Cultural Sites Disturbances Recorded by Tom Lenchanko, Kahu of Kukaniloko, etc.

FW: Letter of Concern

Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2010-01893 from Tom Lenchanko



Tom Lenchanko

 to LC, Peter, meakauarockdah., kahalelehua, unclepaulo, me, kawaihapai, exodus808, hwn, Jo-Lin, alohakekipi, Malamapono, canjo, summer, andrea, robertl, Esther, Clyde, Kai, oha
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November 16, 2010


‘ano’ai kakou:


CEASE AND DESIST damages to a known Hawaiian National Treasures...

investigate these actions and require immediate corrections...


Awaiting a response from OHA...


Why were protocols of privilege to enter a sacred area not issued? Require written documentation

to address this immediate query, if such actions were taken? By whom? Was our family notified?


‘Aha Kukaniloko/Koa Mana is on record requiring a Traditional Cultural Property assessment and

study be completed prior to any disturbances at Kaena? WE were not included by the USFWS,

Chris Swenson. Their consultation program ignored our TCP requirement and the connection to



oia ua ‘ike a ‘aia la


Thomas Joseph Lenchanko, Hawaiian National and Private Citizen

kahuaka’i ola ko laila waha olelo ‘Aha Kukaniloko/Koa Mana mea ola kanaka mauli


From: Cultural Practice = Aloha 'Aina = []
Sent: Tuesday, November
16, 2010
7:29 AM
Haunani Apoliona; Walter Heen;;;
Boyd Mossman;;
Oswald Stender; Rowena Akana;;
Clyde Namuo; Dr. Charles Burrows; Jeno Enocencio; Jonah Ke`eaumoku Kapu
Cc:; Kai
Leimaile Quitevis; Apolei Bargamento; KAHEA; Laulani Teale; Sharla
Carroll Cox; Samson Reiny; Tom Lenchanko;;;
Robert Oliveira;
Subject: Letter of


Please see the attached request to stop all earth-moving activity on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 for the Kaʻena Point Predator Fence

Summer Kaimalia Nemeth

letter of complaint.pdf letter of complaint.pdf
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Can't tell what is being said here. The letter of complaint is not available. am I reading the letter of complaint from up above. I can't tell.
Aloha Kaohi

Here is the letter of complaint:

Thomas Joseph Lenchanko, Hawaiian National and Private Citizen

Spokesperson for Hawaiian Lineal Descendants

931 Uakanikoo Street

Wahiawa, Island of O’ahu

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina (96786)

November 19, 2010

United States Federal Government, et al

Department of the Army

United States Army Installation Management Command, Pacific Region

Headquarters, United States Army Garrison-Hawaii

851 Wright Avenue, Wheeler Army Airfield

Schofield Barracks Military Reservation, Hawaii 96857-5000
















Colonel Douglas S. Mulbury, Commanding:

‘ano’ai kakou

Since receipt of our U.S Postal Service CERTIFIED MAIL 7010 0290 0001 7796 5062 dated

September 26, 2010, your organization once again failed to respond to our Lawful Notice of

Obligatory Responsibility.

Your counsel Mr. Kerry Abramson and Mr. James Duttweiler were provided by our counsel

Mr. Aran Alton Ardaiz with documents which queries your organization to reveal and affirm your

claim of clear land title ownership of our iwiawaloa sites in question, which your organization

claims to own and/or control as PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

To the United States Army Garrison-Hawaii, Commanding:

1. Please prove your claim of “exclusive territorial jurisdiction” over Hawaiian land and

Nationals which claim of jurisdiction has not been revealed or proven. Jurisdiction over

the land (in rem) and in personum (Private Citizen) must be proven in writing,

not just assumed, not just stated, and not just claimed without proof and written

evidence of law. Jurisdiction when challenged, as in this instant, must be



2. Regarding: International Humanitarian Law – Treaties and Documents

Please confirm or deny Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in

Time of War. Geneva 12 August 1949, i.e., Article 42, 43 and 56 as either applying or

not applying to our situation. Noticed: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18.

