Rights Ordinances) certification as an legitimate federally recognized Indian business/contractor as he is doing, he will get Indian preference when it comes to bidding on government contracts like for training minorities. If he is not Indian, basically he is stealing employment and contracts from bonafide T.E.R.O. Commission- certified Indian employers/businesses. That is fraudulent business practice.

          Mahalo, Naone
  • Aloha, J. d'Alba-

    Who is Tecumseh Brown Eagle? And how did he become chairman of the Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation? Self-proclaimed - as research into his identity show that he is Abdul Abdullah Mohammed - a member of the Washitaw/Nuwabian group. Is he really of the Nation of Islam? If he is, why does he not represent himself as such. From what I have read, he is not Indian and has been passing around geneaology that is not his; officials from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation know of this fraud. The Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal nation is a LLC, that offers business consulting
    services, most notably in the area of Indian gaming. Tecumseh Brown Eagle last year came out in support of Issue 6 in Ohio, that would support a ballot initiative to establish a casino in western Ohio.

    Maoliworld members - be careful of those from Indian Country, who claim Indian heritage but do not have the koko - they just want to benefit from Indian status, especially with gaming and make money for the few "tribal members". It's fraud and a scam.

    Mahalo, Naone
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