In closing, I request that you reconsider an immediate, closed follow-up meeting with this

Spokesperson Thomas Joseph Lenchanko, Alika Poe Silva Kahu Kulaiwi and our lawful counsel

Mr. Aran Alton Ardaiz so we may together, respectfully, develop a more knowledgeable

understanding of Hawaiian National traditions, our cultural practices and our respect for our land,

its resources and our people.

As previously mentioned, we desire to continue our ongoing substantive consultation process,

essential to truthful and accurate communication in a peaceful and diplomatic manner that will

be ultimately complimentary to both parties concerned.

‘owau no me ka ha’aha’a

oia ua ‘ike a ‘aia la

Thomas Joseph Lenchanko, Hawaiian National

kahuaka’i ola ko laila waha olelo ‘Aha Kukaniloko/Koa Mana mea ola kanaka mauli
Thanks Kai Landow,

I was there that night and it was rotten at it's core.

The Oahu Civic Club, retired police officer, houseless advocate, military covernant leader, were all in cohoots to debunk Tom and Alika that night. These joker did the following: physically hurt a young opio, pound the table with one's fist, closed the door on others, cried crocodile tears, and walked out during a presentation. What was more seriously dangerous, was the demand from COLONEL DOUGLAS S. MULBURY, COMMANDING to give their geneology, at gun point.


Rabinow, Paul, Editor "Foucault Reader" Pantheon Books, New York., 1984 page 86 ISBN 0-394-71340-0 (pbk.)

"The role of genealogy is to record its history: the history of morals, ideals, and metaphysical concepts, the history of the concept of liberty or of the ascetic life; as they stand for the emergence of different interpretations, they must be made to appear as events on the stage of historical process.

5. How can we define the relationship between genealogy, seen as the examination of Herkunft and Entstehung, and history in the traditional sense?" page 86
Ugh! My other half of my posting was deleted. Let's try again!

Building a partnership between the Native Hawaiian community and the US Army, a relationship that promotes mutual cooperation, understanding and enhances the standing of each within the community;

We are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship between Native Hawaiians and the US Army, Hawai'i by:

- Enhancing education and understanding of Native Hawaiian issues, culture, and values to Army Soldiers and Families

- Enhancing education and understanding of Army values, culture and actions to the Native Hawaiian community

- Leveraging opportunities for proactive dialogue between the Army and Native Hawaiians

Copyright 2010 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.
Kai and Amelia,

Because of my own personal shift to desire the objective in science, I am trying to understand my 'thinking process' as a means of wanting to 'know'. And I fall into wanting due to the social aspect of my life. So, solitare gives me an opportunity to examine the science process of knowing, but I specifically reserve the right to have an opinion within the process.

Which if I'm not cognizant off can send one into a tail spin!

My frame work is from the future or the near future as in 2050 sustainablity. From this stepping off point, I then proceed. The Ocean Hopper is a phenomenon that elementary children understand, and it's an amazing place to be. Gift from the Gods!!!!
Aloha Kaohi

This nation was founded for the purposes of preserving peace and in the spirit of ho'oponopono we should work with those occupying our country to a peaceful end of their presence. I fear that we might turn into collaborators if we do not watch what we do with a military that has done nothing but bring war and destruction here.

Tom's mana'o has always been pono and he is the konohiki there and so he has my loyal support full on.

So please continue what you do to clarify what is right and what is piracy.

Mahalo Kai
Kai Landow
To say I am not pono is cool! I know what I saw, I know what I am experiencing here with the military, all funding comes from my pocket. So money where my mouth is.

Thank you for Tom's support it works. However, the TCP that Tom's group requested to survey and protect was the birthing stones also included Lihue, which is cool too.

The Konohiki at that time included King Kakakaua and other ranchers on equal footing. Minus the Hawaiian Kingdom and practicing birthing rights, like I say I was there. The archeologist gave us an ultimated give him all or nothing. I find pretty cool too. Why? Cause the shit from Lihue (lot's of bulldozing, flattened, as in decommmisoning nuclear isotopes) was trucked to my community. Poison Dust for all our na kekie's to suck into their lungs as they catch their school bus in the morning and in the afternoon's. We cannot claim injury because only Marshall'ees can in the Pacific Ocean. We no count!

Liberty does not come without bloodshed. Point-- you first! You weren't there Kai, shit I was. Was this my first on military base--no!

I experienced MP's with guns escorting a native American off Fort DeRussy. Who called the dam MP's? Mufi Hannemann, he was working for Akaka at that time.

Shit Kai, I've been in the fields on the Waianae Coast and lot's of fricken guns during Mufi's reign!

Back to the subject

It was pretty violent in that room! Two do do heads both ex cops from HPD were causing all the violence! And Colonel Douglas S. Mulbury, Commanding was reacting to the two stupid ex cops action! They were both greedy for power and bucks!

Great fantasy Kai:

"This nation was founded for the purposes of preserving peace and in the spirit of ho'oponopono we should work with those occupying our country to a peaceful end of their presence. I fear that we might turn into collaborators if we do not watch what we do with a military that has done nothing but bring war and destruction here."

We caught ride into the base, an employee from the Army drove us into the place where the meeting was held!

Secondly, Kai Landow, when WWII broke out the military martial law my dad's place and held a gun to his head! Now do you think the ones with the gun, are peaceful kinda guys? Our houseless children they look down a gun all the time, and we have a new Mayor in town. What you think going happen with the next sweep? Fruit punch and cookies?

I could use some peace and harmony at sweeps, but in the real world with the political temperture shit stinks and I like be wrong so fricken bad, and pray you stay right. I live in the fricken real world with live experiences, not so safe where you stay. So, go ahead Kai tell the fantasy, believe the fantasy cause to me it's all good. I like fantasy, I go to the fricken movies and pay to see fanatasy!

If you can strike an accord on how to achieve hooponopono everyday with fricken military on this forum, I can learn what you have to say, I stay more open for peace right now then anybody. Everybody stay shopping! I no mine the slams and sombody making me wrong about the fricken violence out here in Waianae when they no stay here. I'm open, just don't make me out to be the bad guy from over there!
Kaohi, As always I stand corrected. Fantasy, well I introduce a starting point. Of course I know what reality is and I pray to end the violence and prevent things getting worse. My meaning is that the Kingdom is founded on peace in contrast to the American occupiers.

You neva find me in bed with the Americans, so dont call me one collaborator. So Amelia o Kaohi you have my aloha nui and admiration for how hard you work for the people. I must try to reach peaceful accords because that is my kuleana, but that is not to say I will lay down in the road to get run over.

But Tom does have my full support and anyone who malamas our nation


Yes, Kai I understand those that won't take the risk themselves, but do set up innocent people to take up the slack and often times it's their bodies that are used in the middle of the road. Which is how come and why we are out there making sure that people do not sacrifice themselves for a false cause. Especially the young ones.

The Hawaiian Flag is founded upon blood shed.

I try to be careful and take full responsibility of my actions when waving the Hawaiian Flag.

el contrare.....about "This nation was founded for the purposes of preserving peace and in the spirit of hooponopono........." "we should work with those occupying our country to a peaceful end of their presence................"

are you in a position of turning "collaborators"..........

"Tom's manao has always been pono and he is the konohiki there and so he has my loyal support full on."

correction, Tom is not the konohiki at Kukaniloko but was allowed to malama the area by our families, the Royal Families House of Nobles. Some of us are also the hanai of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III due to support for our ancestors, namely Hueu Davis, Kale Davis, Peke Davis, et. als. who were adopted by John Young, yet another ancestor. (btw the true bloodlines of Kamehameha III exists as well and am in contact with them. So very interesting that many non bloods are calling themselves Kings, Queens, etc.)

Tom has the support of our families, we being direct descendants of the original House of Nobles, the permanent members, and descendants of Kauikeouli's/ Kamehameha III's hulu manu, his secret advisors.

Kukaniloko is the main focus in Wahiawa with the military encroaching on properties belonging to private citizens/subjects.

Paaluhi (k) has 186 acres assigned to him, with his descendants/heirs Lihilihi (w) married to Kaaihue (k) families as owners.

Research continues.................the true konohiki would be Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III and another.........the adjacent properties with the Holt, Robinson, and another name has only fee simple rights as compared to the perpetuity rights of the Paaluhi (k) descendants/heirs with the rights of native tenants intact.

Tom, Kaohi, and all kanaka maoli can maintain the rights of native tenants..... oh, btw, Keanu Sai switches the words around and documents native tenant rights which does not mean the same thing.

Keanu, along with your comments are appearing to be somewhat of a collaborator status.

Other Hawaiian entities/governments have questioned Keanu, Spinney on the suit against the President, and maintain that one cannot sue the President, etc.

In looking for answers, knowing that OBAMA is a descendant of Robert E. Lee, the following info helps to understand some of the background information about what Amerikkka is all about:

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress...who, having previously taken an support the Constitution of the United States, engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof..."

14th Amendment, US Constitution

Looking back at the events surrounding the bombing of the Okalahoma federal building, it is becomes painfully obvious even to the most skeptical observers that someone helped conceal Ku Klux Klan (read that terrorist) involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing and the nationwide wave of church arsons. The reason why the Klan was protected by the Clinton Administration and to an equal extent, the Lott supporters in the Senate; is perhaps as odious as the act itself...

Klan members are members of a terrorist organization. This is self-evident. Moreover, former Klan members are thereby forbidden, under the 14th amendment, to hold public office. So why is Byrd still in office? Or Hollings? or Lott, or any other legislator that is tied to or sympathetic to the Klan?

The year prior to the Oklahoma City Bombing, the KKK and Aryan Nation had activated all operational terrorist cells and openly declared the start of the race war was to begin in 1995. Lest there be any doubt, the KKK also made sure to leave their calling card in the wave of hundreds of countrywide 1995-96 church burnings. Evidence has long been uncovered that the KKK had formed ties with middle-eastern terrorists, which isn't a surprise. Consider the modus operandi of the terrorist bombings of US embassies in the middle east and Africa and then look at OKC.

The Islamic fanatic does what he does for the sake of the Koran, the Klansmen for the Kloran. The Mufti Arabs in WWII even worshipped Hitler as a God! If Hitler had middle-eastern allies, what makes you think the neo-Nazi wouldn't? the Aryan Nation and the Klan found ready financial backers and training from the middle-eastern terrorists who shared a common enemy in the Jew. It makes one wonder if Byrd's opposition to the war in Iraq was motivated by the knowledge that losing Saddam would be a blow to the Klan and Aryan Nation that could count on his financial backing.

So why the concealment of Klan and neo-Nazi involvement?

Apparently, to prevent a backlash that could threaten the careers of powerful ex-Klansmen in the Senate and House, from both parties, e.g. Sen. Robert Byrd (D), Sen. Strom Thurmond (R) and Sen. Fritz Hollings (D). (Hollings, "Senator Disney", was the Dixiecrat that placed the Confederate battle flag on the South Carolina state house in the 1960s). Why were these Klan ties so dangerous to the democrats and republicans? because under the 14th Amendment, these "ex-Klan" legislators are unlawfully in office.

Why is the Klan protected by Democrats and Republicans?

Because under the 14th Amendment, these "ex-Klan" legislators are unlawfully in office. There's no statute of limitations on murder. It's time to ask a "penitent" Sen. Byrd, under oath, whether or not he participated in any Klan lynchings while he served as a Klan recruiter. Not one Republican or Democrat dares to ask this simple question. Why?

Both parties have Senators with Klan ties dating back from the segregation era of the 1960s, such as Sen. Trent Lott (R) and Sen. Robert Byrd (D) of W. Virginia. Thus, to call the Klan what it really is- a terrorist organization- would disqualify these men from holding office and at the very least, implicate them in a long-standing obstruction of justice of any federal investigation of Klan terrorism or conspiracies since the 60s.

Indeed, at the time, several legislators Lott-era GOP were receiving campaign funds from KKK and Aryan Nation umbrella groups. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig (R- Idaho) catered to the same by beatifying Randy Weaver, a white supremacist and separatist whose family was killed by federal agents at Ruby Ridge. Curiously, on August 31, 1994, Sen. Craig remarked that "free white male is an endangered species in New York City" in response to a question about the endangered species act.

Even as late as 2000, Sen. Byrd (D) said on FOX television interview that there were "white niggers" also. Regardless of context, it is a telling glimpse into his psyche. "White niggers" is what the Klan calls white people who believe, and act upon the conviction, that we are all created equal. Are these the "white niggers" which Byrd was demeaning??

In short, the Clinton Democrats decided to protect the Klan rather than risk losing fiercely contested seats in the House and Senate by losing Byrd and his recruits, "reformed" as they might be. At stake was control of the House and Senate, both houses which had just turned Republican.

The Republican Lott stood to lose his position as Senate majority leader in the event of full disclosure; e.g., his present ties and past support of the same extremists now implicated in mass murder and terrorism.

Black Legislators Had Nowhere to Run

Many powerful African-American leaders in the Democratic party knew this. But they had nowhere to run. They had two choices:

1.) Acquiesce. Stay in a party that pardoned the continuing atrocities of the Klan but at least gave them and other minorities a token voice in the legislature.

2.) Political suicide: Go independent or jump ship to a Lott-era GOP that neither gave them a voice, or tolerated them. Moreover, they could say goodbye to their political careers when outraged Democratic constituents voted them out in the next election cycle.

Then GOP Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, who first came into politics on a strident segregationist platform, was a Klan sympathizer who chose instead to impeach Clinton's misconduct in the Waco/OKC investigation indirectly, via the Lewinsky scandal, sparing his own hide and that of his supporters.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, protecting the ex-Klansmen in the party was all for naught. The Democratic hemorrhaging of seats continued unabated. And by the presidential election of 2000, the Republicans would control the House, Senate and Presidency.

The Invisible Empire WANTS you to Think it's Dead

This is a nation familiar with domestic and international terrorism. Do leaders who coddle Klansmen in Washington themselves have a right to remain in office? It is obvious Klansmen like Byrd, whom are unlawfully in office, are grave party liabilities at best, and instruments of covert federal obstruction at worst.

You see, there really is no such thing as former members of the Klan, unless you're dead. Read the Kloran. When you join the KKK, it's for keeps. Otherwise you'd never make it in. And even if you do decide to leave, you can never speak or act against them as an outsider. Byrd, and Hollings, have demonstrated the veracity of this code of silence when they turned a blind eye to domestic terrorism the minute it pointed to the Klan. Byrd was a Klan recruiter, and as such, had lists of every political recruit he brought into the Democratic party, some whom are still in office. This is why the 14th Amendment prohibited former Klan terrorists from holding public office; they knew about the liability of secret oaths that hold such groups together.
Warren and the Klan: A Conflict of Interest
Click image above to view media stream
');wd.document.close();wd.focus();return false;">Click to enlarge

1965 FBI Memo: Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren was Klan Leader

An October 25, 1965, Memo to Assistant FBI Director William Sullivan regarding House Committee on Un-American Activities; Klan Investigations
');wd.document.close();wd.focus();return false;">Click to enlarge
FDR Appoints a Klansman to the Supreme Court, 1939

Hugo Black
');wd.document.close();wd.focus();return false;" href="">Click to enlarge
');wd.document.close();wd.focus();return false;" href=""> Click to enlarge

Political cartoons lampooning FDR's nomination of Klansman Hugo Black to the Supreme Court.

The Klan has always been a potent political force...the politics of hate make it so. In the 1960s, polarized by integration, members numbered in the millions as they did in this picture from the 20s. By the 1960s, however, the Klan had made critical and lasting inro

ads into all three legislative branches, as well as federal and local law enforcement. In 1963, at least two Supreme Court judges, Hugo Black and Earl Warren, were known Klan members. Murders committed openly against blacks, as seen here, were never prosecuted. Particularly in the deep south.

Are we to believe Byrd was ever penitent enough to disclose KKK membership records of those Klansmen whom he had successfully recruited into the Democratic party, even as the nation reeled from Klan-led domestic terrorism? Penitent enough to come clean on the Klan lynchings he took part in?

Why is it that the Democrats believe our right to know is only important when it comes to voting records on abortion, but not important when it comes to disclosing past ties and recruited member rosters to a terrorist organization like the KKK?

It wasn't just the Democratic leadership that betrayed Americans, Lott's supremacist minions in the GOP did as well.

Indeed, after Oklahoma City, the church arsons, etc., isn't it clear that such terrorist membership, even if past, legally disqualifies a legislator from holding office and is a test of character that once failed, provides the surest litmus test of one's unworthiness to lead?

The KKK in the Supreme Court

That Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black was in the Ku Klux Klan is well-known to historians. However, according to documents released by the FBI in February 2000; Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, who led the investigation of the Kennedy Assassination, was a leader of in the Ku Klux Klan."Chief Justice [Earl] Warren was the leader of a small local Klan group for several years..." This is an astonishing development with far-reaching implications. Chief Justice Warren headed the long-discredited Warren Commission investigation into the assassination of Catholic President John F. Kennedy. Days before the murder, the FBI received word that a plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas involved elements of the Ku Klux Klan.

"Bureau files indicate that according to The Man from Independence, by Jonathan Daniels, former President Truman paid a $10 membership fee to the Klan in 1924 when he was running for county judge. On this occasion he was asked to pledge that he would not hire Catholics. He replied that he would not make such a pledge and was reported to have taken his $10 membership fee back.";

As for Justice Hugo Black: "The September, 1941, issue of "Current Biography" indicates Justice Black was a member of the Robert E. Lee Klan Number 1, Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, from September 11, 1923, until July 9, 1925....Black reportedly resigned on the eve of his campaign for the democratic nomination for United States senator. He was reportedly welcomed back into the Klan and made a life member on September 2, 1926. Black has publicly admitted Klan membership."

Hugo Black was appointed to the Supreme Court by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a fellow Scottish Rite freemason.

Click here to get the FBI Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Please see page 84 in black1a.pdf

go to the website to watch the films, etc.

p.s. Kaohi, hang in there, lots of stresses going on.............will you please hand out the Protective Orders for the beach kanaka maoli..........Eric Poohina and I are looking into shelters for them as well........aloha and mahalo for all that you do!

Kai --- there are some of the leaders who have reaffirmed that we must come together.......trying to find out what the hell's going on about two (2) "groups" having Federal Marshalls being the "King of Atooi", and it Spinney or Keanu? perhaps you could answer this.

Mahalo and aloha.

http://' />

President Clinton's era info is here...........remember the Apology Law 103-150 passed in 1993............up to Obama's era due to his being a descendant of Robert E. Lee...............notice the hidden agenda, a wicked Empire documented at this website also................the Presidents including Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower (he's the one who signed a Executive Order granting Statehood, etc........)....look at their role and their use of the military...........recognize that the Constitution is deliberately being broken.......and read John Nelson's article at -----fyi/ and for everyone's information....
Kai --- there are some of the leaders who have reaffirmed that we must come together.......trying to find out what the hell's going on about two (2) "groups" having Federal Marshalls being the "King of Atooi", and it Spinney or Keanu? perhaps you could answer this.

If Alfred has Federal support it would depend on how you define support. Room and board at a secure facility maybe. [not at the moment, happily] I do not know Keanu's relationship with the Feds you should ask him.

So who is the King of Atooi?

Federal Sheriff's support means they are guarded by the Feds.............

Don't remember the name of the King of Atooi.........he has been recognized by many of the Polynesian nations ....Samoa? etc.

Keanu seems to be running around by himself.......haven't seen thugs closeby....

Suspecting that Akahi Nui may be the other? He too was recognized by some of the European nations...........he even had a representative who helped him out of being imprisoned............

So, if only one nation.........doesn't have to be the U.S. recognized the Hawaiian Islands..............then, everyone has to move together.......

As for the King of appears he tried to sell the Island of Kauai to foreigners...........


The problem with the groups I've noticed is that many do not have college education.................many have not done their genealogies.................. appears some have some kind of power trip going on................genealogies will help clear the issues for sure........

aloha. p.s. problem is...........many fail to do their homework in genealogies........ and just toss things aside by saying that we're all connected..........well, that's just a lazy man's way of trying to claim something that they cannot realistically claim..............for example, not everyone is from Kalaniopuu, Kamehameha, et. als..............try asking some of the people from the different groups.................they don't your homework, and know that the Hawaiian government, the Hawaiian Kingdom and land claims are based on genealogies............this is the major difference between the U.S. and our Hawaiian Kingdom.


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